Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 46 – Gege! A Little God Jumped Out!

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 46 Recap

The “god” admits borrowing Stacey’s body in order to speak with them all today and explains that he does not like seeing the Tojitendo treating the worlds he has created so poorly by conquering them. The “god” offers to bring the Zenkaigers to the Palace in order to kill Bokkowaus.

While Kaito remains stoic and silent, the Kikai4 don’t think they can trust this strange self-proclaimed god.

To try and get the Zenkaigers to trust him more, the “god” reveals that the next World they will encounter will be Carrot World. And next morning, that proves to be true.

The Zenkaigers hurry out to face Carrot World and easily defeat him with just one attack. A Kudaitest appears to quickly turn into Dai Carrot World. Kaito and ZyuraGaon spring into action and just as easily finish him off as well.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 46 Recap

The “god” appears again and since they still don’t believe him, he decides to tell them Sapphire World and Bat World will be next. But Kaito asks what happens to Stacey while the “god” uses his body. The “god” says Stacey goes off into a deep sleep and he does not need permission to use the body since he’s a god, after all.

Kaito says he cannot trust someone who takes someone else’s body without their permission. Kaito instead offers his body and the Kikai4 also offer themselves up for possession instead.

The “god” says he will take them on their offer and suddenly leaves Stacey’s body. A disoriented Stacey regains control and Kaito happily welcomes him back.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 46 Recap

At the Palace, Ijirude has no explanations as to why Omikujitopia was suddenly restored. Barashitara confronts Gege about having some part in what might have happened. But Bokkowaus quickly shuts his general down and takes his adorable pet bird’s side.

Gege’s eyes glow red again and he whispers to Bokkowaus, suggesting Sapphire and Bat World as the next ones they should send out.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 46 Recap

Back on Earth, Kaito explains to Stacey what had happened to him and also thanks him for saving his father. Kaito also apologizes, knowing Papa Goshikida was Stacey’s only friend as well.

Stacey wonders why it has reached this point. All he wanted was to surpass his father. But now he’s just lost and tired and thinks being used as a bird-god’s puppet suits his pathetic self.

Kaito says that’s not true and invites Stacey to fight alongside them against the Tojitendo. Kaito insists Stacey doesn’t need to go back to the Palace any longer and that deep down, Stacey is just a softie and nice guy.

Stacey brushes Kaito off and leaves.

Next day, Sapphire World is wreaking havoc by making people go gem-crazy. The Tojitendo shoots at the Kikai4 and they also go chasing after jewels. Kaito goes Super and finishes off Sapphire World with a Buster finisher.

Dai Sapphire World appears and Kaito embiggens to finish him off with a Super Zenkai Kick.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 46 Recap

Meanwhile, The Goldtsuikers have arrived at SDtopia, but still have no clue how to break the curse. Flint suggests they go to another world to have fun in the meantime. And as she looks at the world map, she sees that Kaizokutopia has been liberated. She and the twins are excited, but Zox is quite suspicious.

Back in Tokyo, Gegod has possessed another human and shoves that man’s Kikainoid girlfriend into a World Gate, telling her to go back to where she belongs.

Next day, Kaito asks Grandma Yacchan if she would allow Stacey to stay with them. If he wants to, that is. Kaito feels sorry about Stacey’s situation, but is sure that he cares very much about Grandma Yacchan.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 46 Recap

Grandma Yacchan says of course he is more than welcome here.

Secchan alerts the Zenkaigers to Bat World having appeared downtown. They hurry over and henshin. Using a Dynaman Gear to help, the Zenkaigers finish Bat World with a Finale Buster.

Dai Bat World appears and it’s VrooMagine’s turn to battle. They and Kaito finish off Dai Bat World with an Accel Strike.

Gegod jumps into Gaon’s body then Vroom’s. Kaito enthusiastically accepts Gegod’s offer to team up to take down the Tojitendo.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 46 Recap

Over at the Palace, Barashitara reports that there must be a spy in their midst. So Bokkowaus decides it’s time he steps into the spotlight.

Episode Thoughts

I’m not feeling much excitement over this final stretch. I feel like this Gegod reveal was very underwhelming. And that’s even with an expectation that Gegod still has a few secrets left to reveal as well. He’s obviously not on the up and up. Even if Kaito is his usual, cheerful and trusting self.

There’s only three episodes left. And disregarding any possible connection this season will have with Donbrothers as well as whatever will happen over the next three weeks, I’m left a bit unfulfilled by this season’s endgame.

There’s still a lot left to wrap up. Especially on the Tojitendo side. And obviously I don’t know what’s ahead nor can I predict a single thing that’s going to happen. (I don’t read any episode descriptions or toy spoilers either.)

I have a feeling Ijirude is the general that survives the endgame and pops up in future crossovers. But where’s Barashitara facing the consequences of his own actions? Like, all the women he’s impregnated coming over to seal his fate or something.

Or is Stacey’s relationship with Grandma Yacchan merely just him wanting a parental-figure who is the opposite of Barashitara? That’s actually pretty disappointing considering the actually solid build up toward something else.

Where’s the dramatic moment Gegod betrays his Lord Bokkowaus and assumes his seat on the throne?

The Goldtsuikers still haven’t gotten the twins back to normal? Papa and Mama Goshikida are nowhere to be found?

That’s a lot of stuff to squeeze into three episodes and have each moment (plus whatever else the show has planned) have a safe and satisfying landing.

I don’t know man. Three episodes left, I should be feeling some sort of way. But sadly I don’t. I’m just not feeling this endgame. And lay the needle down on my broken record again: I don’t hate Zenkaiger like I might with another season or two, but I’m just not excited about it either.

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