Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 43 – The Weather Vane Points Directly Opposite the Wind!

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

The weather is already cold in Tokyo and the Zenkaigers now have to fight Headwind World who can blow strong wind at them from any and every direction.

Headwind World gets shot at and Kaito thanks Zox for coming just in time, assuming it is him. But actually, much to everyone’s surprise, it is “Stacey” who has shot at the Tojitendo.

“Stacey” summons a fake Kyoryu Red Carnival to battle a confused Headwind World. Headwind World manages to escape and says he will report this to the big bosses at the Palace.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

Kaito calls over to Stacey to thank him for helping with Papa Goshikida. But the others also wonder why he has decided to help them again now. “Stacey” says he’s lost all favor with the Tojitendo after Bokkowaus learned he helped them. So he’s decided to rip Barashitara and the rest of the Tojitendo apart.

“Stacey” asks if he can join their team. Magine points out that Stacey will be able to freely see Grandma Yacchan as he pleases now. “Stacey” shuffles through Stacey’s memories and plays along. He decides to go on ahead to the shop. Still fighting off headwinds, Kaito calls Secchan.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

Over at the Palace, Bokkowaus is furious about Stacey’s apparent betrayal and lashes out at Ijirude and Barashitara. Gege says there is no way Stacey could’ve escaped in his condition without someone helping him. Bokkowaus immediately thinks it’s one of Ijirude and Barashitara. But Barashitara is suspicious of the big purple bird.
Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

Grandma Yacchan is shocked, but happy when Satoshi walks into the shop. She hurries to the kitchen to make him a Colorful Sundae.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

Just then, the Goldtsuikers walk in. Zox wants to speak privately with “Stacey” who says they can do so after he finishes his snack.

Meanwhile, Zyuran and Vroom are still skeptical about Stacey’s change of heart. Though Magine and Gaon are more trusting based on Stacey having helped them a few times already.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

Kaito says he would be truly happy if Stacey is really on the up and up. But there’s still something off about the situation since usually, Stacey is like a headwind blowing against him whenever they’ve spoken to each other in the past.

The Zenkaigers finally arrive at the shop. But Secchan tells them about Headwind World having appeared again. This time, Kaito has an idea.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

The Goldtsuikers and “Stacey” head to a warehouse to talk. Zox wants to know what’s Stacey’s angle, but “Stacey” insists he’s sincere in wanting to get rid of the Tojitendo. The twins and Flint all say they don’t trust Stacey’s creepy smile.

Zox has a proposition. They will trust him if he can bring them to the Palace. “Stacey” remembers their search for the SDtopia Gear.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

Suddenly, Headwind World appears with some Kudakks and Zox and Stacey both henshin to take care of this before they can head to the Palace.

Barashitara arrives and says he wants to applaud Stacey for having the balls to commit treason. The father attacks the son and they battle. Barashitara says he would much rather have his son raising hell rather than rot away in a cell until he dies.

“Stacey” summons a fake Super Shinken Red to help against Barashitara.

Zox gets hit with a headwind attack by Headwind World. Flint is about to go guns blazing, but the others arrive, walking backwards against the wind. A perfect way to outsmart Headwind World’s attack.

“What fresh insanity is this?!”

The Zenkaigers henshin backwards and they are able to counter the headwinds as they fight the Kudakks and Headwind World.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

Kaito uses Machine Power with Go-On Red and Red Racer to help queue up the backwards finisher against Headwind World. Everyone is released from the headwind.

The Zenkaigers turn their attention to Barashitara. “Stacey” thanks Kaito for their help.

But Barashitara sends missiles right at each of the Zenkaigers, flattening them. Barashitara turns to Stacey and says he must go apologize to Bokkowaus for Headwind World’s defeat, but he hopes to pick up the battle with Stacey in the future.

Barashitara heads back to the Palace as Dai Headwind World appears. The Zenkaigers try to form VrooMagine and ZyuraGaon, but the headwinds are too strong. They try to fight backwards again. But Headwind World now uses tailwinds and sidewinds to bombard them.

The Goldtsuikers decide to attack from space and successfully disable Dai Headwind World’s turbines. Zox delivers a Super Power finisher to finish off Dai Headwind World for good.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

The Zenkaigers and Goldtsuikers meet Stacey on the rooftop later in the evening. “Stacey” says he should’ve proven himself with what’s happened today. Kaito says he still doesn’t understand.

Kaito says this is not the Stacey he knew. For example, if Stacey fought Barashitara, he’d be more prickly and unrelenting. He’d tell Kaito to mind his own business. The real Stacey wouldn’t have been so flippant with Barashitara whom he hates so much.

The Zenkaigers demand to know who this person really is. “Stacey” says regardless of who he truly is, his resolve to destroy the Tojitendo is real.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

Before “Stacey” leaves, he promises to bring Zox a gift next time they meet.

Stacey leaps up into the red-orange moon.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 43 Recap

Episode Thoughts

This is the Zenkaiger I enjoy the most. The more serious, plot-heavy episodes that still have that lighthearted and fun touch. Just like Barashitara pointed out, it’s always one insane or absurd thing after another with the Zenkaigers. And that usually is the source for all the fun, amusing moments. But when paired with actual developments with long-nurtured stories, it’s a winning combi.

For this episode, several storylines intersected in an awesome way. Can I even list them all?

First, there’s Gege finally making his move. It’s always a satisfying moment when the potential final boss Big Bad has been lurking around the entire season, waiting for their perfect opportunity to strike.

Then there’s Stacey’s issues with his father Barashitara. Which again, I hope they actually address in a big way considering how horrible they’ve made Barashitara out to be. Getting women across the universe pregnant and implying that he’s also an abusive husband and father. Like, what the heck! Show! You better give Barashitara what’s coming to him! I was actually quite worried for a moment that the Zenkaigers were going to finish him off at the end there. Thankfully, they did not.

Next up is Stacey’s relationship with Grandma Yacchan and in turn, Kaito’s empathy for Stacey’s situation as well. Being able to draw upon those established connections to fuel the suspicions about who this “Stacey” is was a great way to illustrate the sort-of mystery about his identity here.

Finally, the Goldtsuikers’ search for the SDtopia Gear in order to return the twins to their normal bodies. I actually almost forgot about their predicament. In a similar way to Papa and Mama Goshikida being missing lacking a sense of urgency, so too was the Goldtsuikers’ quest.

Still, I liked the way they are able to fold that story in to this Gege-possessedStacey storyline as a way to lead into next week’s episodes (I guess). Though it’s a bit of an easy way out if Stagege just hands them the Gear next week or something. I hope there’s a big climactic end to this storyline. Since actually, it’s the Goldtsuikers’ main storyline of course. They deserve a big, satisfying conclusion.

So overall, as down as I’ve been on Zenkaiger the last couple of weeks, this episode very much reminded me of what I like best about the season. Even in the early days, I mentioned how much I enjoyed, for example, seriousKaito more. Or the more dramatic stories. And this episode fits into that mold. How a series can still be lots of fun and goofy while telling legitimately great and deeper story. When you can find that balance, that’s a surefire winner.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 43 – The Weather Vane Points Directly Opposite the Wind!

  1. It’s weird to see (possessed) Stacey with smile on his face.
    Ironically, this episode came out the same time, Stacey’s henshin item, Gear Tozinger (Bandai Premium), was shipped across Japan; a perfect timing indeed.
    It was nice to see Zox and Stacey working together for once.
    A decent start for final arc of the series.
    Upcoming episode is going to be very interesting.

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