Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 25 – That Cute Shrine Maiden

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

Sayo arrives in the Operations Room for the morning where Mabushina tells her that Takamichi has decided on a new wish once they find all four Kanaema Stones: to restore Crystalia.

Takamichi informed his sister of his decision last night and said once they are able to restore their home, Mabushina will reign as queen.

Juuru and Tametomo accompany Takamichi on his hunt today as Juuru is familiar with the area the clues are pointing to. Takamichi believes two Kanaema Stones are hidden in this mountain.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

When they arrive at a shrine, Juuru excitedly runs up, recognizing the place and priest who is practicing with his bow and arrow in the courtyard. The priest also recognizes Juuru, happy to see how much he’s grown.

Juuru explains that he used to draw a lot of pictures here when he was a kid. He shows them a drawing of a phoenix. The priest tells the legend of the phoenix from this area. A soldier and master archer had been badly injured after an attack during the Sengoku Period. But when he reached this shrine, he had a strange dream about a phoenix and was revived strong enough to retaliate against his enemies on his own.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

Juuru says he and his grandfather had stumbled upon this shrine, but since then it has always inspired him and filled him with energy. Whenever he was down, he’d come visit even if it was out of the way.

The priest says Juuru is the shrine’s second fan as the first fan was an alien.

Before the priest can explain more, they hear someone shooting arrows in the courtyard. They hurry over and find a beautiful young woman, and great shot, hitting the target with her arrows.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

The young woman approaches them. Tametomo seems to be enchanted by who they believe is a shrine maiden/priestess. But the priest has never seen her before.

The priest asks her who she is. The young woman says she came here as she just happened to sense a great power.

Tametomo tells her she is very kirakira and asks what she is passionate about. The young woman answers that she loves humans and wants to collect power from a variety of people.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

Tametomo offers the young woman connections to an idol manager. Juuru tries to calm him down and Takamichi believes Tametomo is more than smitten.

Meanwhile, Carantula believes he has created his best Jamenshi yet. Garuza is skeptical and says Carantula will only upset Emperor Yodon the way he continues to bumble around. But Carantula is sure about this one.

Muryou calls the Kiramagers when the Jamenshi appears downtown. Juuru, Tametomo and Takamichi hurry off. But when Tametomo turns back to the priest, the young woman is gone.

Bakudan Jamen has turned people into bowling pins. And whenever he rolls his bowling ball bomb and knocks all ten down, there will be a huge explosion.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

The Kiramagers arrive and henshin. But Bakudan Jamen rolls his bombs and knocks all six Kiramagers over. They all brace for an explosion, but Bakudan Jamen remembers he needs ten pins for a strike.

Garuza has had enough of this nonsense and leaves. As does Bakudan Jamen.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

Tametomo is eager to get back to the treasure hunt and the young priestess. When the three guys are searching through the forest, the priestess pops up, amazed by Takamichi’s Kiramai Changer.

Tametomo shoves Takamichi out of the way to have the priestess to himself. But Takamichi ends up finding the location of a Kanaema Stone. He summons Shiny Breaker and drills into the ground.

Takamichi finds the Kanaema Stone and the boys celebrate as the shrine maiden watches them.

They proceed to find the next Kanaema Stone. And along the way, the priestess asks Tametomo why they were laughing earlier. Tametomo explains that they were happy because they were able to find what they had been looking for.

The priestess is intrigued by the concept. Tametomo further explains and she says she will remember that.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

Muryou calls and tells them about the Kanaema Stone they’ve found: Energia. It can channel its power into anything. The legend of the phoenix from this area must be related to the Stone which itself must have gathered the energy here.

They continue down the creek and Takamichi thinks he’s found another one. He and Juuru begin digging. But it turns out to be a Monstone.

The shrine maiden has her eyes tuned to Takamichi as he henshins. Takamichi and Juuru try to take on the Monstone, but it’s too powerful. Takamichi loses his grip on the Kanaema Stone and it ends up powering the Monstone.

The Energia-powered Monstone embiggens and Takamichi quickly hops into Gigant Driller.

The priestess says she’s decided this is the spot. Tametomo wonders what she is doing when she begins fashioning something out of the wet soil.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

The shrine maiden attaches the familiar looking shape onto her wrist and it turns into a Changer. Tametomo is shocked when the woman uses the Changer to call Carantula.

Carantula is surprised by the sudden contact from her. She tells him that she’s on Earth to tighten up his haphazard plan. Tametomo demands she tell him who she is. But she kicks him into the water and advises him to stay away from her.

The woman demands Carantula tell her where Bakudan Jamen is. Carantula does not appreciate her bossing him around and says she does not have any frontline experience.

