Music Monday, November 15, 2021 – Celebrate with ONEUS, VICTON, B1A4, MARS

Celebrating excellent comebacks, special anniversaries and an intriguing new drama with tracks from ONEUS, VICTON, B1A4 and MARS.

“Luna” by ONEUS

One of ONEUS’ most attention-grabbing title tracks, if not the most attention-grabbing was the fiery “Lit” that effortlessly blended the traditional Korean gayageum with an energetic pop-dance track. The group revisits and expands on that brilliant sound with their latest title track “Luna.” Fusing together Korean traditional sounds and oriental instruments, “Luna” takes a bit of a mellower approach than “Lit” did with still a touch of performance-ready dance melodies. The fusion results in a poetic dance track that more than suits ONEUS’ unique flavor and highlights their always powerful talents. Definitely one of my favorites from them. (And yay for much singingLeedo!)

“Sweet Travel” by VICTON

They’ve come a long way since their debut. And VICTON celebrates five years since then with a special digital single “Sweet Travel.” All six members (Han Seungwoo is currently serving in the military) participated in writing the lyrics to this cool pop dance track about the sweet journey they have embarked on and will continue to embark on with their fans. A bright, nostalgic and fun track that actually is a wonderful reminder of the group’s brighter charms.

“Adore You” by B1A4

Ahead of Sandeul’s enlistment in the military, B1A4 celebrates their 10th anniversary with a beautiful ballad in “Adore You.” The heartfelt love letter to fans expresses gratitude for their decade of support and Sandeul’s involvement in writing the song adds to its sincerity.

“Cloud 9” by MARS

There have been a few idol-focused dramas on the air this year. And one of them that is currently airing is JTBC’s Idol: The Coup. One of the fictional bands in the series is MARS and it is brought to life by actors Kim Minkyu, Jo Joonyoung, Baek Seohoo and singers Hong Eunki and Lee Eunsang. The group’s single “Cloud 9” is as great as you will hear from real-life groups. A midtempo pop dance track about falling in love, it is a charming and instantly likeable track. Certainly helps in building the world of the drama and a great song in its own right.

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