Music Monday, January 17, 2022 – OnlyOneOf, VXON, MIRAE, TRENDZ

Four impactful tracks from OnlyOneOf, VXON, MIRAE, TRENDZ.

“skinz” by OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf returns with another provocative performance with “skinz.” The track very much follows in the footsteps of last year’s “libidO” in both style and substance. (Though I do prefer “libidO” a bit more.) The group essentially singing about being comfortable with who you are while delivering a confident, sensuous performance. For anyone who has followed the group since their debut, this performance is very emblematic of who they are. And it’s always captivating.

“The Beast” by VXON

I haven’t been keeping up with the booming modern P-pop movement. But it’s great to see it happening as many groups are gaining attention and fans around the world.

I decided to check out newly debuted VXON and their debut song “The Beast” is very good. One of the challenges for P-pop is juggling Filipino lyrics within the traditional structure of songs commonly heard in K-pop and the like. “The Beast” manages to balance the English and Filipino lyrics very well without sacrificing the addicting melody. And the song is definitely a catchy one. It offers VXON the opportunity for an attention-grabbing performance which they effortlessly deliver in the slick MV. (Really one of the best I’ve seen for a Filipino artist.) Amazing charisma, excellent vocals. I think I’m already a fan!

“Marvelous” by MIRAE

Rookie group MIRAE releases their 3rd mini album and this might be my favorite title track from them yet. “Marvelous” is a great pop-dance track with a very catchy and irresistible hook. It brings together the group’s youthful vibe from their debut and their more charismatic sides from their follow-up. Together, it’s an enjoyable showcase for their continued growth and being able to establish themselves in their first year.

“TNT (Truth&Trust)” by TRENDZ

Interpark Music Plus’ pre-debut group TRENDZ make an impactful debut with the release of their first album Blue Set Chapter.1. Title track “TNT (Truth&Trust)” is a rousing performance that highlights the group’s singing, rap and charisma. The chorus especially solidifies this attention-grabbing introduction to the group.

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