Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 13 – “It’s so obvious!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 13 – The Matchmaker

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 13 Recap

Izzy is leading the other Rangers and the Coach Bella refugees on their free workout through the mountain trail. They take a short break. The others notice Izzy and Fern seem much closer now when they had been fierce rivals who hated each other just days before.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 13 Recap

Anyway, Javi notices Izzy has styled her hair differently and is wearing perfumed deodorant. He believes it is because she likes Adrian and is trying to impress him. Javi talks to Adrian to tell him directly that his sister has feelings for him and offers to get them on a date together.

Little do they know, a disguised Slyther has overheard all of this and has a plan. He asks Void Knight if he can borrow Fogshell.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 13 Recap

During the free workout, Fogshell appears and shoots his fog. Slyther shoots an illusion attack into the fog and kidnaps Adrian. The Rangers morph and battle Hengemen, but the illusion attack confuses them. Zayto is able to clear out the fog, but Mucus whisks Fogshell away.

The Rangers wonder what that was all about. Anyway, the others have places to be. Javi offers to buy lunch for Izzy, but she says she and Fern already have plans. Javi invites himself to join them and Izzy seems visibly disappointed.

Javi calls Adrian who is all tied up. Slyther assumes Adrian’s identity and agrees to the date set-up so he can kidnap Izzy, take her morpher and infiltrate the command chamber to steal the Sporix blobs.

Izzy, Fern and Javi are at the taco truck when “Adrian” arrives. Javi invites him to join them and then asks Fern to help him get some water.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 13 Recap

Away from the others, Javi says he has something awkward to ask Fern. Fern says she’s not into guys. Javi says that’s cool, but what he wants to ask is if she can excuse herself so Izzy and Javi can have a date alone together. A disappointed Fern says she’ll go say goodbye then, but Javi says she can just go and he’ll make the excuse for her.

A sad Fern leaves. Javi returns to the table to say Fern had a dentist appointment she forgot about and he also has to leave for the dentist hairdresser.

Izzy thinks that was weird. But “Adrian” says it’s alright since at least they can spend some time together after he found out she has feelings for him. Izzy is confused and is left speechless.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 13 Recap

“Adrian” begins to read a love poem he wrote for Izzy who asks to go some place less public. Once they turn the corner, Izzy says Adrian seems very different. That’s when Slyther reveals himself. Before he can kidnap her, Izzy teleports back to the command chamber.

Javi realizes that Slyther must have overheard him planning the date with Adrian earlier. Izzy is upset. But Zayto wonders if the real Adrian is in danger. Javi calls Adrian’s phone and Slyther answers. Slyther tells the Rangers to bring all their Sporix to exchange for Adrian’s life.

Izzy says Javi had no right to make dates for her and now he’s put Adrian in danger. Javi knows what he did wrong and apologizes. Ollie suggests they use the Duplica Key to fool Slyther with fake Sporix. Izzy says she is so angry with Javi for assuming things about her love life, but she won’t let him go meet Slyther alone.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 13 Recap

At the meeting point, the others disguise themselves as locals while Javi gives Slyther and Mucus the fake Sporix. Mucus teleports with the Sporix. Slyther says he will release Adrian if Javi hands over his Dino Key. But the others spring out of hiding and take on both Slyther and Fogshell.

Izzy releases Adrian and the Rangers morph. They take care of Hengemen, drive Slyther away and then hop into their zords when Fogshell embiggens.

After defeating Fogshell, they stop Slyther from taking his Sporix blob and he heads back to Area 62. They present Void Knight with the Sporix blob chest the Rangers gave them, but it’s just an illusion and it disappears.

Void Knight slams Slyther into the large gong and then tosses the gong right at Mucus, causing her to turn into slime.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 13 Recap

Void Knght heads into his secret chamber where he removes his helmet as he speaks to the woman in the pod, sure that they will be together soon.

Back in the park, Izzy is wrapping up the free workout session. Javi apologizes to his sister again and she says it’s alright. Just as long as he talks to her first next time.

“I still love you.” The siblings hug it out.

Javi then goes to Adrian to apologize as well. Javi says he was sure Izzy had feelings for someone. Adrian points over to Izzy and Fern holding hands as they walk away. Javi understands now.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 13 Recap

The other Rangers are excited to see Izzy and Fern happily together.

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 13 – “It’s so obvious!”

Episode Thoughts

An unexpected, but welcome development for the Power Rangers franchise. Obviously, this “surprise” was spoiled as soon as it first aired in France. But it’s still a big moment and a huge step forward for the franchise that, despite its struggles with quality and writing, has always maintained a diverse and inclusive cast and characters.

So, it was kind of hard to watch the episode itself since I already knew how it ended. Because of that, the episode felt very predictable. And not just Izzy not having feelings for Adrian, but everything from Slyther’s plan to the Rangers’ plan with the illusions. There really was no element of surprise for the MOTW part of the episode. And then again, knowing that Fern was the true apple of Izzy’s eye, it kind of lessened the surprise factor. Even though one can still appreciate how big the moment was.

Story-wise, the biggest development is the fact that there’s a human inside Void Knight’s suit. That definitely moves that part of the overall arc forward.

But this episode will of course always be remembered for one thing. And to depict a relationship like Izzy and Fern’s in a pretty nonchalant and drama-free way like this is a good leap forward.

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