Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 30: Bonded, Even When Apart

Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Episode 30: Bonded, Even When Apart
Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Rintaro finally returns to the North Pole and tells the story of how Master Logos is the true traitor who is obsessed with the All-Knowing Book and its grand powers. Touma says now they know who they are truly up against.

Mei breaks the tense atmosphere by excitedly pointing out that it is thanks to the awesome Rintaro that they were able to find out this information. Everyone happily smiles, but Rintaro’s smile is upside down as he keeps his head down.

Ogami-san says Kento’s father and Daichi turning heel makes more sense if Master Logos was behind it. Touma adds that they’re making enemies by going against Master Logos and the SoL. But they have Rintaro and Sophia back now so they’ll be able to stop them.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Rintaro bows his head and apologizes for his blind loyalty to the SoL instead of trusting his friends. He asks to allow him to fight alongside them once more.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Mei steps forward and says it’s okay since Rintaro considered the SoL his family. But now Rintaro has them which is much better. The others chime in with their support for Rintaro too.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Rintaro is very touched by their words. Mei presents Rintaro with the eclairs that she promised him. Rintaro is reluctant to partake in his very first éclair, but Touma takes one and feeds it to him.

Rintaro takes his first bite.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

He says it’s a little salty and they all laugh.

Mei excuses herself, saying she has a surprise for everyone.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Meanwhile, Zooous is intent on finally settling the score with Rintaro. But Storious says the Seiken is their top priority at the moment. Zooous has a plan.

While Mei finishes up her special presents for the others, she looks up and is shocked to see the Wonderworld above her.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Back at the base, they all discuss the challenge of having to face the Shindai siblings who are armed with strong, difficult techniques. With Master Logos and the Megido either possessing or getting closer to obtaining parts of the All-Knowing Book, they need to continue to focus on saving Booked people.

They recap that Touma is able to separate the Booked people from the Megido thanks to Rekka possibly responding to Touma’s fiery feelings.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Yuuri says he’s leaving to check on an old friend and says Touma can separate people while he’s gone.

Sophia says they must stop the All-Knowing Book from being restored. And the swordsmen of the North are the only ones who can protect the world. She asks Ogami-san to bring Ren back to them while she goes to meet with Kento.

Just after Ogami-san leaves, Sophia reminds everyone that she left a key with Mei before she was kidnapped. And just as suddenly, Sophia is alerted to a Megido rampaging downtown.

Touma and Rintaro hurry over as the Neko Megido is terrorizing the locals. She is upset that they have interrupted her crafting. Rintaro marvels at how strong Touma has become. He is resolved to also grow stronger.

Rintaro holds the Megido in a lock to give Touma an opportunity to separate the human from it. But they are shocked to see that people have been trapped on the key chains hanging from the Megido’s body. Touma pulls back.

Neko Megido teases that something might happen to the people if they go through with defeating her. She suddenly seems to mock Rintaro and then reveals the human inside of it is actually…

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap


Rintaro and Touma are shocked. Neko Megido changes back to her own form. An enraged Rintaro charges toward the Megido, but Touma holds him back as they are unsure of the danger that an attack may pose on Mei and the other humans.

Neko Megido runs off just as Zooous arrives and forces Rintaro to dehenshin. Zooous vows he will have their Seikens just as soon as he has his fun with them.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Touma fills Tetsuo and Sophia in on what’s happened. A frantic Rintaro demands to know where the hell Yuuri is at a time like this. He takes issue with Touma being so calm about the situation when Mei is in such danger and could possibly die.

Touma tries to get Rintaro to calm down. When Touma can’t assure Rintaro he can separate Mei from the Megido, Rintaro says he’ll find a way to do it himself then.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Hearing the entire conversation, Tetsuo says Rintaro is justifiably on edge. Sophia says they just have to believe in him.

Rintaro runs off, vowing to save Mei-san.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Storious wants to know why Zooous didn’t finish off Touma and Rintaro when he had the chance. Zooous wants to have his fun first.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Meanwhile, Desast is following Ren by the ocean trying to convince him to team up. Ren tells him to get lost.

