Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 5 – “It’s times like these that define a hero.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 5 – Weather or Not
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 5

The Rangers have differing reactions on their impending mission to St. Lucia. Ronny and Will are excited to treat the trip as a vacation while Mack is fired up about the adventure. Rose cautions that the area of the island they’re going to isn’t a beach resort. Dax, meanwhile, is afraid of the island being haunted.

Spencer is also ready for the mission and shows Mr. Hartford that he can blend in with the locals if needed.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 5

Meanwhile, Flurious is suspicious about how quiet it has been. He gets Norg to call Moltor and reminds him that he’s much smarter and better looking. Moltor says he’ll be more powerful soon, but Flurious just mocks him before hanging up.

Moltor has his Lava Lizards prepare a weather machine for his plan by stealing a Subatomic Generator from an energy truck.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 5

Back at the base, the Rangers are about to leave for St. Lucia. But they’ll instead have to travel to Australia to stop Moltor.

While Mack saves the driver of the truck from Lava Lizards, the others take on Moltor. Will has to hop on his Hovertek Cycle when the driver falls off the side of the cliff.

Moltor is able to take the Subatomic Generator and installs it on his weather device.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 5

The Rangers return to the base feeling exhausted and defeated. Mack, especially, feels guilty about letting the driver fall over the cliff. They wonder what Moltor wanted the Generator for.

Spencer comes in to say the weather is crazy right now. First it’s so hot his flowers are fried, then a torrential downpour washed away his melons. Mr. Hartford turns the news on as it reports about the National Guard being brought in to help regulate the chaos.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 5

Mr. Hartford puts the St. Lucia mission officially on hold so they can take care of Moltor’s devious plan. He has a new zord with Mack’s name on it, but Mack thinks someone else should have it.

Mr. Hartford understands Mack had some troubles, but he says “it’s times like these that define a hero.” Mack can’t just give up.

Mack gives the new zord a try, but struggles with getting it under control. He tells his father that maybe he was right about not being cut out as a Ranger.

Frustrated Mack wants to just give up. But Mr. Hartford reminds him that it was Mack who wanted this in the first place. And he got it. “Now Ranger up.”

The Rangers head out to take on Lava Lizards. Mack demands one of them say what they’re doing to the weather. But suddenly, Moltor arrives and explains that he will use his device to destroy the world so his brother will finally respect him.

The Rangers charge toward Moltor. But the Lava Lizards are having trouble with the device. It suddenly goes out of control, much to Flurious’ amusement.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 5

Spencer sends the zords and the Rangers hop in as the snowstorm intensifies. The Rangers get caught in an avalanche. Mack is able to eject from his zord, but the others are trapped in theirs as they fall into a ravine.

Mack again feels defeated. But Moltor appears and attacks him. They battle until Mack is able to send Moltor flying.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 5

The others wake up in their zords and are stuck in the ice. They aren’t worried though as they know Mack will save them.

Mack returns to the base and give his father an I told ‘ya so! Mr. Hartford says the new Drill Driver can dig the others out of the ice. But Mack says he’s not cut out for this. He takes his morpher off and hands it to his father.

“I quit!”

Spencer is able to finally establish a video link to the Rangers’ cockpits, but no audio. Mack is confused as to why the others are not scared.

Mr. Hartford says the others know Mack will save them. They believe in him, as do Hartford and Spencer.

“Give me back my tracker. I got a hole to dig.”

Mack hops into the Drill Driver with a renewed confidence. It is still a struggle to get it under control. But Mack does not give up and he finally reaches the others.

They are happy to see him and they all bust through the ice to reach the surface.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 5

The weather device turns into an embiggened monster and the Rangers combine their zords. And with the new Drill Driver attached to the Megazord, they are able to finish off the monster for good.

Flurious mocks Moltor for not knowing you can’t mix alien and human technology without modifying it. Moltor vows he will become more powerful than his brother. But Flurious is not convinced.

Back at the mansion, the Rangers grab Dax’s marbles for good luck before leaving for St. Lucia.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 5

Episode Thoughts

So this episode was definitely all about having confidence in yourself and not giving up. Not only that, showing the Rangers believed in Mack and were not worried about possibly dying trapped in ice. Lol

It’s a full episode and it was good.

Seeing Moltor actually try to enact his plan, though ultimately unsuccessful, was a good way to highlight the villain factions again. The Moltor-Flurious interaction was great to further that as well.

Mack wanting to give up so easily is understandable considering he’s just a teen who really had nothing going on outside of his adventure books. Being sheltered so much by Mr. Hartford, Mack wanting to give up at the smallest bit of trouble is not an unreasonable development.

In the end, Mack found his confidence. And part it came from his teammates believing in him.

Another episode of them going to a different country. Just the idea of them doing that gives the season something extra. And knowing about the jewels and all the travels they would be going on during the season, it is obvious how much the season has been planned out. They have to time the jewel searches and the episodes in between.

I loved seeing the Rangers unmorphed in the cockpit just hanging out. Original NZ footage!

Overall, it was a strong, exciting episode. And a good character episode for Mack.

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