Music Monday, July 26, 2021 (Extra) – NIve, Lim Sang Hyun, OnlyOneOf

Great songs from new discoveries and a reliable vibe from a favorite. Featuring NIve, Lim Sang Hyun and OnlyOneOf.

“Escape” and “I’m Alive” by NIve

If it isn’t YouTube recommendations, it’s Arirang introducing me to new artists. And the latest is Korean-American all-around artist NIve. Born Jisoo Park, NIve debuted last year in August. But he has just released his first mini-album “Broken Kaleidoscope” anchored by the title track “I’m Alive” and pre-release track “Escape.” And I was blown away by both. Soulful, pop-rock tracks with NIve’s unique and powerful voice definitely caught my attention. “I’m Alive” is particularly stunning, especially paired with the captivating music video. It’s the kind of music and performance that sets an artist apart from the pack and I’m definitely a new fan.

“A Rainy Night” by Lim Sang Hyun

“A Rainy Night” by Lim Sang Hyun is a beautiful ballad about the fleeting moments meeting someone special for the first time. The music video, featuring VICTON’s Heo Chan, is a cinematic complement to the sweetly emotional song and performance.

“? (questiOn mark)” by OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf had a little competition amongst themselves to write and produce demos which would then be voted on by fans to be released as a single. The winning song is “? (questiOn mark)” by members Nine, Love and Mill. And it’s very much a song that fits the group’s style and vibe. On first listen, you just know it’s OnlyOneOf. And when it’s OnlyOneOf, you should expect a treat for the ears.

The other two songs, also included in the release are equally great. “cOy” by Rie and Junji is a wonderfully soft, dreamlike track. “night flight” by Yoojung and KB is a colorful vibe of a song as well.

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