Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 6 – “We’re not afraid of a talking rock!”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 6 – Superstition Strikes

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

Mucus is curious about the mysterious room Void Knight comes out of. But boss tells Mucus and Boomtower that they are on thin ice and they better defeat the Power Rangers soon or else. Mucus pops out to take care of it.

The Rangers hurry over to the plaza outside Buzzblast where they get a report of an attack. In reality, the “monster” is Amelia’s Pop Pop who does handywork around town including his current task of cleaning Buzzblast’s windows. Amelia and the Rangers offer to help. Though he refuses at first, Pop Pop says they can each take a sponge.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

Amelia, however, walks under the ladder and Pop Pop says she’s going to have bad luck. Ollie doesn’t believe in bad luck. But when Amelia walks toward Ollie, her sweater catches on the ladder and rips.

Amelia says she’ll go change into other clothes in case more bad luck strikes. Ollie teases her and says she better watch out for cracks in the pavement and black cats.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

As she walks through the park, Amelia comes across a Sporix which evolves into the beast Smashstone. Amelia morphs, but the Sporix beast easily forces her to dimorph. Amelia tries calling Solon, but her morpher is damaged.

Amelia uses a trash lid to deflect one of Smashstone’s attacks and it hits Izzy and Javi. Mucus pops in, LOLs at the Rangers and grabs Amelia’s morpher while she’s distracted.

Zayto and Ollie discover Smashstone can redirect attacks. Mucus slaps him in the back, he returns the favor and they leave.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

Amelia apologizes for her bad luck putting the team in harm’s way. They try to comfort her and say Solon is already working on a new morpher for her. While the others go back to help Pop Pop, Zayto teleports Amelia to the command chamber.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

Solon welcomes Amelia’s help, but Amelia is afraid her bad luck is going to ruin everything.

Over at the Void Knight’s lair, he plans to fix Amelia’s morpher to enable Boomtower to teleport into the command chamber to steal all the Sporix. Smashstone’s role is to lure the Rangers away, leaving the chamber unguarded.

Solon calls the Rangers about a Sporix sighting just as they finish up helping Pop Pop. They excuse themselves. Pop Pop thinks it’s either they have to go try a new frozen yogurt flavor at the mall or they have to make a TikTok video.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

Solon has finished Amelia’s new morpher. But Amelia is still afraid of her bad luck. Solon says having a bad day doesn’t mean she has bad luck. Luck is not something that can be measured. Luck is in the mind which affects the way you see things. Solon says there’s a lot of good in the world which Amelia is not choosing to see. And she can’t if she doesn’t go out and try.

Amelia still doesn’t believe her and decides to keep her distance from everyone.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

The other Rangers find Smashstone and they morph. But they struggle against the Sporix beast’s powers. Zayto calls Amelia for an update on her status.

Suddenly, Boomtower teleports into the command chamber and tells them to step aside to let him take the Sporix. But Amelia morphs and manages to knock the morpher off Boomtower’s wrist.

“It was lucky you were here,” Solon says. Amelia brightens up and teleports herself and Boomtower out of the command chamber.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

Smashstone embiggens and Zayto, Javi and Izzy hop into the T-Rex Champion Zord.

Amelia and Ollie are able to drive Boomtower away and figure they should try the Megazord’s Ankylo formation to counter Smashstone’s powers. Amelia and Ollie join the others in the cockpit of the Dino Fury Megazord Hammer Formation.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

With a Mega Hammer Slam, the Rangers finish off Smashstone for good. Izzy is able to lasso the Sporix blob before Boomtower can get it himself.

The Rangers go back to help Pop Pop load his supplies into his van. Amelia tells the others that she now understands how luck can go both ways. Instead of being paralyzed by thinking about bad luck, it’s better to move forward by focusing on the good things in life.

Ollie can’t believe he actually agrees with Amelia for once. He asks her to pinch him. But he ends up elbowing Pop Pop’s side mirror and breaking it. That’s seven years bad luck. Ollie doesn’t believe it though.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

Suddenly, he knocks over a bucket full of soapy water onto his head, gets knocked by Pop Pop opening a door and then trips over the hose before rolling into a pile of paper shreds.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 6 Recap

Episode Thoughts

A pretty solid episode. It was fun. A nice focus for Amelia. Good character moments for her, including continuing the fun dynamic with Ollie. Nice to meet a member of her family as well this episode.

One thing I loved about this episode was getting more Solon. She is really awesome so far. She’s actually like an awesome, cool aunt which is a kind of character I don’t think we’ve had on the show in a looooong time. I think it’s because she’s been a great mentor figure who isn’t this boring, condescending or pretentious character. You know? Even her explanation to Amelia about luck was done in a way that was meaningful without being preachy.

