Music Monday, November 15, 2021 (Part 2) – Bernard Park, NIve, Tay Tawan, Shin Yong Jae

Get into vibe and feels with four great tracks from Bernard Park, NIve, Tay Tawan and Shin Yong Jae.

“Bad Influence” by Bernard Park

Finally!! After completing his military service last year, Bernard Park is back with some new music. And WOW! Did he come back with an amazing track. “Bad Influence” is just an incredibly breathtaking song. Bernard’s smooth falsetto glides across this track about a man falling for the fatal charm of a woman that has taken over his life. It is an ethereal, dramatic, sexy, seductive track that definitely has Bernard showing off a different side of him. But he without question delivers one of the year’s most attention-grabbing performances.

To help everyone cool off a bit after that fiery title track, B-side “Easier” is a beautiful and emotional English-language ballad about the other end of a relationship.

Simply, it is just so awesome to finally have Bernard Park back with fresh music. And let’s hope it won’t be another three years until we are blessed with more.

“party without u” by NIve

I first got to know of NIve a few months ago and instantly became a fan. So I was definitely excited to watch and listen to his latest release “party without u.” The dreamlike pop-R&B track is very much a vibe as NIve sings of a bittersweet breakup, the very faint hope of saving the relationship and ultimately accepting that perhaps it’s too late. It’s an engaging story told in an amazing song. NIve’s vocals just perfectly express the emotions and gentle sadness of the story in the lyrics. And the melody is irresistible. A really wonderful track from an incredible talent.

“Invisible Tears” by Tay Tawan

GMMTV has assembled nine of their young actors/singers for the special project “Boys Don’t Cry” with the tagline “9 songs 9 sensitive guys.” And last month, it was Tay Tawan’s turn in the spotlight with his track “Invisible Tears.” I don’t watch many Thai BL dramas. But the coupling affectionately known as #TayNew is one of my favorites and one of my very first. So I’ve become a fan of both Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom. Naturally, I was looking forward to Tay’s release and it’s a great song. The throwback R&B vibes of the ballad are a wonderful vibe. And Tay’s gentle voice is perfect for the bittersweet lyrics.

“Go Back” by Shin Yong Jae

As a member of R&B group 4Men and in his solo career, Shin Yong Jae has become known for his excellent voice, always effortless in delivering the emotions of powerful ballads. His latest “Go Back” is a perfect example of what many people have come to love about his voice and talent. Its music video also features actor Bae In Hyuk and it helps to complete the bittersweet feelings of the emotional ballad.

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