Music Monday, December 21, 2020 – Christmas Treats from Brooklyn, Jun.K, Starship Planet and JYP Nation!

It’s a Merry Christmas week with a new artist I’m definitely going to keep an eye on, an excellent comeback from one my Day 1s and throwbacks to two great Christmas songs!

“Imagine,” Brooklyn

YouTube recommendations have alerted me to some great talent this year. And the most recent one is solo artist Brooklyn. His first comeback track “Imagine” popped up on the list, I checked it out and I now have another artist I’ll be following moving forward! Brooklyn debuted last year with “Young Love” and has released music since 2017 with “Nothing I Won’t Do.”

After having checked out his songs (all great, by the way), my favorite track is definitely “If You Don’t Mind.” It’s always great to meet talented new artists!

“30 Minutes Might Be Too Long,” Jun.K

2PM’s Jun.K releases his latest album “20 Minutes” with its title track “30 Minutes Might Be Too Long.” The midtempo R&B track sets the perfect mood and very much right up Jun.K’s alley. But the accompanying music video is a must watch and quite possibly the most interesting and creative music video of the year!

It’s Christmas week, so I decided to also highlight two classic K-pop family Christmas songs.

“Snow Candy,” Starship Planet

First up is “Snow Candy” by Starship Entertainment’s Boyfriend, SISTAR and K.Will. Together as Starship Planet, they came together for the 2013 Christmas song. And it’s really a throwback seeing three artists who I would think are considered the very foundation of Starship Entertainment which is now one of the biggest labels in Korea. A fun, warm Christmas track.

“This Christmas,” JYP Nation

Even more of a throwback… Probably my favorite K-pop Christmas track ever and from my favorite company ever, it’s of course “This Christmas” from the artists of JYP Entertainment. Released in 2010 (TEN YEARS AGO?!), the catchy holiday track features JYP Nation’s 2PM, 2AM, Wonder Girls, miss A, San E, Lim Jeong Hee, Joon and of course Park Jin Young himself. It is always on my playlist every year.

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