She calls Carantula an idiot and sends an attack through her Changer. She disappears to find Bakudan Jamen downtown.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

Muryou calls the Kiramagers to report that very location. Shiguru, Sayo and Sena are already battling the Jamenshi when the mysterious woman arrives. She tells Bakudan Jamen to step aside.

Tametomo and Juuru arrive just as the woman decides to formally introduce herself.

The woman activates a Yodon Change and she transforms.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

She is Yodonna and serves as secretary to Emperor Yodon who she says is finally taking direct action.

Garuza, watching from around the corner, says his initial thoughts have been confirmed. Though he did not know this little girl was working for the Emperor.

Yodonna proclaims the Kiramagers have not seen anything yet. And the real battle is about to begin. Tametomo reminds her that she expressed an affinity for humans earlier.

Yodonna explains that she loves humans when they are crushed by their own despair and the darkness emanates from them.

An enraged Tametomo henshins and charges at her, but she easily knocks him back.

Yodonna declares that she will deliver humanity to the depths of despair. And to do that, she must destroy the Kiramagers first. She summons some Bechats and powers them up.

The Kiramagers try to take them on. But they find these Zombie Bechats (as Shiguru has named them) are almost invincible compared to the regular Bechats.

Takamichi, meanwhile, is struggling against the Energia-powered Monstone.

The Kiramagers are thrown off the roof. Tametomo demands Yodonna explain what she was doing at the shrine.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

Yodonna says she wanted to make sure about the energy that was accumulating at the shrine. Because at that location, she will be using dark energy from humans to create a tunnel between Earth and Yodonheim. And through that tunnel, Emperor Yodon will send over waves of Jamenshi to destroy Earth.

Episode Thoughts

You’re not going to end the episode with these shocking developments and then play Juuru’s awesomely happy character song like that! Lol That’s some emotional whiplash there!

But I definitely enjoy that whiplash when it’s all so good!

What an exciting episode. Let me just say that Yodonna is amazing! This season has really hit home runs with every new character introduction. Whether it’s Garuza or Takamichi or the witch sisters Numajo and Minjo. They’ve all been explosive entries and with truly engaging stories to back them up.

I am so happy I wasn’t spoiled about who Yodonna was. Seeing the preview pics, I thought this was going to be some fun episode about Tametomo getting a girlfriend or something. But nope! Far from it.

When Yodonna started being very suspicious, I thought maybe she was Numajo in a human disguise. But having another villain and with a face-actor too is very exciting. Lots of great potential there coming up. And she’s already proven to be a badass as well.

Her tongue though is freaky though. Like, I guess I see what they’re trying to do there with the *cough*fanboys*cough* But it is so odd and amusing at the same time lol It adds to her mystique.

This was another episode that managed to balance some funny, goofy scenes with the legitimately dramatic and scary scenes such as Yodonna’s full personal introduction. (And her very active tongue!)

The series manages to balance the silly with threatening. And that’s certainly not an easy task.

The episode being about Takamichi changing his wish to bring back Crystalia would’ve been good enough on its own. But now contrasted with the rising of Emperor Yodon, it takes on a whole new meaning.

I definitely enjoyed that scene with the Crystalia Sibs on the roof and him wanting to make her queen. I am very much looking forward to the day we get Queen Mabushina!

The episode was a pseudo-Tametomo episode. But again, Kiramager has done a great job of sharing the wealth when it comes to character focus in its episodes.

I also assume Juuru being familiar with this high-energy area will have something to do with his connection to Crystalia. I might even expect his grandfather will play a big part in the future too.

Elsewhere, the music the show uses for these climactic battles where the Kiramagers are in trouble are amazing. I guess you can say they’re Yodon themes. But it helps to set the mood and the sort of dire situation the Kiramagers are usually in when that music kicks in.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode 25 Recap

And speaking of music, Juuru’s song is so perfect for his character. I love it! Can’t wait for everyone else’s! I have a feeling they’ll all be great.

Overall, an excellent, exciting episode of Kiramager! I love being this excited about a show and how great it is!

4 thoughts on “Recap: Mashin Sentai Kiramager, Episode 25 – That Cute Shrine Maiden

  1. I haven’t really followed the series but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more to Yodonna having a yodon changer of her own. A female seventh ranger would be a fun twist.

    1. Yes, that would be interesting. But she did just make it out of mud after observing Takamichi’s Changer like she saw it for the first time. hehe But it would be interesting to see.

  2. Juuru’s character song is PERFECT!

    And Yodonna’s entrance was EPIC! Talk about giving the Kiramagers the ride of their lives.

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