And we know how much the morals of the week these last couple of years are presented like we’re getting smacked in the head with 50lb weights. To be quite frank. Lol

Anyway! So did those people at the beginning really run and call the hotline because they saw Pop Pop covered in soap? That’s actually funny and also sad. I would assume the Ranger Hotline gets a lot of false alarms and even prank calls probably. Of course, those wouldn’t make for good episodes. Or would they? But it’s a realistic downside to show about the hotline.

It’s kind of funny that Amelia didn’t want to go help Pop Pop because of her bad luck. But she immediately wanted to get back to the command chamber and not immediately think her bad luck might affect Solon and her work on the morpher. At least it did lead to the nice moment between Amelia and Solon of course.

There was some great NZ fight footage in the episode. Again, they’ve stepped up a little in terms of choreography and direction of those scenes. At the very least, they’ve improved. So it’s a good sign.

I am actually happy not seeing the Double J this episode. I prefer the slapstick with Ollie at the end since it actually connected to everything else that happened in the episode. It wasn’t completely outrageous, though not necessarily the most natural thing of course. But at least what they were getting across with the gag fit with what was going on and was not random nonsense.

Finally, Izzy’s line about Sporix vs. Algebra. I definitely disagree. I actually loved Algebra back in 8th grade. So I would absolutely choose Algebra over a Sporix beast. lol

Overall, an enjoyable and solid episode.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 6 – “We’re not afraid of a talking rock!”

  1. This has been my favorite episode until now.

    The villain’s plan was pretty good. Once again, it gave me RPM vibes, where almost all the fights were original and not Sentai footage.

  2. So after 2 weeks of Green and Black Ranger focus/introduction episodes (mostly former), the show takes a break with filler episode that focus on Amelia/Pink Ranger.
    It’s kind of refreshing to see 2 female rangers focus episodes in a row, which you don’t get to see often.

    Nice to see Greg Johnson, who does voice acting for MOTW for Disney Era (Ninja Storm~SPD), appearing as Amelia’s Grandpa Pop Pop. The “foam monster” gag was pretty clever and it was nice to see comedic moment performed by guest, rather than usual comedic relief, where Double J was absent.

    It was kind of interesting and refreshing to see ranger’s morpher (Amelia), gets destroyed AND taken by villain (Mucus of all villain!), which you don’t get to see it so often.
    It was also clever for villain to use ranger’s morpher to infiltrate the base, which was pretty interesting strategy; though, it begs a question, why Void Knight (who’s the strongest of the villain) didn’t infiltrate than Boomtower, but I digress.

    Speaking of morpher, I also like that we get to see morpher creation, where Solon mentions that it might be the last one, implying that there’s only 1 spare morpher left and it it’s destroyed again, there would be no more ranger. I like that Amelia worries thar her bad luck, might end up losing/destroying morpher again; usually, when morphers gets damaged or stolen, it usually gets replaced or repaired, especially for government/large organized based team, such as Beast Morphers; Zayto’s spaceship on other hand, has limited amount of supplies to repair and cannot contact with their home planet Rafkon for reinforcement/, their stakes are much higher than usual.

    Solon advice to Amelia was pretty memorable, even though Amelia is still in distraught.
    Nevertheless, I like it when mentor gives advice and confident to ranger.

    The fight scene for both ranger’s headquarter/Zayto’s ship and outside was pretty well done, with original footages.

    Rangers took the Sporix this time, where they take the lead.
    From the looks of it, it’s going to be back and forth for Sporix heist, and I think I know who gets it next.

    It was funny to see Ollie is the one who gets bad luck this time instead of Amelia, which was interesting way to end the episode, though it was bit over the top.

    At first I thought was missed opportunity, not to do Javi/Black Ranger centric episode (Zord introduction), due to losing streaks of Garcia focus episodes (Green/Black Ranger introduction, Green Ranger), but it was nice to see 2 female rangers focus episodes in a row.
    I also like the theme of the episode of bad luck and how it affects their emotion, which was quite refreshing.

    While it’s a filler, it was nice to see character development and moral worked pretty well.
    It was also interesting that Double J was absent, where it’s quite refreshing to see it for non-clip show or Holiday episodes; while I don’t dislike Double J (I think they’re fine), it was interesting that Hasbro is experimenting and taking risk that comedic duo doesn’t need to appear all the time.
    This might be nitpick, but Zayto was wearing hat for entire episode, which I find it bit odd; I guess he really likes it.

    1. Oh! That’s nice to see more Disney alums on the show again in different roles.

      I also noticed that too about Zayto. Maybe he can’t hide his alien form all the time?

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