Music Monday, July 5, 2021 (Part 2) – Great comebacks from DONGKIZ, BDC, Han Seung Woo, eSNa

A diverse quartet of comeback tracks from DONGKIZ, BDC, Han Seung Woo and eSNa.

“Crazy Night” by DONGKIZ

You can always depend on DONGKIZ for fun tracks. And “Crazy Night” is definitely that. Its Korean title, literally “A horn grows on the buttocks of a mischievous calf,” is a Korean proverb about an ill-mannered youth behaving badly. But the song takes that saying and turns it into this playful song about not caring what others think. And that it’s okay to just be yourself even if you might be a little mischievous sometimes. The music video excellently illustrates that with the guys having some nice summer fun. This might not have been the song I was expecting for this comeback, but it’s nonetheless one I’m easily vibing with this summer.

“Moonlight” by BDC

It’s awesome to see BDC back so soon after their last release “Moon Rider.” And “Moonlight” is a great song. The dreamy, retro melody matches with the romantic lyrics about basking in the bright light of someone you love. It’s a nice step forward for the group. A little bit more mature than their other releases and definitely just as great.

“See You Again” by Han Seung Woo

VICTON’s Han Seung Woo prepares for his upcoming enlistment with the release of his new album Fade. It’s title track “See You Again” is an emotional track about saying goodbye to someone with the hopes of seeing them again someday. A bittersweet ballad that of course brings the real-life emotions for fans as well. A very different track from his solo debut and even VICTON’s recent releases. But an excellent showcase of his versatile talents, especially with the stripped down piano.

“Playboy” by eSNa

Underrated singer-songwriter eSNa returns with the reggae-infused “Playboy.” Singing of the irresistible appeal of a typical bad boy, the lyrics pair with a light melody for a vibe of a song. eSNa never disappoints and “Playboy” is another refreshing track from her.

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