Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 37: Change the Future, Who?

Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Episode 37 – Change the Future, Who?
Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Touma, Rintaro and Yuuri speak with the Shindai Sibs about the man formerly known as Master Logos. They ask the Shindai Sibs to fight alongside them, but they refuse to work with traitors and deserters. Touma yells at them as they leave. Rintaro defends them saying they have their own convictions and that they will come around eventually.

Meanwhile on a rooftop, Sophia tries to reason with Kento. She tells him how much he meant to his father and that he should value his life a little more than he does now. Kento maintains his defeatist attitude and walks away as Tinkerbell or something follows him around.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Down south, Bacht/Bahato meets Master Isaac and tells him to use his grand power already. Isaac wants to have fun watching humans make each other suffer for a while.

Back up north, Ogami-san and Tetsuo say they have no leads on Ren and thankfully no wars have started yet. Yuuri tells them, based on Kento’s visions, the sky Books will ensure Earth’s destruction. And that Kento is determined to end this and save the world by sacrificing himself.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Everyone is shocked. Yuuri says the price of saving the world is one’s life. And Kento has decided that it will be his. Kento did see a future where Touma saved the world, but that meant Touma would disappear instead. Yuuri says Kento had to decide between his and Touma’s lives and he chose to end his own.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Touma runs out, hoping to stop Kento from his suicide mission. Rintaro follows. But Yuuri stops Mei from doing the same, saying he needs her.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Somewhere in the city, Desast teases Ren who refuses to admit that he was impressed by Touma lately. Desast says running away is pathetic. Ren realizes that he’s right and he… runs.

Ren runs right into Touma and Rintaro. He challenges Touma to a duel in order to cure his depression. Rintaro says this is not the time for such things, but Touma accepts, hoping this will finally get Ren back on their side. Touma asks Rintaro to go on ahead to find Kento.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Touma and Ren henshin and begin their battle.

Ren asks how Touma grew stronger. Touma says it was from dueling everyone else and learning of their inner demons through his blade. Ren doesn’t understand. Touma explains that along with strength, you also need to desire protecting others in order to bring about justice.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Touma forces Ren to dehenshin and asks him what he is fighting for. Ren cannot answer right away. Touma says finding the answer is important.

Ren remembers his master telling him about needing strength to achieve justice. He says you don’t need any other reason to fight.

Touma tells Ren about Kento’s suicide mission and repeats that justice is more than just strength. Kento himself is trying to show them that.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Ren flashes back to happier times of sparring with his dear Kento-kun. Kento had said he doesn’t need to be the strongest. He just needs to be strong enough to protect what he loves when it counts.

Ren refuses to accept such nonsense and vows to keep searching for strength. Touma says Ren is already big and strong and will wait for the day he comes to his senses.

Master Isaac is feeling bored so he decides it’s time for a little fun.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Yuuri and Mei approach Bacht/Bahato who screams at them as soon as they arrive.

Yuuri asks Bacht/Bahato to help them save the world. But he just laughs at them. Why would he want such a thing? Yuuri says humanity has changed since That Night.

Bacht/Bahato is not convinced so Yuuri tells Mei to go show him herself.

Mei reluctantly steps forward and offers up Instagram as an advancement of humanity, a platform for people to express their problems instead of being broody by the water.

Bacht/Bahato tells her to get lost. But Mei says she wouldn’t mind being his friend if he doesn’t have any. That way, she can make him his own pin as well. Bacht/Bahato just yawns.

Mei hits Yuuri saying none of this is working. Bacht/Bahato asks if they’re finished and walks away.

Yuuri says Mei did pretty well as the Representative of Humanity.

On the other side of town, Rintaro has found Kento. While he understands Kento’s desire to save Touma, Rintaro also desires to protect Kento while he protects Touma. Kento acknowledges Rintaro has changed. Rintaro says he’s just being true to himself.

Rintaro reminds Kento of the promise the three of them made and says not to carry the burden by himself.

Just then, Master Isaac approaches. Kento turns to Rintaro and says he’s glad they got to chat before this is all over. Kento punches Rintaro in the gut and he falls to the ground.

Kento and Master Isaac both henshin as does Rintaro. Touma comes running up to join the fun.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Master Isaac has no problem knocking the three of them down before he activates one of the sky Books. It opens and completely erases Tokyo off the face of the Earth, leaving only them four standing in the ashes of Japanese civilization.

Kento decides it’s time to do his ultimate sacrifice. He unleashes an attack that will ensure he drags Master Isaac into the darkness with him. Master Isaac is shocked that his power is seemingly no match for Kento’s.

Touma refuses to let Kento die so he gets in the middle of the attack. Kento tells Touma to butt out. Touma says he’s ready to throw his life away for Kento like Kento is ready to do for him. Only for him, Touma will make sure neither of them dies.

Touma says how dare Kento write the end of this story. The only one who can write this story’s ending is Touma. Touma sends a finisher up to the sky Book and it is destroyed.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Kento asks why Touma would prevent the world from being saved. Touma says they will save the world by defeating Master Isaac.

Master Isaac laughs saying they’ve only just helped him. He sends an attack at the three and forces them to dehenshin. He approaches Touma and is about to kill him. But Yuuri arrives.

The Dark Sword lights up and goes flying to Yuuri’s hand. With the blades of light and dark, the first Seiken, Yuuri is able to suck Master Isaac into the darkness.

