Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Episode 15 – Exceeding the Resolve, and Beyond.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

Storious says only the one who obtains the eternal truth can return from the Big Book in the Sky which is a gateway to an infinite realm that lies the origin of all knowledge.

Storious forces Ogami-san, Tetsuo and Ren to dehenshin. But needs another shot to force Rintaro to dehenshin. Mei runs over to Rintaro as the Megid trio laugh.

Daichi and Storious explain that the Table of Revelations, the table of contents of the book of origin, is the only page left after all the other pages scattered. And the book contains everything about everything between the beginning and the end of the world. Human knowledge is only a fraction of the knowledge the book holds. And knowledge is power.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

Daichi says he will grab the Table of Revelations and when all the pages are collected again, the book will be revived and he will obtain a power that will make him like a god.

Zooous grabs Tetsuo and says with the ultimate power book, they will remake the world how they want. Rintaro tells Mei to get to safety as the all-our brawl begins. Legeiel says that world will be what they deem is beautiful, but will be hell for humans.

The others tell Rintaro to leave and destroy the other pillars of light. But Storious says if they close the Big Book, they will close Touma’s only way back home.

Touma is able to drop Daichi somewhere short of their destination. Daichi asks Touma how he would feel about trying to save a world that was created by and whose ending has already been written by someone else. Daichi shoots at Touma who disappears.

The Megid 3 are completely manhandling the SoL guys. Mei prays that Touma is alright.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

Touma awakens in a dark place and is shocked about the idea that the world was created by someone. He wonders if that means Kento’s death was already decided and thus Touma couldn’t change anything even if he tried.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

Rintaro and Co. seem to be down for the count. Mei sees them struggling and she steps up. She tells Rintaro to chin up and reminds them that Touma promised he would return to them. Mei says she believes in Touma and knows he is the kind of guy who keeps his promises. The guys have an epiphany.

Meanwhile, Kento’s ghost visits an in despair Touma and reminds him he has unfinished business. The ghost turns into sparking energy and Touma thanks Kento for the reminder. Touma finds his resolve to continue fighting for the world. He reaches out and grabs his swords, reappearing in front of Daichi who is shocked.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

The SoL guys stand and also reaffirm their resolve to keep fighting.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

Rintaro, Tetsuo, Ogami-san and Ren henshin.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

Mei cheers on Rintaro who tells her to leave it to him. He uphenshins to King Lion Daisenki and proceeds to deal with the pillars of light.

In the Big Brook, Daichi asks how he is still here. Touma says Kento and his friends saved him. Daichi cannot believe it, but decides it’s time he explain everything to Touma.

Daichi says the battle 15 years ago was to save the world and his ally and friend, Fukamiya Hayato. But on That Day, Hayato betrayed them when he planned on using Luna who was someone that could connect the two worlds. That way, Hayato could hop into the Book to obtain the ultimate truth.

Daichi tries to stop Hayato. But Hayato says, according to what he has been told, this is the only way to save the world.

Touma tries to save Luna, but she gets sucked into the Book. Daichi approaches Touma and uses the power of his Rekka to close the Book and prevent Hayato from going through.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

Hayato tries to attack Daichi for getting in his way. But Daichi dodges and instead slashes Hayato across his body. Daichi tells Touma that it was at that moment that he realized Hayato was corrupted by someone in the SoL. That’s why he left the SoL to search for the truth on his own, even if it meant working with the Megid.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

Touma and Daichi henshin and battle. Daichi says he needs this ultimate power in order to expose and defeat the enemy hiding in the SoL. Touma does not believe this is the way to go about it.

Daichi says he regrets saving Touma 15 years ago.

Touma says Daichi could have teamed up with his friends from 15 years ago too and changed his path. But Daichi says it is not that simple.

Touma goes Dragonic Knight and again reaffirms his resolve to continue fighting alongside his friends and writing the end of his own story. He defeats Daichi who begins to think maybe Touma might be on to something. Should he have believed in his friends too?

Daichi tells Touma to search for the truth and find the traitor in his stead. And if he can do that, he will be able to find Luna as well. Daichi warns that the path forward will be dangerous and Touma may have to sacrifice others.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

But before Daichi can finish, Desast impales Daichi from behind. Touma charges at Desast, but gets hurled back. Desast rejoices in finally being free as he retrieves his Book.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

Touma runs over to Daichi. Wish his final breaths, Daichi entrusts Kurayami, the Sword of Shadows to him.

