Recap and Review: Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

Some leftover disciples of Danton are hoping to use Kanon to lure Makoto aka Leon out into the open.

After Tassel gives a quick rundown of both Ghost and Saber‘s basic premises, Mei asks Touma if his Lost Memory sequel will end with his reunion with Luna.

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

They are in a hurry to meet with their editor. But they run into Desast dragging Kanon along, having been intrigued by her smell. He offers to be the brother Kanon is looking for, but Touma will not allow it.

Touma henshins to take Desast on, but Desast quickly forces him to dehenshin. Desast shoves Mei aside and tries to drag Kanon away again. But this time, Kanon fights back, much to Touma and Mei’s surprise.

Desast chases after Kanon who runs off and Touma and Mei follow.

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

Meanwhile at Daitenku Temple, Takeru polishing a Ghost Book is interrupted by a frantic Javert who hurries over with a phone call from the Ganma World. Takeru hurries out to find Kanon, as does Javert.

Touma and Mei literally bump into Takeru, causing each Rider to drop their Book and Eyecon. They quickly go their separate ways, not knowing they are looking for the same person.

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

Takeru finds where Danton’s acolytes are hiding and they spill that they are hoping to accomplish Danton’s goal of creating the perfect human. Takeru refuses to let that happen. He henshins as does one of Danton’s followers and they battle.

Back in the city, Touma and Mei run into Javert before Kanon comes walking up. Javert explains that she is being manipulated by bad people. Just then, Desast pops in, again saying he will be her brother. Kanon fights him off. Touma henshins to try and help, but she hits him as well and runs. Both Desast and Touma chase after her.

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

Javert tries to henshin, but he only has onigiri. He and Mei follow the others to the warehouse.

Desast tells Touma that Kanon is not a real human. But Touma insists that she still has real feelings. Kanon watches as the two battle. When Desast has Touma on his back, Javert tries to talk some sense into him. But Desast punches Javert in the face and he falls to the ground.

Takeru and the henshined Danton follower arrive at the scene, still fighting.

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

Kanon fights back against Touma who tries to explain that he wants to help her. She punches Touma in the chest and uses her fingers to dig into him, causing him to bleed.

Touma offers to help find her brother and she removes her fingers from Touma’s person.

Takeru runs over and explains that he too is a Kamen Rider. Takeru recognizes Touma’s name as he is a fan of his book. For now, they decide to join forces. They henshin to take on both Desast and the Danton disciple.

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

Takeru uphenshins to Musashi. But Touma is having trouble. Javert says Touma must use the same technology to fight against the Danton follower. Takeru tosses the Ghost Ijinroku Book over to Touma so he can uphenshin.

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

Together, Touma and Takeru are able to drive Desast away and finish off the Danton disciple for good.

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

Takeru and Javert bow. Touma says it feels like they’re monks and Takeru explains that he is one and has resurrected many times. Touma and Mei are amazed and think that would be a great idea for a book.

Takeru continues to explain that Kanon is his best friend’s sister and says he will take care of finding him. Javert offers to escort Kanon safely back to the temple.

But on their way back, the two remaining Danton’s followers drag Kanon away after punching Javert in the face.

Kamen Rider Saber x Ghost

“Episode” Thoughts

I must say, I cringed when I started this special and realized it was a sequel to the horrible Specter movie. I mean, when the very first scene is of that creepy blood egg song again, you can’t reasonably expect a good time. (And then they immediately go to Touma and Mei talking about Luna. Double whammy of annoying!)

It’s been four years, but that movie still annoys me so much. To summarize my gripes about that movie, it basically retconned and dismantled the entire Ghost season for no reason whatsoever. And Ghost itself already had its own problems. But that movie just made everything worse which, at the time, I did not think was possible.

That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised when the Ghost arc was one of the best tribute arcs in Zi-O. It actually took the good parts of Ghost and put together two great episodes of Zi-O.

This special, which is essentially part one of a two part crossover, falls somewhere in the middle. I don’t hate it as much as the Specter movie, but I also don’t necessarily like it. Though it was relatively enjoyable overall. (Relative to Saber at least.)

One of the funniest parts is Kanon seemingly reaching into Touma’s body to grab his heart out. Which I then expected would result in Touma getting resurrected like Takeru. But alas, Touma bled, but was uninjured seconds later. Umm… okay lol

It’s always a little fun to see familiar faces again. Zi-O left a good feeling, so seeing Takeru again was nice. Plus seeing Javert again and acting goofy was fun.

And of course Mio Kudo is awesome. But I couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed with her playing Kanon (or a clone of Kanon at least) after her being awesome for an entire year in Kiramager. I did love the few scenes of Kanon fighting. But I could do without those “Oniichan” scenes, even though I know that’s what Kanon was reduced to in-series.

I’m writing this recap and review after watching both parts together. So it’s hard to talk only about this special and not both together. In the second part, it is revealed that this Kanon is just one of the numerous pod clones. And that the real Kanon (you know, the one that we assume is married to Alain and is currently living as the Queen of the Ganma World) is someone else.

So without knowing that at the end of this 20 minutes, I was even more annoyed that it felt like they again regressed Kanon’s character. Thankfully, the second part explains this black-clothes wearing Kanon’s dryness. But if I were only watching this episode by itself, I’d be a bit more negative.

That said, I thought this was overall alright. It can’t be helped that they are continuing the horrible Danton nonsense from the movie. But they did so in a way that minimized how problematic that movie’s plot was and came up with a reasonably enjoyable crossover from the ashes that are what the movie turned the season into.

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