Rintaro thinks it’s all over. But Yuuri says this isn’t over yet.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Touma offers his hand to Kento, but he doesn’t take it. Kento gets up and walks away, but Touma again begs him to come back to them.

Kento does not say anything. He grabs the Dark Sword back from Yuuri and leaves. Tinkerbell comes flying in and says the future has already changed. Kento is shocked to hear a familiar voice.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 37 Recap

Elsewhere, Master Isaac squeezes himself out of the darkness and says this is only the beginning.

Episode Thoughts

What in the world is happening? I don’t know if they’re just trolling us at this point or what. But I guess as we’re heading into the final stretch, they might as well just go all out bonkers and do whatever. It’s not like anything can save the season at this point.

(Other than maybe all the Swordsmen giving up their powers and combining them all in order to allow Mei to henshin to Kamen Rider Wonder or Kamen Rider Luna so she can save the world by herself. She’s Humanity’s Representative, after all.)

Anyway, this episode was like a complete fake out. They literally went “Look at this climax! Haha, not really.” Not only did we end up at the same point at the end of the episode as we were in the beginning of the episode. But somehow, I feel like we’re even farther back than where we were in the beginning of the episode.

There was zero movement on any of the stories they touched upon in this episode. Ren is still wandering around with Desast. Bacht/Bahato is still wandering around being broody. Kento is still wandering around ready to die. The Shindai Sibs are still wandering around doing who knows what. Storious is wandering around being wasted by the show.

It’s literally a bunch of people wandering aimlessly about.

Actually though, there was some development this episode. Tokyo is apparently no more. Yuuri has appointed Mei the Representative of Humanity. And Touma declares that he’d “throw away [his] life,” but not really.

Perhaps the biggest development though is the revelation that Tinkerbell might be Papa Fukamiya. For that, I’m actually looking forward to seeing Mitsuru Karahashi is some new scenes instead of just flashbacks.

Which makes me realize that two Shinkenger alums are definitely not enough to elevate this season at all. Lol

When it comes to what will get Ren to finally come to his senses, how obvious, but not were they this episode. In the flashback, Kento literally said he just needed to be strong enough to protect the ones he loves. Welp, Ren loves his dear Kento-kun. Obviously, everything is in its place for the moment Ren acts on his love for Kento-kun and saves him. Thus, bringing him back home to the North. It’s clear as day that’s what they should do. There’s actual story and character foundation there to have it make perfect sense. So naturally, they won’t do that and do something completely nonsensical.

Anyway, I was actually amused by Mei and Yuuri’s scenes with Bacht/Bahato. It’s the kind of completely random, nonsensical stuff that you just laugh at when everything else makes you go WTF instead. Also the fact that Mei would have heart eyes for Yuuri just because he noticed her. Umm… you already have a boyfriend Mei. Though I guess I can’t blame her when Rintaro’s off trying to defend the Shindai Sibs and trying make them relevant. Yikes, what was that. Lol

Overall, another episode of Saber. Yup. Pretty much.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 37: Change the Future, Who?

  1. Since previous episode (36) started a final arc of the series, I decided to put two episodes to this post, since there really isn’t too much to say about.

    Nice to see Master Logos (Isaac) FINALLY steps into battle as Kamen Rider Solomon.
    One of the things I give credit to this series, despite my issues, is that suit designs overall has been pretty spot-on and Solomon is no exception; probably one of my favorite villain Rider suits in recent years.

    I like that Brothers Shindai decides to leave the Master and fight along side with Saber; I like it when anti-hero/villains form alliance with enemy to fight against common threat.

    Nice to see Bahato/Falchion is still alive, where I thought he was killed in previous episode.
    It’s very rare that movie exclusive Rider makes an appearance and plays important role in TV series, so I’m glad he’s still around.
    It’s been a while we seen Mei doing comedic schticks, where she tries to convince Bahato for help.
    Normally, I REALLY should be very angry for something like this, given how much I hate Mei; however, Bahato SMILED made this (somewhat) tolerable and surprisingly…. convincing?
    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is probably Mei’s shining/best moment of the series; I still HATE her character, but it is small compliment.
    Then again, it’s possible that Bahato found Mei so horrendously unfunny, that he found it utterly hilarious; which is my head canon IMO.
    BTW, actor who played Bahato, Masahi Taniguchi, played Nagare/GoBlue in GoGo V (he was NOT in Shinkenger) and Jin Takayama/Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha in Kamen Rider Amazons.
    While Taniguchi did decent job with his character, I really wished he appeared much earlier instead of movie exclusive; not that it matter too much at this point.

    The best moment of the episode is when Saikou wields both Sword of LIGHT and DARKNESS, which temporarily disabled Solomon. I like it when power of light and darkness joins together to form ultimate attack, which is common for RPG and fantasy motif series.

    Overall, it was fairly a decent starts for end game arc.
    It’s such a shame there really weren’t much development to lead to this events.

    One big question: Where’s Storious?

    1. Well, I disagree about the Shindais and of course Mei. But I agree about designs being nice.

      Also, I didn’t say Masahi Taniguchi was in Shinkenger. I was referring to Mitsuru Karahashi who was Juzo in Shinkenger but also was in Kamen Rider 555. And the other Shinkenger alum is Keisuke Sohma who was Genta Umemori / Shinken Gold.

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