Music Monday, May 3, 2021 (Part 2) – Marcy, THE8, W.A.O and ONF

Discovering another great new (to me) band, a strong debut and a pair of fun comebacks. Our second quartet of songs this week features Marcy, THE8, W.A.O and ONF!

“Eau de Toilette” by Marcy (マルシ)

I was initially looking forward to the song “Eau de Toilette” from Japanese band Marcy because Kamen Rider Zero-One‘s Daisuke Nakagawa was starring in the music video. But even back when the teaser was first released, I knew I would like the song. And now that it’s been released, my initial first impression was confirmed. The sentimental rock track tells the story of a man who looks back at the feelings he held for someone and the missed opportunities that can result from youth and growing up. It is a nostalgic track that the band Marcy is able to perform so well the emotions are evident even if you may not understand the lyrics upon first listen. A great song and definitely another band I’ll be keeping an eye on in the future.

“Side by Side” by THE8

After Hoshi’s great release last month, fellow SEVENTEEN performance team member THE8 comes out with his own impactful single. “Side by Side” is a playful track about approaching a girl, but not really knowing if his charm is working. But there’s definitely no questioning his charm and charisma with this song and performance.

“On The Fire” by W.A.O

Boy group W.A.O makes their debut with pop dance track “On The Fire.” The catchy tune has the group singing about a love that is as powerful as a blessing from above. And the striking lyrics are matched by their strong performance. The title track is paired with “Fairplay” which is a more laid back, but still danceable pop track. A great debut for this new group.

“Ugly Dance” by ONF

ONF celebrates their repackaged album with a title track that encourages everyone to just let loose, relax and have fun. “Ugly Dance” has the always surprising group singing about enjoying yourself even if for just a moment in the midst of a world of sameness and routine. The song’s music video is again a high concept visual treat as ONF does best. And the song is a catchy mood maker, effectively highlighting ONF’s energetic, youthful charms.

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