Music Monday, November 22, 2021 (Special) – These Excellent Tracks from B.I.G, ONEWE, ORBIT, Ha Sung Woon Can’t Wait!

Four more excellent tracks I couldn’t wait another week to rave about! Enjoy these new releases from B.I.G, ONEWE, ORβIT and Ha Sung Woon.

“Flashback” by B.I.G.

It’s been more than seven years since B.I.G first said “Hello” with their debut single. I’m happy to have been a fan for all seven of those years. So I am definitely happy and excited to see them releasing their first new single in more than two years. As much as I loved Triple Seven’s “Presente” (it will definitely be on my favorite songs of the year list), seeing B.I.G releasing new music is a long-awaited treat. “Flashback” is the perfect song to celebrate the group’s renewed energy and excitement for the future. The feel-good, nostalgic track reflects on the group’s journey so far and their journey moving forward. It’s easy to get lost in the vibes of the song and when coupled with the bright, dreamlike music video, it’s a great experience.

“Star” by ONEWE

ONEWE always delivers with every release. So it’s no surprise that they do so again with their latest in “Star.” The emotional rock ballad showcases the band’s talent and always passionate performance. (Prepare once again to be blown away by leader Yonghoon’s vocals!) And the infusion of some classic Korean rock vibes pairs well with the high-flying, dreamlike aura. Excellent!

“Eclipse” by ORβIT

First of all, it is so awesome to finally see all seven members of ORβIT actually in the same location in a music video together! Due to COVID lockdowns, the Korean and Japanese members of the group have had to do all their activities including music video filming and song recording separately in their home countries. Clever editing made their debut MV seamless while their follow up double-title track release was split between the two halves of the group. But finally, the group is able to physically come together for their second mini album Alter Ego and it is exciting to see.

“Eclipse” is a trendy future bass song with a sensual vibe and matching choreography. It’s a different side compared to the group’s other title tracks, but a great showcase for what they are capable of. Not to mention their first opportunity to show off their great teamwork through their strong performance. Looking forward to listening to the rest of the album!

“Electrified” by Ha Sung Woon

Ha Sung Woon has been churning out one excellent comeback after another this year. And “Electrified” is his latest. Less than a few months since his last release, “Electrified” continues the streak as the title track of the album Electrified – Urban Nostalgia. (An amazing title, by the way.) The funky, retro-infused track highlights Ha Sung Woon’s dreamy vocals through a romantic journey through the urban jungle of the city. It’s an addictive track, which shouldn’t come as a surprise after his recent releases.

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