Music Monday, September 13, 2021 (Part 1) – Talented rookies and prolific comebacks featuring Corbyn, Luminous, Kairos and 2PM.

Talented rookies and prolific comebacks featuring Corbyn, Luminous, Kairos and 2PM.

“Troubles” by Corbyn

Corbyn’s back with a brand-new track. And as expected, it is absolutely amazing. “Troubles” is another personal and emotional track with Corbyn’s passionate performance making the song the kind that you just have to experience and absorb. Beautiful. Stunning.

And! If you have a bit more thinking power than I do, you can join other fans as they theorize and unpack the intricate world Corbyn has built with every single one of his songs and MVs. A lot of it goes way over my head (sadly 😥), but it’s certainly another amazing dimension to Corbyn’s excellent work.

“Run” by Luminous

Rookie group Luminous definitely lives up to their name with their debut track “Run.” An immediately likeable song whose vibe is one that’ll get you listening to the song on repeat. The quartet make a very impactful debut. With “Run” taking care of their powerful charisma, the mini album’s B-side ballad “Home Alone” allows the group to show off their vocal talent as well. A great, strong debut.

“No Limit” by Kairos

Kairos is an interesting project group featuring students at Howon University’s Departments of Applied Music and K-pop. With a music video produced by students majoring in Planning and Directing, “No Limit” rivals any title track churned out by the big entertainment companies of Korea. It is a more than pleasant surprise, “No Limit” is a dreamy and soft pop dance track with encouraging lyrics that reflect the members’ youthful vibes. Great vocals, slick choreography, professional production and performance. These talented students have a bright future if they pursue careers in the industry. If not, they’ve already delivered a pro-level project.

“With Me Again” by 2PM

Fresh off of their triumphant Korean comeback, 2PM prepares for their first new Japanese album in five years with the title track “With Me Again.” 2PM’s Japanese releases have always been strong, charismatic tracks. With a classy and more mature vibe and aesthetic that has served the group well, “With Me Again” is another in that long line of great songs.

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