Desast disappears when he sees Ogami-san approaching.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Ogami-san asks Ren to join them again, saying it is not a good idea for Ren to possibly follow his dearly beloved Kento at this time. Ren reminds Ogami-san that he told him to choose his own path. Ogami-san parries Ren’s sudden attack as Ren tells him to leave him alone.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

On the roof, Mei tries to wrap her head around the situation, not believing she possibly hurt all those people. Rintaro finds her and asks if she’s alright.

A distraught Mei grabs on to Rintaro and says of course she’s not alright. She begs him to save her.

But Zooous pops in and says that won’t happen. He explains that Mei was the perfect bait to draw the swordsmen out. Zooous tells Rintaro to go ahead and try and save her.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

“As if I need your permission to save Mei-san!”

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Rintaro henshins and he and Zooous begin to battle. Neko Megido takes over Mei’s body once again and teams up with Zooous to take on Rintaro.

Rintaro vows to save Mei and attempts to separate her from the Megido. But his blade does not light up like Touma’s does when he attempts a separation.

Neko Megido tries to mock Rintaro with hurtful words allegedly from Mei. Zooous manages to gain the upper hand against Rintaro who is unable to deliver effective attacks against him.

Rintaro is forced to dehenshin and Zooous says he will die just like his mentor did. Rintaro gets up and charges at Zooous.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Kento is watching from across the way. He recalls seeing Mei make a sacrifice and Rintaro doing the same from this time in the Darkness. But he believes it is what’s best for the world. Sophia appears and asks Kento if this is what he truly wants to happen.

Kento says he did not wish for this, but the future is set. Sophia says the others will not stand for it though.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Touma arrives and shields Rintaro from Zooous’ attacks. He henshins to Elemental Dragon and vows they will save Mei.

Kento watches as Touma tries to separate Mei from the Megido, saying this is all pointless.

Mei momentarily emerges from the Megido, but she does not fully separate from it. Zooous knocks Touma out of the way before he can try again. Rintaro henshins and battles Zooous who completely overpowers him.

Zooous physically beats Rintaro down. Neko Megido tries to beat Rintaro down with more of Mei’s “alleged” mockery of him. But Rintaro remembers Mei-san’s caring words to him. He apologizes to her for being so weak and pathetic.

Rintaro pins Zooous to a tree and tells Touma to hurry and save Mei.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Touma charges toward the Megido. Mei screams out to him. But suddenly, Zooous knocks Rintaro back and forces him to dehenshin.

Zooous is ready to kill Rintaro for good. But Touma, instead of saving Mei, shields Rintaro from Zooous’ finisher. Touma is also forced to dehenshin. Zooous is enjoying their suffering and he and Neko Megido leave.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Touma asks Rintaro if he’s okay. But an enraged and exhausted Rintaro says who cares how he is feeling. Why didn’t Touma save Mei-san?!

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 30 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Ooooooo!!! Yessir! I very much loved this episode. I quite enjoyed all the dramatic angst from pretty much every single character that appeared this episode. And considering the episode also focused on my two favorite characters of the season, I was bound to like it.

I had high expectations for this episode even though Saber has been up and mostly down all season. But dare I say they delivered enough this episode to make it worthwhile.

I had hoped for Rintaro’s return to the northern fold to involve Mei somehow. Possibly saving her and then gaining some sort of new power-up. After the last few weeks, that hope went poof. Even though Mei becoming a Megido was obvious weeks ago. Still, I had high hopes they could still make some good story out of the set-up. And after this episode, I think they succeeded.

Throughout the episode, I was just hoping this was the first half of the traditional Kamen Rider two-parter. So I was thankful to see things didn’t get wrapped up this week. This story definitely deserves two episodes and I’m looking forward to next week.

Essentially, this episode was focused on the aftermath of Rintaro’s realization.

Neko Megido kept trying to use Mei’s alleged words to hurt Rintaro. But of course, Rintaro should know Mei would never think those things. Anyway, I’m glad the show didn’t imply that Rintaro even considered that what Neko Megido saying was true. (That Mei actually felt that way.) Actually, they all came across as throwaway lines. So that’s actually a positive. It would be out of character for Rintaro to doubt Mei like that. He may doubt himself, but he wouldn’t doubt Mei or Touma. Especially after they welcomed him back with open arms just moments ago.

