Music Monday, November 1, 2021 (Part 2) – JUST B, EPEX, DKB, VAV

Celebrating super rookies and anniversaries with JUST B, EPEX, DKB and VAV.

“Tick Tock” by JUST B

Rookies JUST B are back with their first comeback after their excellent debut. And title track “Tick Tock” is a powerful and energetic follow-up. The song is a youthful, yet charismatic pop-dance track that offers the group another opportunity to show off both their vocal and performance skills. From the album Just Beat, my favorite track is definitely “Vindicated.”

“Do 4 Me” by EPEX

Fellow rookies EPEX who also had an excellent debut make their first comeback with a brighter sound with their title track “Do 4 Me.” The funky pop track is very different from their debut “Lock Down.” It was a track that intrigued me on first listen, but definitely grew on me and has become one of my most repeated tracks of the year. “Do 4 Me’s” groovy melody and romantic lyrics give the group a chance to show a different side of themselves. And it results in a fun performance. From the album BIPOLAR Pt. 2: Book of Love, my favorite track is “Breathtaking,” but I also enjoy “Traveller” and “Love Virus.”

“Rollercoaster” by DKB

From two super rookies of 2021 to one of my favorite 2020 rookies. After releasing their first full album earlier this year, DKB are back with their new single “Rollercoaster.” The hip-hop R&B vibe is definitely right up DKB’s alley and a refreshing entry for an idol group.

“Cause I Miss You” by VAV

From super rookies to a group celebrating their 6th anniversary. VAV releases a special digital single “Cause I Miss You” to commemorate six years since their debut. And it’s been a great six years for fans who have followed the group since then. VAV has grown tremendously in that time to become one of the most talented, yet still underrated artists in the industry. “Cause I Miss You” is a wonderful love letter to fans as the group is on a bit of a break with most of the members serving in the military at the moment. Happy Anniversary VAV!

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