Music Monday, July 19, 2021 – Immaculate Vibes with Sam Kim, John Park, ADOY, Lee Hyun

Immaculate vibes with Sam Kim, John Park, ADOY and Lee Hyun.

“These Walls” by Sam Kim

You can never go wrong with a Sam Kim track. And “These Walls” is another one of those vibes of a song and is actually written for an ad campaign for Samsung’s Frame televisions. Yet, the laid-back track is very much trademark Sam Kim. His smooth vocals and the silky melody come together perfectly.

“Now, Us, Here” by John Park

Reminisce a bit with John Park’s latest “Now, Us, Here.” It’s all about those late-night vibes as John Park sings of reliving moments in time with a certain someone. John Park always delivers with his vocals and this track is sure to be added to that night drive playlist.

“Baby” by ADOY

Continuing with a similar vibe is “Baby” from indie band ADOY. The certified lo-fi playlist-worthy track is a great track and a wonderful introduction to the band. (YouTube recommendations come through yet again!)

“Moon in the Ocean” by Lee Hyun

Complete this week’s vibes with Lee Hyun as he releases his first single in three years, “Moon in the Ocean.” The song has a dreamlike feel to match with the romantic lyrics and of course Lee Hyun’s always smooth vocals.

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