Music Monday, January 17, 2022 (Extra) – OMEGA X, Kim Yohan, Hong Eunki, ENHYPEN

Four more tracks for this week from OMEGA X, Kim Yohan, Hong Eunki, ENHYPEN.

“Love Me Like” by OMEGA X

“Love Me Like” is definitely my favorite title track from OMEGA X. I feel like they’ve stepped it up with every release so far. And this Latin-infused moombahton track is their most complete title so far. The perfect combination of irresistible melody, vocal and performance showcase and their overflowing charisma is a real winner.

“Dessert” by Kim Yo Han

Also fresh off his drama debut, Kim Yo Han makes his solo comeback with the release of Illusion. Title track “Dessert” is a fun and funky track that plays up the cheeky lyrics with its disco-tinged melody. Taking part in the song’s rap-making, the song is a great showcase for his solo talents. And he effortlessly takes ownership of his solo stage with a strong performance.

“Dear” by Hong Eunki

Hong Eunki releases his comeback a year after the great “On&On” and after starring in the recently concluded Idol: The Coup. “Dear” is a wonderful, comforting ballad. Definitely different from his solo releases so far, but nonetheless a soothing track that shows off his smooth vocals.

“Blessed-Cursed” by ENHYPEN

“Tamed-Dashed” has been my favorite ENHYPEN title track so far. I’m not as immediately enamored by “Blessed-Cursed” which I feel is more of a performance-type track rather than one I’m going to have on repeat. The rock-infused hip-hop track is still good though. And of course the group effortlessly delivers that striking performance they’ve become known for.

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