Music Monday, July 5, 2021 (Part 1) – Enjoy new tracks from super rookies JUST B, KINGDOM, DRIPPIN, OMEGA X

A pair of comebacks and a pair of debuts. Here’s four strong tracks from these super rookies JUST B, KINGDOM, DRIPPIN, OMEGA X.

“Damage” by JUST B

I’ve been a fan of Lim Jimin and both of his solo releases from 2019. Not a single filler on either of those mini-albums. You should definitely check them out. But I knew he was preparing to debut in a group and was anxiously awaiting it or at least another solo release.

But the time is finally here. And Just B has debuted with the title track “Damage.” I love this track. Produced by Bang Yong Guk, it is a rousing, youthful track that certainly draws some great memories of young B.A.P. It’s a similar vibe and energy, but definitely a contemporary rock-infused pop-dance track. A very strong debut. And the rest of the album is also so good.

“Karma” by KINGDOM

KINGDOM is absolutely one of the most captivating rookie groups out there. Their stunningly epic concepts just command attention. And it’s a complete package when the music matches that standard. Like their debut, “Karma” is a showstopper. A powerful and charismatic song anchoring another strong album. My favorite tracks from the album are “Magical” and “Warning,” though “Eternity” and “Make Us” are good too.

The idea of focusing each release on a specific member, as their own “king” in the KINGDOM universe, is such a fascinating concept. And it’s a great way to shine a spotlight on each member as well. The adventure continues with KINGDOM and it’s a journey worth taking.

“Free Pass” by DRIPPIN

Rookie group DRIPPIN comes back with this summery track “Free Pass.” It’s their first opportunity for a lighter title track and they have lots of fun with it. A bright, sweet song that allows the group to show off their youthfulness. Another song to add to the summer playlist.

“Vamos” by OMEGA X

OMEGA-X has drawn a lot of attention and excitement before their debut as its members are all members of other idol groups (both disbanded and those on hiatus). Already an interesting concept to start, but the members’ experience is definitely on full display with their debut track “Vamos.” A hard-hitting track about pushing forward with your goals, it’s a powerful debut that allows the members to show off their talent and skill. Also a strong debut. My favorite track from the album is “Younger.”

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