Music Monday, November 1, 2021 (Part 1) – Park Jihoon, HALF feat. YunGGI, Oh Heejun and from20

Four great tracks from four talented solo artists: Park Jihoon, HALF feat. YunGGI, Oh Heejun, from20.

“Serious” by Park Jihoon

After releasing the great “Gallery” in August, Park Jihoon is back quickly with his 5th mini album HOT&COLD and its title track “Serious.” The hip-hop-infused pop-dance track has Jihoon showcasing his mature side with a song about the hot and cold sides of a romantic relationship. Jihoon’s vocals and rapping blend perfectly for a charismatic performance. My favorite track from the album is “All Yours.”

“I’m Not Curious” by HALF feat. YunGGI

KNK’s Jihun, under his solo stage name HALF, is back with his second single “I’m Not Curious.” Just like his solo debut single “Behind U,” also featuring rapper-songwriter YunGGI, “I’m Not Curious” is a soulful R&B track that highlights Jihun’s soft, smooth vocals. Expressing the complicated feelings post-breakup, the song’s lyrics, melody and Jihun and YunGGI’s performance all come together for a straight vibe of a song.

“Night” by Oh Heejun of KNK

Fellow KNK member Oh Heejun also recently released his first solo single. “Night” is a beautifully mellow track about the longing that comes during late nights. Heejun’s sweet vocals, something that is no surprise to any Tinkerbells out there, perfectly suit the emotional, pensive mood of the song. And anyone familiar with Heejun’s always powerful performances on stage will appreciate his ability to show off a different side of himself with his solo debut.

While KNK is on a bit of a break with group activities for now, it’s a comfort to see the members coming out with some fresh music of their own. Inseong and Dongwon next?

“F**k You” by from20

The multi-talented from20 prepares for his upcoming first album with the pre-release track “F**k You.” The autumn-laced track is perfect for the season and a great introduction to his sound and style for anyone who has not yet come to enjoy his amazing music from this year. It has definitely gotten me excited for the album which I know will be full of excellent tracks.

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