Recap: Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger, Episode 5 – Clutching Nigiri in a Sushi Tournament

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Kaito and Grandma Yacchan are sad that Vroom does not remember anything more about Kaito’s parents other than hearing their names mentioned as being at Ijirude’s lab.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Later that night, Kaito has trouble sleeping and heads downstairs only to find his grandmother also awake. Kaito says Grandma Yacchan might have been right about his parents getting trapped in a parallel universe somehow. Grandma Yacchan says it’s funny how knowing more information actually makes them worry even more.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Kaito says he wishes he could go looking for them and then remembers something. He runs back upstairs to wake Vroom up to ask how he was able to get here to Earth.

Over at the palace, Bokkowaus is upset that they have been allowing worlds to escape. Ijirude promises to find a way to secure the Gears. Meanwhile, Barashitara decides to head out onto the field.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Next morning, Vroom shows the Zenkaigers where he arrived at by passing through what is known as a Parallel World Gate. Kaito makes Zyuran and Gaon into steps so he can try and launch himself into the sky. But there’s no Gate.

Before the Kikainoids can try to get Kaito to take a moment and calm down, Sushi World is going around turning people into sushi. A momentarily distracted Kaito realizes what’s happening and charges toward Sushi World. Zyuran tells the others to help the sushi people while he backs up Kaito.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Kaito demands Sushi World take him to Tojitendo Palace. Zyuran steps in to shield Kaito from an attack. But Sushi World presses Kaito and Zyuran onto a bench, wraps them in nori and sprays them with wasabi before leaving.

Just like they had trouble trying to separate the sushi people, they are unable to separate Kaito and Zyuran.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Gaon has an idea and he runs off to try and help his human bbs. Magine and Vroom run after him.

Kaito sees the sushi people suffering nearby and he feels guilty for having only thought about his parents rather than saving others. Zyuran says that is nonsense. Nothing should take precedence over saving his parents.

Back at the shop, Gaon explains that they are going up against Sushi World and not Nigiri World. So that means Sushi World will need some rice. Thus, they will make some to lure Sushi World out into the open.

At the park, Kaito tries to offer words of comfort to the other sushi people and their loved ones standing watch by their sides.

Zyuran asks Kaito about his parents being missing. Kaito says he didn’t mean to hide it from them, but he doesn’t really feel like talking about it. Zyuran understands, especially since he never told Kaito about how his own family has disappeared. Zyuran says it’s not too strange for Kikainoids to go missing in their world.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Zyuran hopes Kaito will be able to see his parents again one day. But he also hopes Kaito remembers he doesn’t have to do it alone.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

At the quarry, Gaon, Magine and Vroom set up their sushi stall and are able to lure Sushi World out with the smell of the delicious rice. Sushi World tries sneaking up behind them. But Gaon and Vroom hold him, allowing Magine to kick him in the groin. That gives them time to henshin.

They battle for a little bit. But Barashitara arrives and blasts the Zenkaigers.

Secchan calls Kaito to tell them the others are in trouble. Kaito says they’ll be right there. He reminds Zyuran about how they can help everyone. Even now, they must try and do everything they can no matter how crazy it sounds.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Kaito uses a Kyuranger Gear and nothing happens for a moment before a nearby fire hydrant explodes. The water knocks the park bench out of the ground and they go rolling down the road.

They arrive not a moment too soon as Barashitara and Sushi World have Vroom, Magine and Gaon in dire straits. Kaito and Zyuran land right on Sushi World.

Secchan explains that the Kyuranger Gear was able to give them just enough luck to get them over to the quarry.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Kaito and Zyuran henshin, even while sushi rolled. They work together to battle Sushi World while the others deal with Barashitara.

Kaito and Zyuran deliver a Zenkai Finish Buster to finish Sushi World off. All the sushi people are freed. Barashitara summons a Kudaitest which fuses with Sushi World’s Gear. Large sushi belts appear and the Kikainoids transform into their mecha forms. But Great Sushi World takes them, presses them onto beds of rice and places them on the belt.

Secchan tells Kaito to use a Ryusoulger Gear to gain use of Ryusoul Ken which he uses to slash at the sushi belt, releasing his friends.

They combine into Zenkai-Oh ZyuraGaon and VrooMagine. Together they take on Great Sushi World and finish him off for good.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Barashitara is impressed with the Zenkaigers. But before he leaves, Kaito grabs hold and demands he take him with him to the palace. Unfortunately, Kaito is unable to pass through the Gate.

Back home, they enjoy some of Gaon’s homemade temaki for dinner. They agree that there’s probably more to the Parallel World Gate than just walking through. But it’s okay. Zyuran says they will have many opportunities in the future. And in the meantime, they will also save as many worlds as possible.

Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Episode 5 Recap

Meanwhile, Ijirude is ready to test his new creation on someone.

Episode Quotes

I liked the episode as it put a good focus on Kaito’s parents. With Vroom’s information last episode as the cliffhanger, I am happy they continued with it instead of just dropping it into the background to wait until it gets pulled out again in the future.

It’s natural that it would be hard for Kaito and Grandma Yacchan to process getting their first information about their loved ones in a long time. And like Grandma Yacchan said, it’s also interesting how you only become more worried after you learn more.

So I very much enjoyed Kaito and Grandma Yacchan’s scene at the beginning. A great moment both for their characters and for the plot. I have high hopes that Kaito’s search for his parents will yield some great story this season.

As for the MOTW, Sushi World was used very well. It allowed for a nice teamwork episode via getting wrapped in seaweed. Certainly a refreshing take on the familiar set-up where teammates get stuck together and have to learn to work together. For here though, it was more a sort of reminder for Kaito that he doesn’t have to go at this alone. He now has four new friends who are by his side as well. Zyuran was also able to have Kaito understand that he can continue searching for his parents while also taking care of the responsibilities of being a Zenkaiger as well.

I enjoyed the sushi belts. They did a lot for the mecha battle this episode. The CG sushi belts were great. But that one physical sushi belt has to be one of the most elaborate mecha battle set pieces in a long time. It was a fun and exciting scene.

Zyuran talking about how his family disappearing is a normal occurrence? What?!

Overall, some great character moments and development. Great action. A good episode.

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