Music Monday, September 13, 2021 (Part 2) – MCND, OMEGA X, DIOS, Purple Kiss

Four more great tracks for the week from MCND, OMEGA X, DIOS, Purple Kiss.

“Movin” by MCND

I feel kinda bad that I haven’t loved any of MCND’s title tracks since the amazing “Ice Age”. They’ve been good, but not as impactful for me as their debut. “Movin” is a bit closer to what made me really like them. The verses and pre-chorus are particularly great. And though the chorus makes the effort to be catchy, it doesn’t grab attention as much as I’d like. Still, MCND continues to deliver strong performances with every release. Even if I might not be the biggest fan of the tracks.

“What’s Goin’ On” by OMEGA X

I was excited about OMEGA X as it featured members of groups currently on hiatus or disbanded. Getting to see talented idols getting more opportunities is always great. And their debut “Vamos” was a strong track. But I enjoy their first comeback title track “What’s Goin’ On” a lot more. The group is even more confident and oozing with charisma with this energetic song.

“Touch Me” by DIOS

Rookie group DIOS releases “Touch Me” ahead of their official debut. And the track is a great introduction and taste of things to come from them. “Touch Me” is an energetic dance track that gives the group an opportunity to make a strong first impression even before they debut. Definitely a group to watch out for!

“Zombie” by Purple Kiss

Purple Kiss made a strong debut earlier this year with “Ponzona” and I became even more interested in them after their guesting on Arirang’s After School Club. They show off a more fun, but still charismatic side with their first comeback title “Zombie.”

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