Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 28 (8) – “I am not your father!”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 28 (8) – Secret Struggle

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 28 (8) – “I am not your father!”
Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 28

Nate, Ben and Betty marvel at the new Beast-X King Spin Saber. Betty gives it a spin herself and she goes flying.

Steel comes in to ask Nate to help with a problem in his zord, but Nate says he’s too exhausted to deal with it now. Zoey comes in with her own problems and Nate goes full-simp and immediately hops to it.

Steel asks Zoey if Nate like likes her. She tries to deny it, but she’s got a magazine that teaches you how to first date. Zoey decides to admit the truth. Steel thinks that’s awesome, but Zoey points out that it’s against the rules.

Steel promises to keep their secret.

Next day, rRoxy delivers some Morph-X to Evox so he can maintain his Mayor Daniels body. Zoey runs into them and she morphs to take on rRoxy.

After some sparring, rRoxy retreats back to the Crystal Dimension.

Mayor Evox thanks Zoey for saving him. They head over to GBHQ where Nate forcibly and without permission implants a tracker into him. Mayor Evox is about to knock him out, but he stops and composes himself.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 28

Commander Shaw suggests two Rangers act as undercover bodyguards for him and Steel offers up the two lovebirds.

Mayor Evox calls his crew to inform them of the situation. They promise to find a way to discreetly deliver more Morph-X to him.

Later, Steel tries to set up the perfect date for Zoey and Nate. Zoey admits to Nate that she confirmed their relationship to Steel. But they don’t have time for that now.

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 28 (8) – “I am not your father!”

At the park while Mayor Evox meets with the Canadian ambassador, Nate and Zoey sit nearby eating ramen together. Steel secretly knocks over Nate’s bowl so he and Zoey have to share. They almost kiss and that gives Mayor Evox a moment to sneak away.

rBlaze and rRoxy are about to hand over the Morph-X to Mayor Evox, but Nate and Zoey rudely interrupt the transaction.

Back at GBHQ, Mayor Evox scolds his bodyguards. A suspicious Commander Shaw pulls up the receipts which show Nate and Zoey’s near-kiss.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 28

Zoey and Nate come clean about their feels, but Commander Shaw sternly reminds them that dating is against the rules. Steel admits he knocked the bowl over and Nate is about to yell at him again.

But Steel asks what good are rules if they only make people unhappy. Ravi agrees, though the rule doesn’t apply to him and Roxy anymore.

Anyway, Mayor Evox is getting antsy so Commander Shaw tells Ravi to replace Nate on bodyguard duty.

rRoxy steals a little girl’s tiara to turn it into Tiaratron to distract the Rangers. Ravi and Zoey morph and call it in. Devon takes care of an incoming Gigadrone.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 28

Nate and Steel help Ravi against Tiaratron while Zoey guards Mayor Evox. rBlaze and rRoxy have no choice but to just go for it before Evox exposes himself.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 28

Zoey summons the new Spin Saber. rBlaze and rRoxy force her to demorph and they’re about to kill her, but Nate steps in front to shield her. He demoprhs and Zoey leaps over to grab the Saber to hurl at the robo duo, killing them instead.

Zoey and Nate hug. Mayor Evox commends and thanks them.

Devon finishes off the Gigadrone and they all regroup at GBHQ.

Commander Shaw changes her mind and says their relationships help make them a good team. She decides to change the rules just for them.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 28

Meanwhile, Mayor Evox coughs up a storm. He doesn’t have coronavirus, however. He runs outside and he transforms back into Evox, right in front of the Rangers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 28

Episode Thoughts

Well, looks like Nickelodeon’s finally learned their lesson in scheduling at least. A midseason “finale” ending with a legitimate cliffhanger? Shocking! Lol

It’s very interesting to see the “secret” out so soon. They still have 12 episodes left to fill with some kind of tension with the villains. So we’ll see how that works out. It worked with the “secret” relationship between Nate and Zoey, but of course this whole episode could’ve taken place a few episodes later than now.

Anyway, the cliffhanger was good. But I feel like we were cheated out of a Devon focus episode instead. Devon was almost invisible all episode when it was his father that was coughing up a storm all day, every day. I think the stronger reveal episode would’ve focused on Devon and his father and their relationship instead.

Especially as this episode was more about Nate and Zoey’s romance really with the Mayor Evox subplot sort of tacked on. Essentially, there was enough material here for two good episodes I think. And that’s important considering Beast Morphers has had really poor fillers. Heck, they’ve had poor episodes that were meant to further plot, tbh.

The good thing about the Nate and Zoey story is that they aren’t dragging it to the final episode. Almost like they’re getting it out of the way now in a fuller way than just teasing all season for a disappointing, half-hearted bit of closure at the end. So getting a pretty serious focus on their relationship and bringing in the rule that was introduced in the premiere is great.

It was amusing to see Commander Shaw so strict with her own son. But not other people. Lol. Then again, the real Roxy has become so irrelevant, save for that one scene of them in the park, I think people have just forgotten she and Ravi were dating in the first place.

Also, Zoey got some great action scenes as well. As I always harp on, Beast Morphers has had pretty stilted action sequences. So this episode was above-average in that aspect as well.

Overall, one of the better episodes of Beast Morphers.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 28 (8) – “I am not your father!”

  1. Nice to see Nate/Zoey secret/forbidden relationship problem is resolved.
    Much like Ravi’s revealing his artistic talents to Commander Shaw, I like that subplots that was established in previous season was solved in second half.
    Steel does have a point regarding rules, where it wouldn’t do any good if it only makes people unhappy. It’s a pretty tough issue, but I really like Steel for addressing that.

    Not a fan of new original Power Rangers exclusive weapon, Beast-X King Spin Saber.
    Among the original weapons I’ve seen so far in this season (Ultra Blaster, Ultra Bow), this might be the weakest when it comes to design; it looks really cheesy and lame IMO. Even in action, despite it was well choreographed, it doesn’t look that great.

    Interesting eater egg, but magazine that Zoey was reading at beginning, “Glitz Magazine”, appeared in Lightspeed Rescue, “In the Limelight”, episode where Dana/Pink becomes fashion model. lol XD
    Nice to see another reference from past seasons.

    Perfect timing to reveal that Mayor Daniels turns out to be Evox!
    Dun, dun, duuuuuuun!
    While Kevin Copeland did a good job portraying evil (Evox) and good side, it was kind of awkward to seeing him coughing throughout the episode, especially during the pandemic in real life; I know the show was filmed year ago, but still.

    A solid midseason finale, with subplot of Nate/Zoey relationship is resolved, good action sequence (despite lame weapon), and cliffhanging ending. Looking forward to see the rest of the season after summer hiatus.

    Take care!

    1. Yeah, it’s definitely awkward during today’s situation having the Mayor coughing for weeks now, yet Devon hasn’t even cared at all! lol

      I agree, the choreography was nice for the new weapon. But the design is hit or miss for me.

      Nice point about Steel. They really could use Steel and the Beast Bots for more things like that. Too bad.

      It’s a good cliffhanger. See you when the show comes back!

  2. It looks like Hasbro has done a really good job with mid-season finales. Last season we had a great episode as it marked the debut of the Gold & Silver Rangers, and now we have a great cliffhanger. But the episode itself was excellet. There was a lot of tension thanks to the mayor, and there was some amazing fights.

    Man, I can’t wait for Beast Morphers to come back.

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