Recap: Kamen Rider Revice, Episode 6 – Evil’s True Identity! Shocking Showtime!?

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Evil has his way with both Ikki and Vice before he disappears, leaving them quite beat.

The Fenix officers regain consciousness, wondering who could have knocked them all out like that. It turns out, Evil’s true identity is…

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap


Earlier, George approached Daiji with the new Driver saying it is well-suited for “evil.” Daiji smirks as he admires the Driver and tosses Hiromi’s ID (which he used to steal the Vistamps) into a pile of garbage before walking away.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Later, Ikki has just gotten out of the bath and tells Vice how he hasn’t been able to get his mind off the new bat Rider. Especially when it seemed like the guy was specifically targeting them.

Anyway, Vice is interested in trying the ramune candy Ikki is snacking on. Ikki decides to play a game with him. If Vice can guess which hand he has the ramune in, he can have some. But with some sleight of hand, Ikki is able to trick Vice out of getting any candies.

After getting dressed, Papa Igarashi and Sakura introduce Ikki to Yukari who has come to ask for help. Her younger brother Masaru was paralyzed after an accident during his delivery job. But Eguchi, the driver who hit him, was judged as innocent after his defense attorney suddenly changed the entire narrative of the case.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Papa Igarashi, via Buu-san, are able to find out more information on the lawyer Kudou. Previously a not-very-good lawyer, he has been on a strange winning streak the last month. Plus, witnesses for all those cases have either disappeared or been hospitalized with Deadmans being sighted in the area.

Ikki is impressed by the quick info gathering and asks Buu-san what his real job is, but he can’t say.

Anyway, Papa Igarashi tells Ikki that he needs to gather evidence from Kudou’s office. Ikki doesn’t know how to. But Vice reveals himself to them via Gundephone and says to leave this job to him.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Ikki and Vice head to Kudou’s office right after he hides the Vistamp he got from Olteca in his safe. Ikki tries to get Kudou to admit working with Deadmans. Vice confirms Kudou has a Vistamp in his safe, but Kudou insists he is innocent. After Vice glides around the office, he tells Ikki they can leave now.

Kudou tells Ikki to return when he’s actually got evidence to back up his accusations.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Over at Fenix HQ, Commander Wakabayashi cannot believe it was Daiji who stole the Vistamps. But George says the commander is only half right and says they should leave Daiji be for now.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

George flashes back to his night at the bathhouse where he approaches the broody Daiji at the sink. “Who’s that over there?”

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

That evening, Sakura has cooked curry for dinner and she serves her father and brother each a plate. They both eat a big spoonful, but the curry turns out to be very spicy.

Daiji comes in and takes a seat at the table. Ikki says he could’ve let them know he was coming over today. Daiji says he was just in the area and decided to drop by.

Sakura serves her brother a plate and warns that it is spicy. Ikki mentions how much Daiji is a bit of a baby with his tastebuds. They are all shocked however as Daiji scarfs down the entire plate, no problem.

“Who’s the baby now?”

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

The next morning, Sakura and Buu-san accompany Yukari and Masaru to the courthouse for the final day of Eguchi’s trial. With Kudou having made sure the witness would not appear today, the judge is ready to announce the verdict.

But Ikki storms into the courtroom to show them video of Kudou using a Deadman to threaten the witness into not appearing in court.

When Ikki and Vice went to Kudou’s office, Vice was able to take a peek at when the witness was to come in for a meeting with Kudou. Waiting for her outside the office building before that appointment, Ikki is able to stamp the witness’ phone. And that allowed them to record the video of Kudou and the Deadman threatening her.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

An angry Kudou activates the Vistamp to summon the Kangaroo Deadman. Ikki and Vice hop into action to take it on and with a Lion finisher, easily take care of it.

Kudou approaches them with a slow clap. Ikki and Vice demand he hand the Vistamp over. They search him, but he doesn’t have it. The judge comes running to say that Eguchi ran off with the Stamp. Kudou laughs at them and walks away.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Vice says Kudou was making the same face Ikki made the other day. After some thought, Ikki realizes what he means.

Fenix officers raid a restaurant and find Eguchi, but he does not have the Vistamp.

Turns out Kudou slipped the Vistamp to the judge in a bit of sleight of hand. Which is what Vice was referring to.

Ikki walks into the office and asks them if no one ever taught them that Enma would pull their tongue out in hell if they tell lies. The judge gets up and tries to punch Ikki, but Ikki is able to easily pin him down.

Kudou cannot believe they figured it out. Ikki says Kudou must be smart since he was able to become a lawyer. So why was he not smart enough to do things the right way.

Kudou screams that hard work means nothing and many other people feel the same way.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Ikki is taken aback by Kudou’s words.

Meanwhile, Sakura is at the dojo and greets a new student who has just signed up. He helps her stretch and says he is amazed at how dedicated everyone is here. Sakura says karate is the only time she can let loose.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

This new student turns out to be Julio as the Deadmans continue their plan to attack Ikki’s Achilles’ heel.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Olteca update Aguilera about Julio’s progress. But he also calls in a special guest… Ikki’s other Achilles’ heel.

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Olteca introduces the guest as Ikki’s younger brother Daiji. But the man tells them not to lump him in with “that idiot.”

“I’m the demon born from that idiot… Kagerou.”

Kamen Rider Revice Episode 6 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Well, well, well! Revice with its first successful red herring(s) of the season. I did wonder if it was Daiji who stole the Vistamps and gave one to Masao last week. But I wasn’t expecting he would turn out to be Evil, or that the stolen Vistamps would relate to it. Though looking back, I guess I should’ve. Lol Of course, the show was quite obviously hinting towards Sakura or Hiromi as well.

Turns out George’s suspiciously sinister chicken bath creeping had greater implications than I thought lol Aside from confirming George is as mysterious as ever, the interesting point is that even before he, essentially, eggs Daiji on with his own Driver, Daiji had already been possessed (?) by Kagerou. And with that, we get our first look at how one’s demon can apparently take over the body. Very much in typical-demonic possession fashion.

On one hand, I kinda feel like they’ve moved a bit too fast as I wouldn’t have minded them dragging out Daiji’s inner struggle for a while. As well as play up his suspicious change in personality for maybe an episode or two more. But I’m still certainly intrigued by this turn of events. And I do think it gives the same amount of opportunity for the eventual sibling battle back and forth as well as Daiji’s own growth and development too.

It’ll also be fun to see Wataru Hyuga playing the devilish Kagerou.

Also, this twist does not take away the opportunity for Sakura to be manipulated by the Deadmans which too has plenty of potential for great story. The scene with Julio at the dojo was another nice surprise as it showed the Deadmans are going to be working all possible angles in trying to wear down their nemesis in Ikki.

That’s definitely a good thing and it shows how our Deadman trio aren’t going to be bumbling idiots at least.

Keeping Hiromi disgruntled, but still on the up and up is also a good move too. Seeing Commander Wakabayashi defer to George as well is very interesting. And that just adds to George’s unpredictable and mysterious nature.

As for the MOTW plot, it actually took a pretty dark turn. Humans can be just as evil without stamp influence or their *actual* demons taking over their soul. It seemed like Ikki came to that terrifying realization as he watched lawyer Kudo without remorse at the end. That very much fits in with the theme of the season.

Overall, an exciting episode. Lots of twists and turns that open the door for a lot of potential moving forward.

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  1. This season would be infinitely better if we got more scenes like here where George is naked. More naked boys, better show immediately.

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