Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 24 – “Either step aside, or be run over. You decide.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 24 – Ronny on Empty II

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 24

Mack, Rose, Dax and Tyzonn are searching around the pyramids in Egypt for the next jewel. But searching the Giza Desert is not going to be easy.

In the forest, Will comes to a fork in the road and wonders which road to take. Norg pops up, even though Will told him to sit earlier. Norg remembered that Flurious ordered him to find the Fearcats’ hideout so he is here to join Will.

Saying that yetis have excellent tracking skills, Norg explains (quite simply) why the Fearcats would not take some of the roads. Will suggests they work together, but Norg says Flurious would not like that. Will then suggests that Norg just go on his way following the correct tracks and he can then just follow. Norg agrees.

Meanwhile, Ronny’s life energy is almost empty. But the Fearcats’ alarm sounds when Will and Norg are close. Moltor sends his Lava Lizards to stop them.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 24

Norg and Will reach the end of the tracks, but there’s only a pile of big rocks. Will regrets ever trusting Norg. Just then, the Lava Lizards jump out of the rock formation and battle Will. Will morphs and quickly takes care of them before jumping into the rocks.

Back in Egypt, Dax thinks he sees a nice pond of water. Though the others tell him it’s just a mirage, he dives in anyway. But he ends up finding a secret passage to underground tunnels. The others join him.

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 24 – “Either step aside, or be run over. You decide.”

Making their way through the dark tunnels, Rose accidentally trips a booby trap releasing a swarm of beetles! They run for their lives and are able to find a big room. Mack uses his power to push a large boulder to block the entrance.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 24

But the Rangers are shocked to find Miratrix and Kamdor already there. Kamdor takes a stone tablet and he and Miratrix are able to escape. The Rangers chase them out back into the desert.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 24

The Rangers morph and they battle Miratrix and Kamdor in the sand for the tablet.

The Rangers are able to gain possession of the tablet. Miratrix tells Kamdor to do something to get it back. But Kamdor says he has another way and they both leave.

The Rangers teleport the tablet back to the base.

Will makes his way through the Fearcats’ hideout. He sends his coordinates back to base in order to call for backup. But he runs into Moltor. Will morphs and they battle.

Will is able to knock Moltor down and he hurries into the control room to save Ronny. Sentinel Knight gets knocked over by Will blowing the doors open.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 24

Will tries to yank Ronny’s arms from the converter egg. But she is stuck. Will hurries over to the control panel and forces the motherboard open. He is not sure which wire to cut, so he goes with black. And that releases Ronny.

Outside, the Fearcats meet the others and they battle. Hartford calls to tell them the Battlefleet Megazord is fully operational now. He sends it over. But the Fearcats try to stop them from hopping on.

Moltor, meanwhile, is able to make the robo fully operational and he hops in.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 24

Will and Ronny arrive and they also morph. Sentinel Knight leaps in, much to the surprise of the Fearcats. Tyzonn tells the others to take care of the robo while he and Sentinel Knight take care of the Fearcats.

The others activate the Battlefleet Megazord’s upright formation and are able to destroy the robo. Moltor ejects himself just in time. The Fearcats also decide to retreat.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 24

Up at the North Pole, Norg is very proud of himself for finding the Fearcats’ hideout and for being useful. But Flurious is obviously upset since Norg actually didn’t tell him where the hideout was.

The doorbell rings and Norg excitedly goes to greet the trick-or-treaters.

Back at the mansion, the Rangers are enjoying the Halloween party. Ronny is surprised to see Will actually dress up. But Will says Ronny was willing to sacrifice herself for him, so he should only be able to return the favor by putting on a costume.

The Rangers dance around Mack who is dressed as a robot.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 24

Hartford and Spencer come in to the party and look very worried when they see Mack. But when Mack flashes a smile, they are relieved.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 24

Episode Thoughts

What a great episode. I think maybe one of the season’s best and most exciting.

First of all, the Egypt trip was awesome. New Zealand is such a great place to film. So many different landscapes that can be featured. From forests to seashores to sand dunes acting as deserts. So awesome!

The Rangers making their way across the “desert” and then through the ancient Egyptian tunnels. That’s some fun adventure that just doesn’t happen on any other season. It’s the cool Indiana Jones-vibe that this episode did very well.

The original NZ scenes of the desert battle were so well done too. Koichisplosions, wire fu. It was awesome.

I’ve mentioned how pre-Saban Brands seasons all have distinct music. And it’s not just the theme song, it’s the scoring as well. The score playing during the big zord battle was excellent. And it really helped to heighten the excitement for the scene.

We got more amusing Will and Norg interactions. And Will’s trek to save Ronny had the right amount of danger and urgency that you need for such a story.

After the tease in the last episode, I think the official Battlefleet debut here is very good. It matched the high stakes the two episodes laid out. And it was a climactic battle.

This episode also involved all the villain factions again. And in ways that made sense, not contrived.

Finally, that interesting final scene. Of course at the time, it didn’t mean much. But it’s just another bit of subtle foreshadowing for what’s to come.

Overall, these two episodes have been great. I didn’t remember before watching them again now. But I do think these were two of the season’s strongest, most exciting episodes.

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