Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 9 – Runaway Kagero! Igarashi Brothers… Collapse!?

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Ikki, Sakura and Papa Igarashi solemnly try to understand what’s happened to Daiji. Vice calls and says it just means Daiji had a demon inside him as well. They get up to go into the living room when they hear Mama Igarashi cheerfully welcoming Buu-san who has come in for a soak.

Mama Igarashi points out their sad faces and says they need to keep the bathhouse going so Daiji has a home to come back to. Papa Igarashi decides to come up with a great video to help and asks Ikki to do his best in bringing him back. *zoom in on Sakura*

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Meanwhile, Olteca hands Kagerou two Stamps to use to gather more sacrifices for Gifu.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Anything to shut them up, Kagerou says as he leaves. Kagerou decides to target a trio of voice phishing scammers and slaps them around to force them to comply with the contract.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Ikki heads over to Fenix. George denies knowing Daiji was Evil. But he mentions how Daiji had always been a bit annoyed that Ikki became Revice, so he gave Daiji his own thinking it would help.

Commander Wakabayashi orders Ikki to eliminate him before the public learns Evil is a Fenix captain. George hands Ikki the Kamakiri Vistamp to help accomplish that. Hiromi comes in and says he will be the one that defeats Evil and questions whether Ikki can deliver the finishing blow.

Just then, the alarms sound when the Deadman Brachio begins rampaging downtown with Kagerou standing watch. George asks Ikki to collect Brachio for him.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Ikki and Hiromi hurry over. Ikki tries looking for his brother, but Hiromi tells him to focus on the urgent situation. Both henshin. As Hiromi takes on some Juniors, Ikki and Vice battle Brachio. When Vice sees Daijerou nearby, he tells Ikki to go on ahead and leave the Deadman to him. Hiromi follows as #NiceVice battles the Deadman on his own.

Hiromi tells Ikki that they will work together if Evil shows up. Ikki says Daiji is his brother and it is his responsibility to save him.

More Juniors arrive and Ikki uses the Kamakiri Vistamp to allow him and Vice to make quick work of them. They refocus their attention on the Deadman and using their new Kamakiri form are able to seemingly destroy the Brachio Deadman.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Back home, George shows Ikki CCTV footage of Kagerou attacking the scammers and says Commander Wakabayashi has given the order to officially designate Evil as an enemy. George says Ikki must eliminate him, but Ikki asks to trust in Daiji. George says Daiji’s been possessed by a demon so they have no choice.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Hearing all this, Sakura storms into the living room to scold George for not even attempting to save Daiji first especially when he was their ally. Sakura also blames Ikki and his nosy-self for having allowed a demon to be birthed inside of a caring guy like Dai-chan. The least he could do is ask Vice about what’s happening.

Vice asks what if Daiji is already long gone and suggests Sakura might have a scary demon inside of her as well.

Ikki asks Vice to stop with the side comments.

Sakura vows never to forgive anyone who lets Dai-chan get hurt.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Meanwhile, Kagerou continues to torture the three scammers who beg to be let go.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Daiji pops in and asks Kagerou who he is. Kagerou says he is the demon that’s been inside him since he was a little boy. The more Daiji’s hatred for Ikki grew, so did Kagerou. Jealousy is food for demons, Kagerou says.

Daiji says he never hated his brother. “Don’t lie!” Kagerou replies. Daiji’s feelings are Kagerou’s feelings as well. And he is carrying out Daiji’s feelings because he is too much of a coward.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Daiji tells Kagerou to stop this, but Kagerou steps on the Daiji puddle and declares his opposition eliminated. Kagerou activates the Brachio Stamp again and turns back to the scammers.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Over at the dojo, Hikaru compliments Sakura after a great sparring session. He asks why she started karate in the first place. She says she initially did it just to follow her brother, but ended up getting hooked on karate the most. Hikaru says that must be why she’s so strong. But Sakura wonders if having strength means anything when it comes to being happy.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Later that evening, Ikki can’t stop thinking about how to save his brother. But Vice poses the question: Does Daiji even want to be saved? Maybe he actually wanted to disappear. Ikki says that’s impossible, Kagerou forcibly took over Daiji’s body.

Vice continues to press the idea that Daiji might have wanted this, but Ikki refuses to believe that. He chooses to believe in Daiji.

Ikki goes to sit with his parents. They notice his sad face and he says he just realized that he might never see Daiji again. Mama and Papa Igarashi are much more positive and remember how when they were kids, Ikki was able to find Daiji after he got lost.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Papa Igarashi says he was worried when it looked like Ikki had gotten lost as well. But it was a good thing Daiji was such a scaredy-cat that he was able to stay put and be found. Mama Igarashi says Ikki knows Daiji better than anyone and that he will be able to help him.

