Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 15 – “Self-absorbed and totally rude.”

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 15 – Seeing Red

Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 15 – “Self-absorbed and totally rude.”

Devon morphs to Fury Mode to chase after a bank robber and lift his car up in the air. A police officer that ruined the cake Ben & Betty bought for their father tells Devon to put the car down and let the cops handle criminals while the Power Rangers play around in their big toys.

Commander Shaw calls Devon and he hurries over to help the others who are taking on Tronics. Roxy turns a candle into a Robotron as Devon shows off his new Fury Mode. But he’s already losing the juice of the Fury Cell.

Roxy whips one out to power up the Robotron, but Devon swipes it to keep himself powered up. He continues to be a ball hog and tries to do everything himself instead of working with the team.

Roxy and the Robotron retreat before they’re both killed.

The others are annoyed at Devon being late and being a show off. Devon says no harm done, except he’s lucky to have gotten a new Fury Cell. Nate warns him to be careful with using it or the power will run out sooner than later.

Over in the Cyber Dimension, Roxy reports that the Fury Cell has made Devon reckless. Scrozzle says the Fury Cells can turn anyone evil. Evox tells Roxy to make sure Devon uses the last Fury Cell while Scrozzle reminds Roxy to get the Cheetah data.

Evox says if Roxy can succeed, all three Beast Powers are hers.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 15

Over at Riptide, Ravi, Zoey and Steel try to discuss Devon acting “self-absorbed and totally rude.”

Devon decides to challenge some karate students knowing he is powered up by the Fury Cells. Devon’s cockiness ruins another cake Ben & Betty have made for their father.

Commander Shaw calls them and the Rangers head back to GBHQ despite Devon wanting to fight some more.

Nate presents the results of his examination of Devon’s DNA after he plucked a hair from him earlier. The data confirms the Fury Cell is turning him evil, but Devon doesn’t believe it and he refuses to take it off his person.

An angry Devon says he will defeat Evox all by himself and he doesn’t need any of them.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 15

Tronics pop up in the city and Ravi, Zoey, Nate and Steel hurry over to fight them off. Roxy and the Robotron come out of the bushes so they can lure Devon out with the last Fury Cell.

And just like that Devon appears. He is able to knock the Fury Cell out of Roxy’s hands, but Ravi picks it up first and runs off. Devon chases after him.

Zoey, Nate and Steel deal with the Robotron.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 15

Devon fights off Ravi and drives him to overheat, forcing him to demorph. Devon is about to kill Ravi for the Fury Cell, but Devon mistakenly holds out the Cell which Devon quickly grabs.

The current Fury Cell loses its power and Devon is about to install the new one, but he suddenly comes to his senses. He smashes the Fury Cell, declaring them evil. Roxy can’t believe it.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 15

Devon apologizes to Ravi and helps him back to GBHQ. Commander Shaw and Smash help Ravi to the medical bay.

Scrozzle sends off a Gigadrone and Devon and Cruise hurry into their zord. Gigatronics also arrive.

Zoey needs to get a carrot after they defeat the Robotron so Nate and Steel are the ones that hop into the Striker Megazord to help Devon.

Back in the Cyber Dimension, Roxy gives Scrozzle the last data chip. But Blaze and Roxy argue over who will get the powers.

Over at Riptide, Devon bakes a cake for Ben and Betty and also apologizes to the others about being a jerk.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 15

The Burke Family end up squirting each other with frosting and they start a food fight at the gym.

Episode Thoughts

So I will admit, however unfair it may be, that after two great toku episodes this week from across the Pacific, this Beast Morphers episode was just boring. Perhaps it would’ve been better had I watched it back when it first aired in Australia like everyone else did. But now more than ever, I’m more convinced that Beast Morphers has not been able to balance the more serious and grounded approach it seems to want to take with the necessary (admittedly over-the-top) Koichisplosions-type of action and chaos.

I’ll be able to dissect that more after the (mid-)season finale. But back to this episode, it was a pretty standard “Ranger turns evil” plot that completely wasted the Fury Cells. They introduced them just to do this episode? That’s certainly some lost potential there. Not even having the Fury Cells power up a new zord combination or something like that.

I also feel like we’ve had this “Remember we’re a team!” plot already a few times this season. So the fact that they keep having them says a little bit about the lack of distinct characters we have as our Rangers. They all have a solid foundation to jump off from, but the episodes have really been more single episode plot-driven (especially with all the fillers) instead of continuing to develop the characters and explore more of who they are.

Which is odd considering the show obviously is trying to grow up a little from the last couple of years. And I appreciate the effort, though there still needs to be some work done.

This episode also reminded me again of how wasted the Beast Bots are when we see Smash caring for Ravi, even if just a few seconds, right alongside Ravi’s own mother.

So overall, it was a standard Power Rangers plot. And after last week’s truly refreshing and enjoyable episode (and certain other excellent toku episodes this week), this episode was just more of the same from the season. And that’s quite a shame considering we’re only a couple more episodes left before the (mid-)season finale. Episodes have been at worst, forgettable. And at best, just okay. That certainly doesn’t drum up much excitement from me.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 15 – “Self-absorbed and totally rude.”

  1. It’s refreshing to see ranger arrest robbery; something you don’t get to see so often in Power Rangers. It’ also interesting to see cop in as well, which is also rare.
    Grid Battleforce is a government organization, so it makes for rangers to do these types of work.
    Much like Megan from previous episode, I like how ranger deals with not only main villains and MOTW, but also ordinary people doing bad stuff as well.

    I like the setting of Fury Cell, where if someone uses too much, it can turn anyone evil.
    Talk about FURY Cell indeed, where Devon was FURious.
    Since Scrozzle only had one, it begs a question why he couldn’t use that to give Blaze and Roxy a new power-up, or even use to give Evox a new body.
    I guess one Fury Cell isn’t enough to do all of those.
    It still begs a question of how Blaze got them in first place.
    Since Roxy got last Data Chip (Cheetah), I’m curious who is going to get the powers.

    The way Devon acted arrogant and jerk was quite convincing where Fury Cell was portrayed like drug such as steroid in this case.
    Since Fury Cell is gone forever since they were the last one, I’m curious if this marks the last appearance of Fury Mode; which would be a shame if it is, since I really like that power-up.

    I like Ben and Betty’s “cake gag”, which worked quite well.
    Ironically, the MOTW was based on candle, so it was fitting choice.
    I love how its paid off the end.
    Talk about icing on the cake indeed. lol

    I though the episode was fine for what it was.
    It had interesting message of how power-overdose can be problematic, since Devon almost turned evil. It’s also nice to see ranger weak point was acknowledge for Ravi (overheat) and Zoey (carrot), which we haven’t seen in while.

    1. I was actually kind of annoyed how they suddenly remembered about the weak points this episode. They needed to explain why Zoey and Ravi didn’t join in the zord battle, so they conveniently remembered the weak points. Very sad. Just like how they disregard the Beast Bots.

  2. It’s hard to believe that Hasbro created the Red Fury armor to only using it in TWO episodes. I really hope they bring it back later.

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