Daichi dies and Touma sees the photo of Sophia, Daichi and Hayato. He points out that Daichi and Kento were both searching for the same answers.

Rintaro cuts off the last pillar of light and the Megid 3 have to accept the defeat in this battle as they retreat.

Mei and the others all look up at the closing Book. Mei calls out to Touma to hurry back and he does. Touma falls out of the book and lands in front of his relieved friends.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 15 Recap

They happily reunite and Mei welcomes him home. They look back up at the sky and let Kento know they were able to save the world.

Reika creeps in around the corner and smirks.

Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Episode 15 – Exceeding the Resolve, and Beyond.

Episode Thoughts

Interesting episode. This definitely felt like it should’ve been a midseason climax episode. They even went without the end credits AND played the theme song in-episode. But unlike the usual midseason climax, this episode didn’t have 25+ episodes of plot and character development.

At the same time, I felt like this episode was almost like a reset of the entire season. With all the exposition thrown at us this episode, it felt like they were saying: “Here’s all you need to know. Let’s just go on from here.”

First of all, Mei-Rintaro shippers ate well this week! They (We?! hehe) were FED this episode. lol Subtle moments. But for a Korean drama-loving romantic like me, I noticed every single one! Lol Loving the Mei-Rintaro content.

Mei, however, was absolutely AMAZING this episode. Queen of Saber. No question. The moment she told the guys to get the hell up off the ground and the theme song kicked in, I actually felt it. The first time this season I felt pumped up and excited. I cheered. “YES! LET’S GO! LET’S KICK SOME MEGID ASS!” It was that good.

Though perhaps, only because it was Mei rallying the troops, I must admit. lol But really, considering how uninterested I have been with what’s happening, it was a big moment for me. Haha.

Daichi’s exposition was really just telling us what we need to know. And that’s why I felt like this was like a season reset. He didn’t answer all the questions. But he (and Storious) essentially explained what the big deal is with the big book. It’s all powerful. It’s essentially God. Which is surprisingly philosophical for a season that barely has a plot.

On the other hand, Luna being some kind of deity that connects worlds is a detail that just feels so forced. As soon as Daichi mentioned that, I was back to being indifferent about it all.

One thing though, during the first bit of exposition, Daichi talked about obtaining a power akin to that of a god. But then later he’s all “I just want to find out why my friends were betrayed.” What? He wants to solve the mystery about the SoL by ending the world? Umm… okay.

I very much enjoyed the unhenshined fight towards the beginning between the Megid trio and the SoL guys. It was more a beatdown by the Megid though. lol But it definitely feels different seeing the face actors actually in the battles like that. It ups the ante, kind of. Very exciting. And for a season that doesn’t really instill much empathy for these characters, that was a great moment.

I especially enjoy seeing Tetsuo on the battlefield and unhenshined. Which brings me to his enigmatic backstory. The first time I saw that scene of Tetsuo laughing it up with the other “old” people (Sophia, Ogami-san, Daichi, Kento’s father) was in one of those supplemental minisodes. If they showed that before on the actual show, I definitely missed it. But it’s a pretty important detail that would help fill out Tetsuo’s character and kind of lay out the pre-Touma/Kento/Rintaro/Ren SoL dynamic as well. How am I supposed to know Tetsuo’s been there from the beginning and is BFFs with the others like that? I think that’s a pretty important detail and is just an example of how the show has been moving too fast. It’s not letting its characters settle and introduce themselves.

Which brings me back to Mei and Rintaro. I think they’ve been the only characters that’ve truly endeared themselves. Or at least, gotten the opportunity to do so. Even in just small bites, they both have been able to show their personalities and make decisions that feel tangible and supported by what we’ve seen in the grander narrative. You can’t say that about the other characters, unfortunately.

Overall, maybe the most complete episode this season? I dunno. At the very least, I enjoyed it. Which is more than can be said of other weeks. And I do feel like a bit of a reset here. Now that we have a little bit of a clearer picture of what the hell is going on, we can focus on what’s happening now and move forward. I’m hopeful!

6 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Episode 15 – Exceeding the Resolve, and Beyond.

  1. I’m just going to assume that Daichi had good intentions but was corrupted by power.

    And there’s a traitor in the guild? Somehow that doesn’t surprise me especially with the way that girl from the South Pole was looking.

  2. Mei’s role here is what a good number of people hate of being a ‘mere’ encouraging and cheerleading (after they get up). It’s what people’d bash as “useless” (particularly females).

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