Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 6 – Uncomfortably Mysteriously Treated Like Trash

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

Grandma Yacchan shows the guys how messy her room has become since Magine moved in. They realize the shop is also messier than usual when Magine is left watching it. Magine says she’s not doing it on purpose.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

Meanwhile, after leaving the library, Vroom is shocked to find people swimming in a sea of trash that’s been raining down from the sky thanks to Garbage World.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

Using his cleaning experience, Vroom henshins to try and take care of Garbage World. But even with the other Zenkaigers arriving to help, Garbage World is able to escape into the mountain of trash it is creating.

Secchan warns that the pile of garbage is growing so fast it will engulf the planet.

At the palace, Bokkowaus is annoyed at Barashitara’s plan as he refuses to rule over a trashy planet. But Barashitara says it’s alright as Ijirude can always create a huge vacuum cleaner once they’ve conquered the planet. Bokkowaus realizes Ijirude has been MIA recently, not knowing he has been working on something in his lab.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

The Zenkaigers decide to help clean up the trash. Vroom’s experience helps him work quickly while Kaito tells the others to work at their own pace. But the others soon get distracted or are doing things incorrectly. Kaito stops to read some manga, Zyuran does not sort the garbage he’s collected, Gaon is sad he found a stuffed cat instead of a real one. And Magine has only managed to create more of a mess than she has cleaned.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

Vroom says he’ll just have to do this on his own. He tells Magine especially to go wait at the shop in the meantime. Magine runs back, sad and frustrated at her messiness.

Meanwhile, Kaito is trying to help some people get an aircon off their car when he notices a mysterious guy and asks if he can help them as well. The man comments that this planet is so dirty, but Kaito assures him that it’s only because of a Tojitendo.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

The man believes this world has already been scrapped, but Kaito says he won’t let that happen and vows to become the first hero to take down the Tojitendo.

Suddenly, everyone becomes lazy and lays in the heaps of trash. Vroom says being surrounded by trash usually has a negative effect on people.

Indeed, Garbage World intends to weaken everyone’s will by engulfing them in dirty trash. That in turn will cause people to actually act like trash.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

The trash has reached the shop and engulfs Grandma Yacchan, Magine and Secchan in piles of garbage. The trashy lethargy hits Grandma Yacchan just as Secchan gets buried in the garbage. But Magine is able to quickly find him.

Yacchan says even though Magine is horrible at cleaning, she can search through garbage quite well. That gives Magine an idea.

Fighting through the laziness, Vroom is able to dig through the garbage mountain to find Garbage World. Kaito, Zyuran and Gaon arrive, feeling a little better with some of the trash Vroom has cleared away.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

The four guys henshin and take on Kudakks. But Garbage World wraps Kaito, Zyuran and Gaon in trash bags. Vroom is unable to give his 100% as he’s exhausted from all the cleaning he has done.

Garbage World uses a Dust Storm to bury Vroom in the trash. But Magine comes running in and is able to find Vroom to pull him out safely. She asks if she can join in the cleanup again. Vroom apologizes for earlier and says he will appreciate her help.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

The Zenkaigers do a trashy roll call and work together to take on Garbage World.

Magine and Vroom work together to dig Garbage World out of the trash when he tries to hide. Kaito tosses them Go-Busters Gears and they use the power-ups to knock Garbage World on his butt. The Zenkaigers then deliver a Zenkai Finish Buster to return Garbage World into a Gear.

The world is clean again. And everyone is back to normal.

Barashitara sends in a Kudaitest which fuses with the Gear to create Great Garbage World. The planet is now quickly covered in disgusting trash. The Zenkaigers quickly form Zenkai-Oh ZyuraGaon and VrooMagine.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

The Zenkaigers have some trouble in the dirty pollution and trash. But Magine is able to use some magic to recycle the trash and remove it from Great Garbage World’s control. That allows the Zenkaigers to gain the upper hand.

The Zenkaigers finish off Great Garbage World with a pair of finishers and proceed to clean up the last of the trash.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

Back at the shop, Kaito says Magine being messy isn’t that big of a deal. Vroom says he’s learned some things thanks to her. But Grandma Yacchan says Magine still better throw her trash away at least.

Magine ends up tripping over herself and causes more mess in the shop.

Meanwhile, Barashitara watches as Garbage World is liberated. But suddenly, the mysterious man from earlier flips his way into the palace.

A surprised Barashitara asks who’s there.

“Don’t you recognize… your own son?”

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 6 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Oh! Well I was definitely not expecting that cliffhanger. THANK GOODNESS I was not spoiled about that little detail. Stacey is Barashitara’s son?! Okay! I like it! That was a legit shock to me and it was a great way to cap off this great episode.

I didn’t know an episode centered around trash would be so fun and exciting. Lol Just like last week with the sushi, they get refreshingly creative with trash here for an engaging and interesting premise. Nothing too crazy or deep. But still a thoroughly enjoyable episode.

Even more amazing, the fact that they actually had to stage several locations full of “garbage.” Most of the locations were only seen on-screen for a few seconds even. That’s a lot of effort, but it helped set the mood for the episode. It looked like a pretty bad situation. But they were able to get through it.

Not sure about letting Magine remain messy though. I don’t think that’s actually the lesson one would want to impart on the kiddos. Lol But perhaps off-screen, she’ll learn some tips from Vroom.

They’re doing a good job of keeping the Kikainoids fun and interesting. It’s sometimes hard to maintain suited characters’ personalities. But they’re doing well so far here. They are just as dynamic as “human” characters and that’s important when we only have Kaito and Grandma Yacchan as human main characters. (And it’s been awesome to see Grandma Yacchan be involved so much every week.)

Which is why Stacey’s arrival is great. Having another human face character will add a lot to the show. And in his quick scenes this episode, he seems like he could be a very fun, interesting character. Reminds me a little bit of Heure from Kamen Rider Zi-O. They even look like. But Stacey won’t have Ora or Schwartz to deal with. So he’ll get the spotlight all to himself. Having him be Barashitara’s son has lots of great potential.

Overall, another great and fun episode.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 6 – Uncomfortably Mysteriously Treated Like Trash

  1. Since I posted comments on Power Rangers Dino Fury and Kamen Rider Saber, I decided to comment here as well, completing tokusatsu trilogy (Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and Sentai) for first time.

    The episode itself was fine regards to cleaning/taking out the trash moral, which reminds me of Power Rangers in early year. Speaking of trash, there hasn’t been cleaning motif of Sentai; consider the fact, recent pandemic has made people more sensitive regards to sanitation, I really hope we get to see cleaning themed Sentai someday.

    The giant robots using brooms were cute to watch. lol XD

    Didn’t expect to see human villain, Stacey, from robots/machinery organization of Tojitendo; though there are precedent such as Kegaleshia of Go-Onger.
    I like when human villain introduced during the series rather than from start, reminds me of Z (ToQger) and Yodonna (Kiramager).
    I’m curious if he’s full human (adopoted/kidnapped?), half-human/robot, or something else.
    So far, it’s probably the most interesting part about the episode so far and show finally starts to pick up.

    I didn’t have high hope before premiere, due to same writer, Junko Komura, who wrote Zyuohger, which was also anniversary (40th) series, where I didn’t like it too much.
    So far, the show has been OK ~ average in terms of overall quality.

    This may or may not be the only time I write comment for Sentai; it all depends on how the show goes I guess.

    1. Yes, I also didn’t like Zyuohger. So many problems there. But Zenkaiger has been fun so far and kind of continues the positive, happy vibes from Kiramager.

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