Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 6 – “My timbers are actually shivering.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 6 – Pirate in Pink

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

The Rangers finally arrive in St. Lucia and they think they’re here to search for pirate’s treasure, especially since they have a map. Rose says all that treasure will probably have been found by now since pirates weren’t even “clever enough to bathe.”

Anyway, they walk along the beach until they find a buried cannon of an old ship, the Black Scabbard. Mack remembers reading about the ship from an adventure book about Brownbeard the Pirate. Rose says she also read about Brownbeard, but in a history book where she learned he was just an outlaw thief crook. Mack and the others agree that at least he was a “jolly” crook.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

Mack says Brownbeard’s ultimate goal was to find the Eye of the Sea jewel. But he died before he could. Legend says his ghost still searches for it to this day. Ronny thinks the Eye of the Sea might be the first jewel of the Corona.

They head into the forest with some mysterious footprints following them.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

The Rangers come across a wooden bridge over a gorge. Dax shakes the bridge and says it should be fun. But as they walk across, the rope snaps on one end and the Rangers have to hold on as the bridge falls and remains hanging by the other side.

Mack climbs up first and has Will grab his hand. He tells the others to grab the person above them. Mack’s powers kick in and he’s able to pull the others up to safety.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

Dax says the bridge was perfectly secure before they started walking over it. Someone or something must have cut the rope. Rose tells them to stop with the haunted island talk.

Meanwhile, Miratrix has also arrived on the island and asks Kamdor to help her. He creates the monster Bombardo to help her against the Rangers.

The Rangers come across a cave and they walk in to strange haunting noises. Mack says Brownbeard tries to scare away anyone who tries to find the jewel. But Rose repeats that there is no such thing as ghosts.

Just then, a ghost appears.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

It’s Brownbeard the Pirate and he introduces himself before telling them to get off his island. Dax spills that they’re here for the Eye of the Sea. Brownbeard gets in Dax’s face, but Rose says they need the jewel for a very important reason and tells him to stay out of their way.

Brownbeard appears charmed by Rose’s feistiness. But Rose says she will not be fooled by the charms of a common thief.

Dax again lets slip that they have a map and Brownbeard suggests they look for the jewel together. Will says it might not be such a bad idea since Brownbeard would know the island.

Brownbeard says he doesn’t want to keep the jewel. He just wants to hold it once so his soul can rest in peace.

Rose refuses to work with a pirate and walks out. But Brownbeard follows her and says it’ll be more fun if they all work together. Rose says this isn’t supposed to be fun, it’s an important mission.

“Any task can be more fun if you put your mind to it. But then, you don’t have a lot of fun in your life, do you lass?”

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

Rose points out that she skipped over most of grade school, went straight to college and has since been studying for her PhD, doing lectures, preparing her thesis and is now working to save the world. So no, she hasn’t had a lot of time for fun.

Brownbeard knows exactly what she needs. He decides to possess her body.

The others decide Rose will eventually cool down. But as they make their way through the forest, they run into Miratrix and Bombardo.

Bombardo sends the Rangers flying in explosions twice as Miratrix demands they hand over the treasure map.

The Rangers battle Miratrix and Bombardo. Miratrix is able to grab the map out of Mack’s pants.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

But a now pirated Rose, that is, Rosie the Bold swoops in to grab it right back.

Rosie the Bold calls Miratrix a witch and fights off Bombardo herself.

The others are wowed by Rosie’s skills. Ronny wonders if they should help, but Mack says Rose seems to be enjoying herself.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

Rose kicks both Miratrix and Bombardo down and they run off.

The others think Rose was so awesome, but ask what in the world happened to her. She doesn’t know, but says she’s as “jolly as a j-bird.”

They hurry through the forest and end up finding a treasure chest. They dig it up and amongst the gold trinkets is a box with what they’ve come to the island for: The Eye of the Sea!

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

Rosie takes the jewel to appreciate it. But Mack tells Brownbeard to hand it over and give the real Rose back.

Brownbeard leaves Rose’s body. Rose has no idea what’s happened.

“I feel so… dirty.”

Brownbeard apologizes for not bathing for a couple hundred years. Anyway, he says he will be keeping the Eye and leaving now. He admits he lied about handing it over after touching it.

