Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 11 – Invincible Sakura, Power for What Purpose

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

The four Kamen Riders are doing well as a team fighting off the increasing number of Deadmans wreaking havoc in the city. That includes a mysterious hooded figure who livestreams to a growing number of followers extolling the virtues of the Deadmans leading them to a better world as a family. Julio briefs Aguilera on Olteca approaching the hooded figure, Amahiko Haitani, a counselor who has become known as a “savior” amongst his followers.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Meanwhile, Sakura is on edge as she can’t stop thinking about Aguilera’s words to her, almost punching Ikki in the face. She tells Ikki and her mother that she’s okay. Papa Igarashi comes in with a package for Sakura and they let her open it in private.

Sakura is shocked to find it contains a Driver and Stamp.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Sakura continues to be distracted when she’s sparring with Hikaru at the dojo, resulting in her getting knocked out. Hikaru apologizes to her when she wakes up. But she becomes immediately suspicious when she sees a Stamp inside her instructor Seiko Omori’s purse as she leaves her son at the dojo for a moment.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Ikki, Daiji and some Fenix forces hurry to a bank that is being attacked by the Planarian Deadman. Ikki, Vice and Daiji henshin to battle the Deadman who appears to have the ability to regenerate. Ikki uses the Brachio Vistamp which George asked Daiji to deliver to him after having properly calibrating it.

Back at the bank, Julio arrives with Sakura’s instructor who appears to be in great need of money. Sakura stops her from taking some of the scattered money as she arrives and asks what’s going on. Seiko-san refuses to say why she needs the money.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Julio is about to take care of Sakura, but defers to Aguilera who arrives and slaps Sakura around. Aguilera mocks Sakura for being weak especially when she wants to help people. But Aguilera suggests Sakura could get the power she needs if she joins the Deadmans.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Just then, Instructor Seiko gets a call from Hikaru who says that her son Ryou has fainted. She tells him to call an ambulance and she hurries back. Sakura follows.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Julio is with Amahiko as they watch Ikki, Vice and Daiji defeating the Deadman. Amahiko says this is only the beginning.

At the hospital, Sakura eavesdrops on Instructor Seiko’s conversation with the doctor who says Ryou needs immediate surgery or he might die with his next seizure.

Sakura tries to speak with Seiko-san, but Amahiko whisks her away saying she is “almost there.”

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Sakura heads home where Ikki, Daiji and Mama Igarashi are shocked to see her injuries. Sakura says she can’t blame Seiko-san since aligning with the Deadmans is the only way to get the money for Ryou’s surgery. Daiji says that’s no reason to release a demon to terrorize people.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Sakura snaps at Daiji. She asks if they should just leave Ryou for dead and wonders what Fenix is doing when they’re supposed to be helping people. Mama Igarashi insists that is still no reason for her to get hurt like this. It is not Sakura’s responsibility, even if Seiko-san and Ryou are important to her.

Ikki says to leave the fighting to them, but Sakura says she can use her karate skills.

Daiji scolds Sakura and says this isn’t fun ang games. Being good at karate isn’t enough in situations like this. He implores her to just wait at home since she does not have the power to fight. Mama Igarashi agrees.

Sakura hurries into her room to pack up some clothes and the Driver and Stamp she received before she storms out of the house.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

That evening, Hikaru runs into Sakura sitting alone by the water and invites her to his house. The Ushijimas welcome her and tell her to make herself at home. She notices their home is pretty bare, but doesn’t dwell on it.

Meanwhile, Seiko-san begs Amahiko to help her son. He hands her a photo of a doctor at the hospital capable of doing Ryou’s surgery, so he’s heard. He hands her a Stamp and says she should enter a mutual agreement with a demon like him to ensure Ryou gets the help he needs. Amahiko summons the Planarian Deadman again.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

That night, Sakura sits alone in the room thinking about her and her brothers when they were children. She remembers that her dream was to become invincible. Daiji had asked her how she would keep fighting after she already beats everyone. Sakura says that it’s just cool.

After thinking about what’s happened today, she appears resolved. A mysterious shadow follows her.

Next day, the Planarian Deadman is with Seiko-san as they confront the supposed doctor. But the man says he’s just a radiographer.

Ikki, Daiji and Fenix forces arrive just as Seiko-san activates the Stamp and signs the contract. She combines with the Planarian Deadman.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Sakura, Driver and Stamp in her bag, watches as Ikki, Vice and Daiji henshin

Amahiko tells Julio about the mutual agreement and explains that with Planaria’s replication powers and his ability to manipulate, getting people to form a contract with his demon will be easy. Julio says this means Amahiko can mass-produce demons.

Ikki, Vice and Daiji have Seiko-san where they want her. But Sakura suddenly appears with the Driver and Stamp.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Sakura declares that she will be the one that stops Seiko-san. But when she tries to henshin, nothing happens. Seiko-san shoots at her and is about to finish her off. But Ikki manages to shield her and absorb the attack himself.

Sakura does not understand.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Revice certainly did not waste any time getting into the next arc of the season. And the seed planting with Sakura definitely helped with that. We’ve seen her beginning to question things, feel a bit helpless, but also wanting to do what she can to help as well. She isn’t afraid to jump into the middle of a fight with her karate skills to back her up.

Being in a sort of vulnerable emotional state right now very much makes her susceptible to demonic influence. And while she hasn’t yet signed a contract with the Deadmans (though we don’t know who exactly sent her the toys), she’s resolved to make her own decisions to do what she thinks is right. Even if it goes against her family’s advice and guidance.

It’s kind of a different approach to Daiji’s story a little bit. Should the Igarashi’s trust in her capabilities more? Maybe. But I think Sakura’s story has more to do with her wanting to do the righteous and noble thing. Especially as it relates to Amahiko’s emerging cult-like following as he tries to persuade the public of the virtues of the Deadmans.

But the little flashback with the cute kids might imply that Sakura is just some power-hungry maniac and always has been. lol Maybe it’s about Sakura learning that you don’t need “power” (in whatever way she defines it) or invincibility to make a difference in the world.

Well, we’ll see what happens with Sakura next week.

As for Amahiko, it’s very interesting to see he is an outsider that the Deadman3 are willing to work with. A more proactive ally than the desperate people they’ve been targeting so far. So that is a new dynamic on their side. Not to mention Amahiko invoking the word “family” into his preaching. Perhaps a contrast to the Igarashi’s family unit?

Overall, it was a solid episode. Pretty much playing as an introduction to this next arc. I’m definitely looking forward to Sakura’s story and hopefully her completing the sibling Rider trio later on.

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  1. To be honest, I think the whole family will become Kamen Riders at least by the end of the series. I am liking how the family drama adds to the story and it doesn’t feel out of place.

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