Rintaro being resigned to the fact that he’s weak and pathetic wasn’t because Neko Megido was relaying “Mei’s” words. But more on his insecurities for having been so blindly loyal to the SoL and then having that world come crashing down. I understand it very much. I’ve had a similar experience and personally know people who put all their trust and faith in a person or persons. When that trust is not only broken, but you find out that everything you ever held true and dear was a lie, it’s not easy to get over it. In fact, you might even remain in denial which will take a huge toll on your emotional and mental health.

So Rintaro’s feeling that way plus seeing Touma having gotten so much stronger; it is not too far fetched that he would feel so defeated. How guilty and hurt must he have felt that he betrayed his close friends, especially Touma and Mei, only to get embarrassed and humiliated by a cackling Master Logos and a corrupt SoL.

Takaya Yamaguchi was really amazing all episode. Though he’s been consistently awesome all season. Same with Asuka Kawazu. She has always been able to do both the slapstick as well as the more serious, dramatic moments so well. That quick scene on the roof between them was pitch perfect.

Speaking of, Neko Megido was great. I could definitely see some of Mei’s more over the top personality in the way it acted. But it being very nimble, like a cat of course, made for some exciting action.

My hopeless romantic self will spaz over any good romantic coupling. And there were plenty of sweet, kilig-worthy moments between Rintaro and Mei-san this episode. But even beyond those moments, this episode highlighted Rintaro and Mei as both their own characters and their strong relationship that the season has effectively developed.

The episode title talks about bonds and Rintaro and Mei have one of the season’s strongest bonds. Forget Touma-Kento-Luna. Rintaro and Mei (+Touma as well I guess) have been the friendship that’s gotten the strongest foundation. The show can tell us about Touma-Kento-Luna’s bond. They can tell us about Ren being infatuated with Kento. They can tell us Tetsuo, Ogami-san and Daichi were old BFFs. But we never actually saw any of that.

We did see Rintaro and Mei’s (okay, Touma too) relationship and friendship grow. We saw them on their own adventures. We saw them caring about each other. We saw them propping each other up when needed. And that helps to make an episode like this work so well.

For a season that has been so disjointed, unfocused and underdeveloped, the show’s #OT3 has been one of its few positives and strengths. So when they are the focus, I’ll more than likely sit up and take notice. I can’t say the same for any of the other non-#OT3 characters, to be honest.

(My headcanon though will maintain that Rintaro was so upset this episode because he really is in love with Mei. Hehe)

That said, the other characters were actually alright this episode. Superficially of course. But you take what you can get.

First of all, them all accepting Sophia back like nothing happened was the most awkward part of the episode. They’re not even going to address where she’s been or how Kento broke her out? I don’t get it. Did the actress need some time off? That’s why they had to find a way to write her off the show for a couple of weeks? Or does the show really have a tight budget. Now that Sophia’s back, they had to put Tassel and his actor on hiatus? They added the Shindai sibling after killing off Legeiel. It has to be budget. Because story-wise, none of it makes sense.

Another week, another opportunity for me to whine about the Megido2 (2?! *sobs*) being completely wasted this season. But I any short scene with them is welcome.

ETA: I will say the Rintaro-Zooous rivalry has probably been the best developed story involving the Megido so far. I still remember their first face off during Rintaro and Mei’s first side-adventure together. And since then, the show has kept coming back to that rivalry. Even though still lacking focus and actual screentime, at the very least, there’s a legit foundation for the rivalry. That’s in contrast to the Touma-Legeiel “rivalry” which really was so irrelevant. Unfortunately.

