Music Monday, December 7, 2020 Extra – 1iL, KIMMUSEUM, Yuri Park & DMITRYSFACE and BM, Lee Jun Hyuk, Lee Sang Min

A solo debut, a talented indie soloist, a Russian vibe and hoobaes accompany their sunbae in four diverse, yet great tracks.

“Kurt Coba1iL,” 1iL

I’m always happy when a song from HISTORY pops up in the playlist from time to time. Definitely one of the most underrated groups. Former member Song Kyungil makes his solo debut under the stage name 1iL. “Kurt Coba1iL” is definitely a vibe of a song. With an excellent aesthetic, the track allows for 1iL to deliver a strong, impactful re-introduction to listeners and fans, old and new.

“281.31km (to.),” KIMMUSEUM

I first got to know about KIMMUSEUM when he featured on Jenyer’s comeback track “Bad” a few months ago. He released his latest EP “281.31km” last August. But he released its music video last week. It’s a pleasing midtempo song that highlights his silky-smooth vocals. If you’ve never listened to his music before, this is definitely a great introduction.

“На Муве (Move),” Yuri Park & DMITRYSFACE

Yuri Park of the duo JXR releases Russian-language track ” На Муве (Move)” with DMITRYSFACE. I may not understand the lyrics, but I definitely feel the vibe of the song. A catchy song to groove with.

“Bad Manners,” BM, Lee Jun Hyuk, Lee Sang Min

KARD’s BM teams-up with DSP trainees Lee Jun Hyuk and Lee Sang Min on his self-composed track “Bad Manners”. The three exude a charismatic confidence on the hip-hop track that features personal lyrics, also co-written by the trainees.

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