Music Monday, February 7, 2022 (Part 2) – Jamie, BM, ATEEZ, Golden Child

Powerful and charismatic comebacks from Jamie, BM, ATEEZ, Golden Child.

“Pity Party” by Jamie

Jamie is back and stronger than ever with the R&B dance track “Pity Party.” Yes! A dance track from the artist also known as Park Jimin. It is definitely a new and different side of Jamie. But she more than delivers, as she always does. The song allows Jamie to also show off a different flavor of her voice, but still has ample opportunity to highlight the powerful vocals she is known for. Not to mention being able to remind everyone that she is a strong, confident woman as well.

“LIE (Lost in Euphoria)” by BM

BM’s solo releases have been a diverse collection of different styles and it’s a testament to his talents that each one delivers. His latest “LIE” is another one that exemplifies that. The midtempo pop/R&B track features an addictive melody that compliments BM’s deep vocals both when he sings and raps. It is all perfectly suited to convey the sincere emotions of BM’s self-composed track.

“Don’t Stop” by ATEEZ

ATEEZ’s Universe-exclusive release “Don’t Stop” might not be my cup of tea. But I can appreciate how the song manages to blend together the two sides ATEEZ has shown. That is, their powerful and charismatic side as well as their softer, more pensive side. “Don’t Stop” is interesting in how it takes the best of both worlds to craft a dynamic track. The cinematic MV also adds to the strong aura of this release. And with ATEEZ, you are always in store for an electrifying performance.

“A Woo!” by Golden Child

Golden Child make their Japanese debut with “A Woo!” It is very much a different side of Golden Child when compared to their Korean releases so far. But it is very much an impactful track and performance for a debut. The hip-hop-tinged electronic dance track is a darker style for the group and they effortlessly deliver.

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