Music Monday, April 5, 2021 – A Mix of Great and Interesting Tracks from 2Z (TuZi), Jeongmin, MOVNING, DKB, ASTRO, Kim Sung Kyu, SHY (Son Ho Young)

Lots of great and interesting tracks to check out this week. A mix of excellent rock tracks, emotional ballads and some good ol’ pop-dance tracks. Featuring 2Z (TuZi), Jeongmin, MOVNING, DKB, ASTRO, Kim Sung Kyu, SHY (Son Ho Young).

“O@SIS (오아시스)” by 2Z (TuZi)

“Stupid” by 2Z (TuZi)

2Z is one of my favorite debuts from 2020. And they’re back with the release of their first full album. “ACT1” has all the excellent songs they released last year and three new tracks, including the dual title tracks “O@SIS” and “Stupid.” The rousing, funky rock track “O@SIS” and the bright synth-rock “Stupid” are both great examples of the band’s talent and versatility. Definitely a good introduction for anyone who might not have listened to them yet. But a sign that you should definitely check out their strong discography so far.

“Bandi” by Jeongmin

Just a couple of weeks since the release of the great “#Young,” former Boyfriend member Jeongmin is back with another excellent release. The powerful rock ballad “Bandi” has Jeongmin expressing being the bright light for someone who may need it in their time of loneliness and hardship. Just an excellent, affecting track with Jeongmin’s vocals indeed shining once again.

“Magellan” by MOVNING

If it’s not YouTube recommendations, it’s Arirang and Pops in Seoul that introduce me to new artists. Like they it did this time with alternative rock band MOVNING. Their latest release is the emotional rock ballad “Magellan” and it is certainly a great introduction to the band. I’m definitely on my way to checking out their discography since their 2016 debut right now!

“All In” by DKB

DKB delivered some of my favorite songs of 2020. Many of which are included here on their first full album The Dice is Cast. The interestingly melancholic love confession “All In” is the title track. The piano-based melody flows through the quieter verses as they lead toward the more danceable chorus. It’s not an immediate favorite of mine like their previous title tracks though. Of the three new songs from this album, “Flower Less” is definitely my favorite.

“One” by ASTRO

ASTRO releases their 2nd full album and though I haven’t listened to the rest of it yet, the title track “One” certainly feels like I’d be in for a big surprise. “One” is definitely a very different track from the group. I honestly was kind of shocked listening to it and watching the MV for the first time as it has such a different vibe from pretty much all of ASTRO’s previous releases.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. “One” is actually a good song. But I can’t help but feel that it sounds a little too generic for a group that had established a pretty unique sound. Both for their brighter first few releases after debut and then their shift toward a more mature image in recent years. Similar to DKB, I’m not sure I love it like I did immediately with tracks like “All Night” or “Blue Flame” (or really any of their previous title tracks), but it’s an interesting step forward for the group nonetheless.

“Hush” by Kim Sung Kyu

INFINITE leader Kim Sung Kyu releases his latest single “Won’t Forget You” which will be his last under Woollim Entertainment. Title track “Hush” is an emotional pop-rock ballad about the feelings that don’t need to be expressed with words. An excellent track from a talented artist ready to embark on the next chapter of his career. (Though not to worry! He will continue as a member of INFINITE!

“Within Flowing Time” by SHY (Son Ho Young)

g.o.d’s Son Ho Young returns with his first single in five years and with a new stage name (SHY) to mark the next chapter in his career. “Within Flowing Time” is an emotional ballad that showcases his always effortless vocals.

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