Just then, Miratrix and Bombardo send an explosion their way. Brownbeard drops the jewel, Miratrix picks it up and she and Bombardo poof away.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

Rose scolds Brownbeard, saying she hopes he is happy now that he’s put the whole world in danger.

Back at the mansion, Rose rants about Brownbeard being at fault for them losing the jewel. Not to mention how humiliating it was for him to take over her body. Mack says Rose was an awesome pirate though.

Rose says Mack is deluded.

Anyway, their computers are able to track Miratrix downtown. She gives Bombardo the jewel to destroy the city, but wants it back right after.

Brownbeard appears and demands Miratrix hand the jewel back. Rose tells Mack she wants to settle the score with Brownbeard herself. Mack says he’ll be on standby and Spencer says he’ll prepare the new Shovel Driver in case they need it.

Miratrix sends Brownbeard flying. Rose runs over to him to make sure he’s okay. He says he just wanted to get the Eye back and didn’t know it could be used to hurt someone. He apologizes.

“Are you sure you want to mess with us?”
“Aye, matey!”

Rose morphs and takes on Miratrix and Bombardo.

But Bombardo uses the Eye and transforms into a giant robo. Spencer sends over the Shovel Driver and Rose hops in.

Bombardo slices a tower down and it almost falls on Brownbeard, but Mack arrives just in time to catch it. Rose is able to maneuver the Shovel Driver back on solid ground and grabs Bombardo to hurl it into an explosion.

Bombardo returns down to his original form and the Eye of the Sea falls out of him. Brownbeard picks it up.

Miratrix asks Kamdor for more help. This time, Bombardo embiggens. The other Rangers arrive and they combine into the DriveMax Megazord with the Shovel Driver as a new arm.

“My booty’s busted!”

They finish off Bombardo for good, much to Miratrix’s annoyance.

“I hate my life!”

Miratrix snaps away.

The Rangers head back to the mansion. Rose is upset that she fell for Brownbeard’s lies again. She was almost ready to trust him. Mack says she shouldn’t blame herself.

Suddenly, Brownbeard pops in. Spencer offers him some lemonade. But Rose says that won’t be necessary as Brownbeard is not welcome here.

Brownbeard approaches them and says that while he may be a scoundrel, he is not a rat. He hands Rose the Eye of the Sea. Will tries to fit it into the sword, but nothing happens.

This must not be the jewel they need. Rose hands it back to Brownbeard to keep.

Brownbeard decides to give them his lucky pearl in exchange. He hopes it will bring them good fortune as well.

Suddenly, their trackers go off. Rose scans the pearl and it might be just what they have been looking for.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

Rose places the pearl on the sword and it glows. The pearl is the actual first jewel of the Corona!

Later, the Rangers return Brownbeard to St. Lucia. Rose gives Brownbeard a makeover by chopping off his beard. He’ll now go by the name of Nobeard.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 6

Rose says not to tell the others, but she actually loved being a pirate. They bid farewell as the Rangers return home.

Episode Thoughts

This was a very fun episode and a nice little focus on Rose. I think they could’ve done a little more with Rose’s child prodigy backstory of not having much time to do anything fun. It’s a familiar story and Rose is a good character to tell that story here on the show.

Rose is always the one with the answers. And she sticks to that. But we get to see her loosen up here and enjoy the opportunity to not have to deal with responsibility for a moment. For someone who maybe didn’t get to have a childhood, getting to run around like a pirate would be a thrilling experience.

(Which now has me wanting a Dr. Rose Ortiz (she probably has her PhD by now) and Dr. K hanging out and saving the world together!)

Brownbeard was a fun pirate and gave the episode a great bit of levity.

We also got to see Miratrix in action a little more as well, establishing her and Kamdor as capable villains to match up against the Rangers.

One cool thing from this episode was showing that the jewels of the Corona didn’t have to actually be shaped like a traditional jewel. Here, it was a pearl. That’s a great fake out and creative way to keep things interesting and surprising in the jewel search.

Overall, the most fun episode so far of the season. And Rhoda Montemayor was a lot of fun as Rosie the Bold.

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