Music Monday, April 5, 2021 Extra – Hoshi, Park Bom, NTX and T1419

It’s another busy week, so here’s four more great tracks to check out from Hoshi, Park Bom (featuring Changmo), NTX and T1419!

“Spider” by Hoshi

It’s hard to pick a bias in a group like SEVENTEEN. But Hoshi has always been a favorite of mine and with the release of “Spider,” I might be ready to make that declaration now. One reason I’ve always been drawn to Hoshi is him being such an all-around performer. (Which makes sense being his being part of the group’s performance team.) And he is able to effortlessly show that off and then some here on “Spider.” The playful, seductive track draws on Hoshi’s strengths as a total performer. Vocals, dance, charisma; it’s all there. The spotlight is all on him and he absolutely commands it with this track. I love it!

“Do Re Mi Fa Sol” by Park Bom featuring Changmo

It’s always great to get some fresh music from Park Bom. And “Do Re Mi Fa Sol” is a warm track perfect for springtime. Park Bom’s unique vocals match up well with Changmo for this nostalgic, laid back vibe of a song.

“Kiss the World” by NTX

I haven’t been following NTX’s pre-debut activities, so their official debut track “Kiss the World” is my first introduction to them. (As well as this Pops in Seoul appearance from a couple of months ago that I just watched to find out more about them.) The track is a bright, happy song. A sort of uplifting bit of encouragement for them and for anyone listening. There’s a bit of irresistible charm to the positive track. And the music video takes on a sort of emotional, dramatic vibe depicting the group’s road to debut stage.

Serving as a bit of a pre-debut introduction, the ballad version of the track takes on a completely different feel and meaning as well and is a nice showcase of member Eunho’s vocals.

“Exit” by T1419

T1419 had a solid debut in January and they make a quick comeback with “Exit.” While their debut “ASURABALBALTA” was an assertive, rousing dance track, the hip-hop-based “Exit” is a bit more reserved in a way. The lyrics tackle the dark side of school life for teenagers including school violence and the lasting effects of it on the victims. And the group’s performance, both vocally and in the music video, convey the message in a way that is both defiant and thoughtful. It is great to be able to see a different side of the group compared to their debut.

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