Next day as the Brachio Deadman rampages once more, Kagerou tells Daiji to look at this place as Ikki’s future grave. Though Kagerou says Daiji probably can’t hear him any longer.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Hiromi arrives first and tells Kagerou to face him. But Kagerou summons a total of three Brachio Deadmans to keep him busy.

Ikki arrives and demands Kagerou give Daiji back. Kagerou tells his “Onii-sama” enough with the “Daiji this, Daiji that.” Especially since Daiji is long gone after he’s already broken him apart.

Vice pops out to say that he kinda hates this fellow demon.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Ikki refuses to believe Kagerou and again chooses to believe in his brother. Both Ikki and Kagerou henshin.

Ikki and Vice charge at Kagerou who absorbs their attacks. But he says that’s a good thing. Being able to feel those hits means this body is already his.

As Vice gets knocked aside by the Deadman, Ikki and Kagerou face off one-on-one. Kagerou uphenshins using the Mogura Vistamp. Ikki tries to call out to Daiji saying their family is waiting for him. Kagerou says Ikki onii-sama is making him sick.

Kagerou knocks Ikki down and says he is the reason he was born. Kagerou suggests Ikki relished being the center of attention, making everyone laugh. Daiji did his best to get into Fenix as a way to shine on his own away from his brother. Ikki would protect their family and the bathhouse while Daiji would become a Kamen Rider and protect the world.

Daiji almost fulfilled that dream. But then Ikki came along and signed the contract with Fenix. Daiji then realized Ikki made a better Kamen Rider than he ever would have been.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

“You were the one. You stole Daiji’s future from him! It was you who erased Daiji all along, Onii-sama!”

Ikki refuses to accept that idea. He uses the Kamakiri Vistamp to uphenshin. But Kagerou uses Jackal and is quickly able to force both Ikki and Vice to downhenshin.

Kagerou knocks Vice aside and mocks Ikki. In order for Ikki to save his brother, he’ll have to strike down Kagerou first.

Ikki prepares a kick.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 9 Recap

Episode Thoughts

A good fallout episode. We got to see Ikki, Sakura and Mama and Papa Igarashi’s different reactions to seeing their dear Daiji be possessed. And seeing those very different reactions was a good insight into each character and their family dynamic. Did I want to see them, especially the parentals, be a bit more concerned? Sure. Being positive and hopeful when your son has been possessed by a demon is definitely a tall order. But to have that be in contrast to Ikki and Sakura’s worry and frustration is fitting for a show like Kamen Rider I guess.

It was definitely more on fleshing out Daiji’s inner struggle though and how Kagerou has potentially manipulated and taken advantage of that. We also see the extent of Kagerou’s control over Daiji at present.

They seem to be feeding or highlighting the idea that Daiji is somehow weak or needing to be coddled. Or at least, that’s how others may see him as. It could be as derisive as Kagerou calling him a coward. Or be like his family pointing out how he’s a scaredy-cat or can’t handle spicy foods, for example. Obviously, the family means no harm in saying things like that and they just care about Daiji. But we don’t know the effect those words and treatment might have had on him.

As we saw Kagerou lay out at the end, Daiji feeling insecure and inadequate potentially reached some sort of boiling point once Ikki became a Kamen Rider. Do we believe Kagerou? We must stay tuned of course. Very interesting to see Daiji defer to Kagerou in the scene we got this episode. But it does present a very fascinating story that I think can be very well done here.

I definitely hope we get more Daiji-Kagerou scenes before this arc is over. Kagerou got rid of Daiji just by stepping on a puddle? Nah! lol But it’s quite enjoyable to see Daiji and Kagerou’s confrontations.

I trust Revice to do justice to Daiji’s story as much as Ikki believes in his little brother. And again, Daiji’s story and his own personal struggle will have a big effect on Ikki’s character as well. It already has. I’m sure it will be the same for whatever is ahead for Sakura too. Their stories are just as much Ikki’s story, especially as our titular hero of the season.

It’s great seeing the seeds continue to be planted for Sakura’s story. I can already see Sakura’s demon popping out just as Daiji is saved from Kagerou. The poor Igarashis!

I like the slowburn with Sakura. And with the tease about the mysterious Ushijima Family last episode, it was interesting to see Hikaru’s interactions with her in a very different light. The probing questions would seem harmless and friendly otherwise. But with the added sketchiness we learned about last week, the new dynamic between them (to us) is very nice to see. It helps give an added depth and foundation to both Sakura’s character and the overall story.

Also, it was obviously fun to see a few familiar faces make a guest appearance.

Overall, this was a great bridge episode to help fill in the gaps and lay the foundation for whatever is coming next with the Daiji/Kagerou situation. Plus, more great insight into the characters, especially the Igarashis.

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  1. I do love how we are exploring the Daji family dynamic and it’s NOT as happy as we are led to believe.

    Just goes to show that you can never truly know a person or what is in their heart.

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