I was very amused by the scene with Ren and Desast. Desast following Ren like that reminded me of Ryuk hovering around Light on Death Note. It was funny. And honestly, I’d actually like to see more of that. If anything to give Ren something to do and perhaps up the tension and angst with his Kento-kun. I want drama! I want hurt feelings! Anything to take our mind off the nonexistent endgame about Books. Lol

While we’re on the topic of manga and anime, I noticed an interesting comparison between Kento and one Eren Yeager. SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t read the Attack on Titan manga yet if you plan on doing so. But like Eren, Kento essentially went into Saber‘s version of the paths, saw a horrible, bleak future and came back a moody, angsty and hopeless person hellbent on killing everyone for the greater good. How fascinating if Saber were to end even half as crazy as Attack on Titan. (As an aside, I quite liked Attack on Titan‘s ending and final chapter. =))


But back to Saber. Overall, I think I loved this episode. I can’t expect some Build or Zero-One type of profound episode and story. So when it comes to this season, I will relish in simple victories. And I think this episode was a simple, effective episode. Characters I care about got solid and great development. Characters I don’t care about were actually enjoyable to watch. Exciting action. Emotional moments that landed.

Please keep it up Saber!

8 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 30: Bonded, Even When Apart

  1. I know you say the Megido3, now 2 unfortunately, continue to be wasted, and that’s definitely true. But I think this episode significantly helped to boost the Zooous/Rintaro hatred and rivalry that has been severely under focused, among other things, and Zooous getting more screen time can never be a bad thing, especially with how well the actor sells him being a rowdy wild animal man. I’m also still looking forward to how they use the idea that they used to be humans, especially since Legeiel seemed to genuinely not remember his past and seemed happy upon being defeated.

    1. I did forget to mention about the Rintaro-Zooous rivalry. I’ll add that above, but their rivalry has actually been one of the few well-developed stories involving the Megido. I still remember that first time they faced off (I think during Rintaro and Mei’s first adventure?) and since then, the show has kept coming back to that even if still lacking enough focus.

      That is compared to the Touma-Legeiel “rivalry” which really was irrelevant, unfortunately.

  2. I just had a thought, don’t you love that they spent time last episode introducing Durandal, only for him to instantly take a back seat to whatever is going on now?

    1. True! lol Though I can’t say I’m upset at not seeing the Shindai Sibs this week. Even Master Logos, though I do enjoy Keisuke Sohma really enjoying the character. I’m perfectly fine with focusing on our northern friends for now rather than the southerners. lol

  3. Sophia (the damsel in distress) is FINALLY back at Norther Base along with Rintaro, thus Team Touma is (almost) back in action! It sure took a while though; too long to be honest.
    As production standpoint (not story), I’m curious why Sophia remained absent and little dialogue for so long; I’m curious if something happened to actor, whether she got COVID-19 (Kiramei Red; though it seems unlikely given no news) or illness (Ui (Ryusoulger), who actor passed away last year).
    Nice to see Rintaro FINALLY get to try éclair for first time; a well deserved return bite indeed.

    Ren is still selfish and arrogant as usual, still refusing to join the team; neither North nor South, so like Kento, he works alone; though, Desast still insist on forming alliance, which seems likely.
    It appears current teams are organized as follows (Riders and Megid);

    Northern Base (Team Touma) – Touma, Rintaro, Ogami, Tetsuo, Yuri

    Southern Base – Shindai Brother and Sister (Ryoga and Reika)


    Ren (and possibly Desasto)

    Megid Duo (formerly Trio) – Storious and Zooous

    Despite some members came back to their original organization, there are total or 5 teams competing each other; talk about chaotic indeed.

    Mei, our (annoying/pointless/useless) heroine has turned into Megido; what a shock indeed.
    She has now become MEIgido. lol XD
    Oh BTW, it’s nice that show reminded us the audience, about “the key” (or plot convenience) that was given/lend by Sophia, which was like 20+ episodes ago (4~5 months); which is like forever for kids show. (Seriously, does anyone remember that?). WHAT IS THAT KEY FOR!

    Looks like next 2~3 episodes is going to focus on final battle with Zooous and upgrade for Blades.

    Overall, the last few episodes really starts to shake up in terms of overall plot.
    It still has its issue, but it’s somewhat enjoyable.

    1. I would like to see Ren and Desast team up. It would be very interesting. And at least give Ren something to do.

      Yes, I agree the episodes lately have been enjoyable even though there’s still lots of problems.

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