Music Monday, July 26, 2021 – Excellent tracks from CORBYN, 2Z, Seongri, Sam Kim

Four excellent tracks from four talented artists: CORBYN, 2Z, Seongri, Sam Kim

“Dante’s Valley” by CORBYN

Cory Hong aka CORBYN is an amazing artist. Such an incredible talent that puts so much passion and honesty into his music. His latest “Dante’s Valley” is another personal track from him that just simply needs to be experienced. The always great vocals singing the emotional lyrics with a haunting melody as the backdrop. Just amazing.

“Over the Rainbow” by 2Z (TuZi)

2Z has become one of my favorite bands. And their newest release “Over the Rainbow” is another great song from them. Released to support the campaign to help find missing children, the track is an uplifting song about moving forward despite any difficulties. And it provides a bit of hope as well in support of the campaign.

“Date” by Seongri

Seongri returns with this bright, romantic track “Date.” The folksy pop track has Seongri’s sweet vocals effortlessly expressing the bittersweet lyrics. It’s a charming performance that should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed his discography.

“Love Me Like That” by Sam Kim

I haven’t watched the much-talked about JTBC series Nevertheless yet as I’m waiting for it to conclude its run first. But one of the series’ OSTs has been released and it is another excellent track from Sam Kim. The acoustic, coffeehouse vibes are quintessential Sam Kim. And the dreamy pairing of the romantic lyrics and Sam Kim’s smooth, soft vocals are just perfect.

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