Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 35 – Diamond ◆ Delight

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Kaito is up on the ship telling the Goldtsuikers about the others acting all weird around him. Flint suggests they are planning a surprise party for him and Kaito admits his birthday is actually coming up soon. They settle on that explanation.

Zyuran, Gaon, Magine and Vroom are at the takoyaki truck trying to figure out how to tell Kaito about Hakaizer possibly being Papa Goshikida. They are afraid of Kaito and Grandma Yacchan’s reactions to such things as the possibility of Papa Goshikida joining the Tojitendo of his own free will or the Tojitendo having messed with his body or Kaito destroying Hakaizer before he knows the truth.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Just then, people in the area are experiencing hardships thanks to Diamond World making everything hard. The Kikai4 henshin, but Hakaizer quickly arrives to help Diamond World against them.

Hakaizer notices they are not being themselves. Diamond World shoots at them to make it harder for them to communicate with each other.

Kaito and Zox arrive and immediately try to take on Diamond World. But the Kikai4 prevent Kaito and Zox from attacking. That allows Hakaizer and Diamond World to leave, unharmed.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Back at the shop, the Kikai4 aren’t able to express themselves in Japanese, instead only speaking and writing in “diamond.” They try charades, but that doesn’t work either.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Kaito and Grandma Yacchan think they are being forced to protect the Tojitendo. Kaito calls Hakaizer and Diamond World “cowards” and vows not to let them get away with this. He storms out to look for them.

Zox stops the Kikai4 from following and warns them not to get in the way.

On a rooftop, Stacey approaches Hakaizer and asks if he would be willing to team up with him. Hakaizer says they’re already on the same team, silly. “I guess,” Stacey says.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

On the other side of town, Zox finds Diamond World and henshins.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Meanwhile, Kaito finds Hakaizer and Stacey who have solidified their partnership. They all henshin and Kaito goes super, vowing to fight for his friends.

Back at the shop, the Kikai4 are still struggling with knowing the truth and not being able to tell Kaito and Grandma Yacchan. They agree on something and hurry out, much to Grandma Yacchan and Secchan’s confusion.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

They arrive just as Kaito has found an opening in Hakaizer and Stacey’s new partnership. Before Kaito can deliver a Finale Buster at Hakaizer, the Kikai4 arrive and again try to tell Kaito about Hakaizer’s true identity. They are of course still unable to.

Kaito charges at Hakaizer while Stacey summons evil uphenshined Geki Red and Red Buster clones to keep the Kikai4 busy. Stacey and Hakaizer team up against Kaito.

Diamond World wonders why Hakaizer isn’t showing up. Zox uses a Zyuohger Gear and Misao’s fishing skills to fish Diamond World out of the water.

Hakaizer is almost out of charge so he and Stacey deliver finishers at Kaito. The Kikai4 finish off the clones and try to rush over to help Kaito. Stacey shoots a huge explosion at them and Hakaizer is about to kill Zyuran first.

But Kaito grabs the Zenryoku Zenkai Cannon and slides over to get in between Zyuran and Hakaizer. As Zox defeats Diamond World, the Kikai4 regain their Japanese speaking skills and they try to tell Kaito about Hakaizer’s identity. But it’s too late. Kaito shoots Hakaizer point blank and he goes flying.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Hakaizer emerges from the rubble right as he loses all his remaining charge. His helmet disappears and Kaito and Stacey are shocked to see the man underneath.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Papa Goshikida seems to regain control of his mind and sees the Zenkaigers in front of him. Looking at Zenkaizer, he asks if it is Kaito in the suit. Kaito confirms and he dehenshins to show him.

Kaito and Papa Goshikida call out to each other. As Kaito runs to his father, a shocked Stacey shoots at them in order to whisk Papa Goshikida back to the palace through a portal.

Dai Diamond World appears and makes the entire city hard. Flint and the twins, who were safely up on the ship, wonder where Zox is. But he has also been affected by the hardening beam.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Zyuran asks Kaito if he’s okay to continue and the five of them henshin. They combine into Zenryoku Zenkai-Oh and take care of Dai Diamond World with the help of GoGo V’s attack.

Back at the shop, Kaito tells Grandma Yacchan about what has happened. The Kikai4 apologize for keeping the truth from them and bow with remorse.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Grandma Yacchan, Secchan and Kaito all say they do not have to do this. They only kept the truth because they were worried about them.

Kaito takes the photo of their family and says he is okay now. At least it is not all bad news since they know Papa Goshikida is at least alive. Grandma Yacchan agrees.

In the meantime, they will work hard together to find a way to save him and bring him back home.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 35 Recap

Episode Thoughts

A good episode. I really like episodes where they lull you into a false sense of security with perhaps a silly premise at the start and then hit you over the head unexpectedly with a sincerely emotional or shocking twist/event. That’s what they did here and I think they did a great job with it.

I think every aspect of the big revelation was very much in character for everyone involved. The Kikai4 are caring individuals and the Goshikidas mean the world to them. Being worried about potentially hurting them with the bombshell news is a legitimate concern. Meanwhile, Kaito, Grandma Yacchan and Secchan’s reaction to the news is very much exactly how you’d expect them to react. A shock to them, but that would never keep them from being positive and hopeful.

I think their reaction to Mama Goshikida being lost somewhere should’ve been enough indication as to how they would react to Papa Goshikida being Hakaizer.

Probably the only shocking moment this episode was Stacey’s reaction. And I really hope all of what they’ve been building up with the Goshikidas and Stacey come together and intersect in a big way.

I guess an interesting detail to point out is how Papa Goshikida, even when under the influence of Hakaizer, still retains his caring, positive personality. Yes, Hakaizer may be a Tojitendo loyalist. But he maintains himself and his personality throughout. Interesting that Ijirude would keep that in the programming or whatever. That could potentially play into how Stacey is programmed too.

So overall, the episode started with the silly, but fun diamond-speak. And then seamlessly led into the big moment of revelation. A properly emotional scene that wasn’t too heavy, but given the right amount of seriousness for the moment. And again, all in-character for the characters and the season itself.

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