Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 20 – Swordsman and World Pirate, A Brother’s Promise

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 20 Recap

Bokkowaus is upset that their invasion of Saber World failed and he blames Ijirude and Barashitara. Gege suggests they make the pirate pay for it and Ijirude says they should target his family.

The Zenkaigers are writing their wishes on tanzaku at the shop and reminisce about celebrating Tanabata. Magine wants to do it again, so Kaito says they can. But as Magine jumps for joy, she disappears.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 20 Recap

Zox and the Shindai Sibs arrive downtown. Before Ryoga and Zox can battle, Kaito and Zyuran interrupt as they look for Magine. The Shindai Sibs vow to kill any ally of the pirate. But Hikoboshi World arrives and makes Reika and other locals disappear.

Kaito and Zyuran henshin and chase after the Tojitendo as does Ryoga. But Ryoga’s craziness allows Hikoboshi World to escape once again.

They bring Ryoga back to the shop and realize the Tojitendo is Hikoboshi World, remembering the legend. They try to figure out what similarities Magine and Reika have that would be of interest to Hikoboshi. Zox points out that they both have ponytails.

Ryoga demands Zox return his Book, but Zox refuses and leaves. Outside, Zox begins to worry about his own sister.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 20 Recap

Turns out Ijirude has ordered Hikoboshi World kidnap Flint. When Magine speaks up, Ijirude has her chained up. Reika recognizes her as a Zenkaiger and proposes they team up.

Meanwhile, Kaito, Ryoga, Zyuran, Vroom and Gaon all dress up as pony-tailed women to try and lure out Hikoboshi World.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 20 Recap

Ryoga thinks this is pointless and he’s worried for Reika. But Kaito says instead of worrying, they should figure out how to save their loved ones.

Zox heads back to the ship and is relieved that Flint is safe and sound. She gives him three new Gears to use. Zox thanks Flint for everything she’s done, much to her surprise.

The guys are able to drag Hikoboshi World down to the rooftop. Zox arrives and tosses Ryoga his Book back. They all henshin, except for Zox who tosses them new Kamen Rider Gears to use against the Kudakks. Kaito uses a Saber Gear, Zyuran a Zi-O Gear and Gaon a Zero-One Gear.

While Ryoga battles Hikoboshi World, Magine and Reika are able to escape on their own. The two ladies henshin and are able to knock the World down a bit. Zox arrives and henshins to Super.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 20 Recap

With the power up, Zox is able to knock Hikoboshi World a little. Ryoga wants to jump in to take care of this himself. But the two team-up for the finisher.

A Kudaitest walks in and creates Dai Hikoboshi World. The Zenkaigers are able to finish him off quickly.

Downtown, the Shindai Sibs prepare to go home o Saber World. But before that, Reika hugs Magine with wedding bells ringing in the background. Zox takes them back to the Saber World.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 20 Recap

Episode Thoughts

An okay episode. I actually think the Saber half of the episode was a little more fun. And interesting how this episode counts as Episode 20 while the Saber half was a special. With the Orihime-Hikoboshi plot, this really would’ve been much better as a single one-hour special instead.

This was definitely a typical Zenkaiger episode though. But after the interesting last couple of weeks, this came across more as a nuisance than as something all that fun.

Me not really liking the Shindai Sibs in the first place also didn’t help my enjoyment of this episode. Kind of the opposite of me liking the Saber half more because of Zox’s appearance.

From a plot perspective, we got Zox’s first Super henshin complete with new dance. So that’s nice.

But overall, just an okay episode. The purpose was to get people to see the movie. That’s all.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 20 – Swordsman and World Pirate, A Brother’s Promise

  1. It’s kind of interesting that this episode is labeled as normal numbering (20), unlike Saber which is treated as “Special”; this episode does properly take place after previous (19), due to power-up introduction, so chronologically it makes sense.

    While this is going to be nitpick, the episode was NOT written by Junko Komura, who wrote EVERY episodes prior, where it was written by Nobuhiro Mouri, who also wrote Saber segments.

    It’s interesting that Shindai Siblings (Sabela and Durendal), the most serious characters of the show, are the one to go to Zenkaiger world.
    I like how Shindai reacted and interacted with rangers, even though it’s not as creative or innovative as Zox with Riders.
    Since Zenkaiger is mostly lighthearted and comedic tone of the show, it was kind of interesting (yet awkward) to see Shindai something that you won’t get to see in their respective show, such as Ryoga dress up as woman to attract MOTW, Reika hugging Magine, and roll calls.
    Nice to see Kamen Rider Zenkaiger Gear, based on 3 recent Riders (Zi-O, Zero-One, and Saber); poor Vroon left out for not using Build.
    I like the power-up form of TwoKaiser, Super TwoKaiser, where I like it better than Super Zenkaiser, since it’s not as bulky and very sleek; I also like the new dance, which I didn’t see it coming.
    Didn’t expect to see finishing move of Super TwoKaiser and Derendal.

    While second half (Sentai) wasn’t as good as first half (Rider), it was a decent crossover special overall.

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