Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 27 (7) – “Lions are meant to be wild.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 27 (7) – Beast King Rampage

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 27

Evox is excited about a malware-filled dart that will infect the Rangers’ new weapon.

Over at GBHQ, General Burke introduces the Beast-X King Zord, a secret project he and Mayor Daniels have been working on. It is a top-notch weapon made with lion DNA. The plan is to build an army of them to protect the global network of Morph-X Towers.

Commander Shaw is a little perturbed that they created a new zord without the knowledge of Grid Battleforce. (Even though General Burke is a general in Grid Battleforce.)

Anyway, General Burke says a former GB designer worked on the project…

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 27


Megan walks in with Mayor Evox and the Rangers are completely and utterly repulsed by the sight of her.

Megan steps forward and says she is truly sorry for what she did before. But when she was approached by the mayor, she was ready to help.

Megan shows them the wrist activator that can summon the King Zord, but for this presentation, she will control it from her tablet. She directs them to the screen and shows them a majestic new zord.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 27

What they don’t know is Blaze and Roxy are already in the woods and they toss the dart right at the zord, putting it under Evox control.

Megan finds she is now unable to contact the King Zord and that malware has infected it. Nate and Commander Shaw throw Megan dirty looks as Devon hurries over in his zord to stop the King Zord from rampaging any more.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 27

Nate continues to berate Megan with Mayor Evox piling on, knowing his plan is moving along quite well. Nate jumps in to be the hero of the day and tells Megan to stay the hell away from their work.

Ravi and Steel hurry over with a dish.

Megan tries to offer help to Nate who barks at her to back off.

Megan appeals to Zoey and again apologizes for all the wrong she did before. She understands now how selfish she was and how she let her ambition hurt other people. But she has changed for the better and she sincerely wants to help. That’s why she helped build the new Zord to show them how much she’s changed and wants to help.

Megan knows what Nate is planning and it is going to backfire.

Zoey will only believe her boyfriend and walks away.

In the woods, Ravi and Steel set up the dishes to send new programming into the King Zord. They shoot at it, but Nate’s plan completely fails. He merely activated its Battle Mode, which Megan installed and would’ve told them about had they not ignored her sincere attempts to tell them.

Nate says he has to think of something. Zoey says Megan might be able to help, but Nate snaps at her before eventually setting his huge ego aside to run to Megan for help.

Megan explained that the signal Nate sent to the Zord activated an auto-defense mechanism. Something Nate could have never come up with.

Megan says they must use something to physically attach new programming just like Evox’s crew did with the dart. Happy deus ex machina, Nate has a new Ultra Bow.

Ravi arrives and is surprised to see Megan breathing the same air as them. But Nate admits what was true all along, they are all on the same side.

After implanting lion DNA into the bow, they now have the Beast-X King Ultra Bow. Nate finally thanks Megan for her genius work and the Rangers hurry out.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 27

Blaze, Roxy and Tronics meet them and they battle. Nate slinks off to shoot the arrow at the King Zord when Devon has a hold of it.

The King Zord turns back into a lion and settles down.

Mayor Evox is pissed and stomps off.

Blaze hops into his own personal zord and battles Devon. But the King Zord is able to help them defeat him when they activate the Beast-X King Zord Battle Mode.

The others defeat Roxy and they all head back to GBHQ.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 27

Nate sucks up to Megan and hugs her. Megan thanks everyone for allowing her a second chance.

Ben tosses Evox’s poison dart at Steel’s leg for comedic purposes.

Episode Thoughts

I honestly was so excited to learn Megan was coming back for an episode. She was one of the most refreshing and interesting things about the first half of Beast Morphers. Her total nastiness and bitchiness last time was actually pretty awesome since it helped break the blandness of the season up to that point.

She was also a refreshing character that you don’t normally see on Power Rangers. They tend to avoid making humans too nasty. So it was great to see her. And obviously, she is one of the memorable things from last year too.

The scene of Devon and Cruise fighting the King Zord was actually one the most exciting sequences of Beast Morphers so far. I guess that was because it was Go-Busters footage. But the music sounded great paired with the footage. Definitely not the normal, stilted Beast Morphers action scene.

The unmorphed fight in the woods was actually good too. Very much above average.

So the episode benefited from being all action with the only story/character-related stuff being Megan-releated.

Nate isn’t a tech god, so it was nice to have him knocked down a peg. There is such a thing as humility, after all. And the show tries too hard to make Nate out to be some kind of infallible genius.

I don’t understand how General Burke apologizes for not involving Grid Battleforce when he is a GENERAL in Grid Battleforce. Huhwaht?

Overall, a positive episode thanks to Megan.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 27 (7) – “Lions are meant to be wild.”

  1. Didn’t expect to see Megan back as independent inventor working for General Burke.
    I liked Madeleine Adams performance as Megan, where I mentioned in past that I want to see her reprise as same role or other supporting character in future season; I guess my wish was granted quickly.

    It’s interesting (and weird) that General Burke made Beast-X King Zord, without knowledge of Grid Battleforce. Granted, in season premiere, Mayor Daniel mentioned that Grid Battleforce was expanding across the world, where France was mentioned, so I guess it’s possible that General must have been working on zord at other branches; or it’s possible that General owns a private land/island to make zord in secret, but that’s bit of stretch. Still possible though.

    Nice to see glimpse of Burke family life from home video, where they are doing martial art practice. Much like Commander Shaw in training outfit in previous episode, it’s nice to see higher ranking officer in training.

    I like the new Power Rangers exclusive morpher and weapon, which matches the zord pretty well. Interestingly, Beast-X Morpher doesn’t look much like the actual toy. Heh.
    I like the Ultra Bow, which is probably one of the best bow & arrow weapon I’ve seen in franchise. I like that it has gorilla, rabbit, and lion motif on it, which foreshadow upcoming combined mode.

    Nice to see Robo-Blade in Gigadrone cockpit, which was used by Blaze and Scrozzle in previous season. It’s always nice to see villain piloting Power Rangers exclusive cockpit. I hope Robo-Roxy gets to use that cockpit.

    Steel leg gag at the end was bit too much for my taste. lol

    This was a pretty decent redemption episode for a guest character, who was nasty and somewhat evil in her previous appearance.
    I like the zord battle, which was great thank to Sentai footage.
    I also enjoyed morphed and unmorphed battle at forest.
    It was also a nice continuation and follow-up from previous episode, where arrow (and virus) was designed/created while Nate was under control.
    A solid episode for new zord and weapon introduction.

  2. It was an amazing episode.

    Megan’s return was a great surprise, and gotta give credit to Evox, making this plan alongside his master plan sure wasn’t easy feat.

    And this episode had something the two previous episodes lacked: Robo Blaze & Roxy’s intervention. Seeing them in battle with the Rangers, and the rematch of Devon VS Blaze in their Zords was also great.

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