Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 23 (3) – “Your health bars are about to zero out!”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 23 (3) – – Game On

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 23

Devon is in the finals of the Coral Harbor E-Sports Championship against Kerry Dixon. The final match will be played using hologram video game Backstreet Brawler 3.

During the game, Mayor Daniels appears intrigued as Nate explains how the holograms are able to interact with real life stuffs. He excuses himself to go make a call.

Just as Devon is about to be defeated when his hologram suddenly freezes, roboBlaze and roboRoxy appear and take Kerry’s controller. The crowd disperses and the Rangers morph. rBlaze and rRoxy summon Tronics to keep the Rangers busy while they try to escape.

Outside, Kerry and her little brother Louie hide as rBlaze and rRoxy use her console to create a Gamertron. The Rangers run out. While Nate and Steel deal with the robotars, the others face Gamertron who is able to make holo-clones of them.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 23

The Rangers battle themselves. Kerry leaves her brother and runs after the Rangers to watch from the bushes as the Rangers are forced to retreat. Louie finally finds his sister who has an idea.

At GBHQ, Nate uses Devon’s spare console to try and figure out a way to counter the Robotron. Devon gets a call from the tournament and he heads over to Riptide where the tournament proclaims Devon the winner. They have disqualified Kerry because she doesn’t have a console and she says she has no money to buy another one.

Devon lends Kerry his console and says he would never want to win because she was forced to forfeit. Their rematch is scheduled for tonight.

Meanwhile, Betty dances with a hologram Chase dressed as a Latin dancer.

Back at GBHQ, Nate has found absolutely nothing. But Kerry shows up and asks to meet with the Rangers. They morph to hide their identities and she explains that the clones seem to be using the game’s programming. She’s found a bug in the game where a series of moves freezes the opponent. She thinks that can be used against the clones.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 23

Since it was a bug in the game, Devon says she was cheating. But she says she is only doing all this to win the prize money so her brother can get the surgery he needs to return to the soccer field.

Devon says she is no winner if she cheats.

The alarms sound and the Rangers hurry over to where Gamertron is about to take a truck load of consoles. Nate and Steel escort the delivery truck to safety while the others take on their clones again.

TheY use Kerry’s cheating move to eliminate their clones before Devon uses the Beast-X Cannon to destroy Gamertron.

Commander Shaw alerts them to a Gigadrone which suddenly engulfs the city in a large dome. The Rangers hop into their megazord and cut their way into the dome city. The dome is sucking out all the Morph-X inside it so the Rangers work fast to finish off the Gigadrone.

The city is released from the dome and the Rangers head to Riptide to watch the tournament rematch.

This time, Devon wins the tournament when Kerry decides not to cheat.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 23

Devon decides to give Kerry the $5000 prize money.

Mayor Daniels congratulates his son, but he excuses himself when he begins to uncontrollably cough. rBlaze and rRoxy appear and Evox reveals his true form. He says he feels sick having to pretend to be Mayor Daniels. They teleport back to the Crystal Dimension.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 23

Episode Thoughts

A solid filler episode save for the final scene of course. First to that, it’s very interesting. Is Evox possessing Mayor Daniels’ body? Is it an Anton Mercer-Mesogog situation? Is Evox just impersonating Mayor Daniels, Wiserue-style? It could be anything and I think that’s a very intriguing possibility.

I hope we get some scenes of Mayor Evox interacting more with Devon to lead into a great moment when Devon realizes he has been with Evox and not his father all along. They can do a lot with that story.

The lesson of the week was “Don’t cheat,” I guess. But I think they handled the end a little poorly. They basically said Kerry wasn’t good enough and only reached the finals because of the game bug. And then Devon pities her and her brother. The better ending and lesson would’ve been to have Kerry win, fair and square with her skills. It seemed like the show instead wanted to make Devon and the Rangers look good and noble.

Well, the general plot of the episode was good, anyway. And the final scene opens up interesting possibilities.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2), Episode 23 (3) – “Your health bars are about to zero out!”

  1. Before I discuss the episode, I just want to say, Happy 900th Episode of Power Rangers!
    Hard to believe show has been going on that long.
    Only 100 more til GRAND 1000th!
    At this rate, it would take 4 years in 2024; a 15th episode of second half of whatever Hasbro would adapt after Ryusoulger (2021~2022) (my choice is Kyuranger).
    But I digress, on to the episode.

    Until I saw this episode, I almost completely forgot that Devon loves gaming.
    Devon loves gaming barely brought up during the show, so it was nice that it acknowledges here.
    I kind of wished we get to see more of Devon gaming throughout the show, such as playing it on smartphone.
    I really like the games Devon playing, which is combination of Augmented Reality and hard light hologram tech, where they can even touch things, which I find it unique and futuristic.

    Didn’t realize that was James Davies (Chase/Dino Charge Black) as Juan, the hologram dancer.
    He did a pretty good performance there.

    I don’t usually talk about guest character, but I thought Molly Leishman did fine job as Kerry, who wanted to win money for her brother’s operation by cheating. She kind of reminds me of younger version of Kendall/Dino Charge Purple (not because of her glasses BTW).
    I liked that she decided not to teach at the end, after what Devon/Red Ranger told her earlier, and competed fair and square. It was nice that Devon gave prize money to Kerry. The selfie at the end was pretty nice, which was previously done in previous season finale.
    ….but the episode didn’t end there. It turns out Evox human form is… Mayor Daniels!
    Dun-dun-duuuuuun! What a surprise indeed! I didn’t see that one coming! lol XD
    I’m curious how Devon is going to react if he finds out about and how he will have to deal with it.

    A solid filler episode and great way to celebrate 900th episode of Power Rangers!
    I like the moral of the episode that cheating is bad and it won’t make you feel good/satisfied.
    I also like the “twist” ending, which sets up for future events.
    This probably one of the better filler episodes AND 100 anniversary episode IMO.
    Looking forward to see what’s 1000th episode would be like (whatever Hasbro/other companies are going to adapt).

  2. It was a good episode! I liked how they finally showed Sensei Bones, the character Devon appeared disguised in the Halloween special, and of course, was his fighter in the match.

    Blaze & Roxy (the good ones) didn’t appear at all, just like I feared. But at least we got Mayor Daniels.

    But the most interesting thing from me was Ben & Betty’s plot, especially the ending. I was not expecting that at all. I really, really hope the writers keep making stories like that, instead of keeping making the siblings the regular jesters.

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