Music Monday, November 22, 2021 – Amazing tracks from Brooklyn, from20, DRIPPIN, BXW

Four talented artists, four amazing songs! Featuring Brooklyn, from20, DRIPPIN, BXW.

“I’m Gonna Love You” by Brooklyn

I think it was around this time last year when I first got to know Brooklyn and his music. I was immediately hooked by him and after a couple of months, he’s finally back with a new track. And it is excellent. “I’m Gonna Love You” is a catchy, upbeat rock-infused pop dance track that blends together a cool vibe with Brooklyn’s soft vocals. The accompanying music video is a fun “high school all grown up” concept that perfectly suits the track.

“James Dean” by from20

I have loved every single release by from20 this year as the former BIGSTAR member made his solo debut with support from his artist collective The Faker Club. And now he has finally released his first full solo album. A total of 11 tracks, including all the music he has released so far this year plus an intro and four new songs, the album is the perfect showcase of the artist also known as Kim Raehwan. The title track “James Dean” is an amazing combo of synth-infused pop and deep house that come together for a dreamy song about longing for a lost love.

As for the other new tracks, “Lullaby” is another great track with retro vibes, soft rock-infused “Say Something” is mesmerizing and the closing track “20” is a wonderfully nostalgic song with an irresistible singer-songwriter aura.

“Vertigo” by DRIPPIN

So I have pretty much ignored all the exclusive songs and MVs that some artists have released exclusively on the Universe app and platform. Lazy me can’t put in all that effort to seek out the content even for artists I like, sadly. BUT! Thankfully, it appears Universe will finally be uploading full music videos to their YouTube channel from now on. And thankfully so as otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have listened to DRIPPIN’s recent Universe-exclusive release “Vertigo.”

“Vertigo” is an AMAZING song. No question, it is the rookie group’s best title track so far. Albeit, with an asterisk of course. As much as I have enjoyed the group’s releases so far, “Vertigo” is the only main release track that I’ve immediately loved from them. It’s almost kind of a waste for them to have held the song for the Universe app instead of releasing it as a full-fledged single. But at the same time, if this is a taste of things to come for the group, I’m nonetheless excited.

“Vertigo” is definitely a different sound and style for the group compared to their releases so far. If before they showed off their brighter, youthful sides, “Vertigo” is a step forward in maturity. A showcase now for their growth and development. Leveling up in performance and charisma, “Vertigo” would’ve been an amazing song to perhaps reintroduce them to a wider audience. But again, if this is a taste of what’s to come from the group, they are well on their way.

“24/7” by BXW

BXW has done a great job of showcasing their versatility with every release. Dark and charismatic one moment, brighter and fun the next. Their latest “24/7” is probably the best combination of the group’s two sides so far. The groovy pop dance track allows the group to be both fun and charismatic. A balance of youthful vibes and a bit more mature performance. BXW’s on the right trajectory and every release from them has always been a treat.

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