Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One – Project Thouser (Part 1)

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One – Project Thouser (Part 1)
Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Naki delivers Keys to Horobi as they begin the resurrection of

Gai watches news reports of Grandpa Hiden’s funeral. While he acknowledges that Grandpa Hiden was indeed a great man, he still overestimated the value of Humagears. Humagears are merely tools, after all.

A loyal Naki agrees.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Gai says ZAIA’s technology will far surpass that of Hiden’s and Naki will be a tool to help make that happen. In order to complete the development of Thouser, they must collect combat data from both Progrise and Zetsumerise Keys.

Naki delivering the Zetsumerise Keys to Horobi is part of that plan.

Gai is amused when Zero-One pops out of nowhere, but not surprised considering it is from Grandpa Hiden.

When Isamu transforms into Shooting Wolf sooner than planned, Gai uses it to his advantage by collecting data from A.I.M.S. as well. That’s how the Rushing Cheetah Key came into Yua’s possession.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Yua’s spying reveals that the Ark will be revived and it will be thanks to Zero-One. Gai gives Yua the Punching Kong Key to give to Isamu all in an effort to have Zero-One evolve at whatever pace Gai choose.

Gai gives Naki the Forceriser, which was found alongside Naki’s body after Daybreak. Naki gives it to Horobi, saying Jin would be able to handle it better than them.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Horobi tells Naki they must show everyone that Humagears are not just humanity’s slaves. In fact, Humagears will eradicate humans and become the new rulers of this world.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Horobi forcing the Forceriser onto Jin refocused Jin to their master plan.

But Naki begins to doubt the purpose of their existence, the contrasting feelings of Horobi and Gai battling in their head.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Naki comments to Gai how Yua being so loyal to him makes her seem like an AI too. Gai says of course since Yua is one of his tools. Naki says Yua is a human though. So what happens if she betrays or resists.

Gai says any tool that is no longer useful will be thrown away.

Naki asks if that includes Of course, Gai says.

Gai asks Naki what they’re getting at. But Naki says nothing at all and leaves.

When the Gigers are about to be launched, Naki asks what they were developed for. Humagears are supposed to obey humans, yet the Gigers are machines that force Humagears to obey. So what gives?

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Gai gets up, approaches Naki and backhand slaps their face so hard they fall to the floor.

Gai says Gigers exist to deal with Humagears who defy humans, just like Naki themselves.

Naki delivers the Amazing Hercules Key to Horobi who thanks them for their work. Naki, however, informs Horobi of the Giger and says they must find a way to deal with it. Horobi suggests they use the Giger to their advantage by using it to create more comrades.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Naki hesitates, but Horobi reminds them that they are not humanity’s tools. Remember, they will eradicate humanity.

Gai, however, has been listening to this entire conversation.

When Naki reports to Gai, he confronts them about leaking info to Horobi when he ordered no such thing.

Recap: Kamen Rider Zero-One – Project Thouser (Part 1)

Gai would like to know why. Naki does not know.

Gai says he will not accept anything but 100% honesty. Naki says they are a tool, as Gai continually says. One that is used by humans as they please. When no longer needed, they are thrown away.

However, Naki has started to wonder if Humagears are really only just tools. Couldn’t there be a way for Humagears to live with humans?

Just then, Gai shoots Naki in the chest.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Naki asks why he has done this. Gai says a mere tool has no right to voice its own opinion.

“I do not accept Humagears,” Gai says as he shoots Naki once more to finish them off.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Yua calls Gai to say Isamu has been critically injured and is on his way to the hospital. Gai sees this once again as something he can use to his advantage.

Kamen Rider Zero One Project Thouser Recap

Episode Thoughts

So this was essentially a clip show. Better in a Blu-ray special than in-series at least lol

It did give some extra stuff though. First of all, it was nice to see more of boss/Papa Horobi again. He’s obviously been sidelined a long time, so it was refreshing to see that reminder of him being in charge from way back.

We didn’t really see much more from Naki. A little bit of their starting to think about their existence. But the show should likely save that for the series itself. I’m most interested in seeing that Naki had been lurking around this whole time. At least, until they were murdered by Gai (!) and then implanted into Isamu. But from my understanding, there’s the one scene where Gai mentions collecting the Forceriser along with Naki’s body after Daybreak. So Gai and ZAIA are the ones that reactivated them?

This also served up more illustration of Gai being a truly disgusting human being. A heartless murderer at that!

Toei really loves to up the violence in their non-TV content. Almost to an extreme! Though not as gory as some V-Cinemas (the Chase movie still scars me lol), Gai shooting Naki was shocking and intense. And it really took Gai’s evil to a whole other level. His remorseless reaction to having just shot Naki was just insane.

It’s interesting because we know Humagears are just machines and can be reuploaded to new bodies. But at the same time, Humagears like Naki express sentience and feelings. And for me, I certainly would have a difficult time killing or destroying such a being. Yet Gai does so without a second thought. It’s really chilling.

Overall, an interesting episode. I would’ve liked to see this in-series maybe. But not if it’s just a clip show. I think it’s just a good extra thing to have to help fill out some details and character beats.

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    1. It’s crazy! They better have an incredible, unprecedented redemption arc for him OR have the biggest, most spectacular downfall and defeat for him. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of making him so horrible lol

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