Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 9 – Silver Sacrifice

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 9

Steel says if ever he breaks down, Nate can just make another one. But Nate explains to Steel that he considers him a brother and wants to take care of him. Steel understands and says they can help each other.

While Scrozzle deals with fixing the Cybergate, Blaze and Roxy use Antennatron to find the Silver Ranger by listening into the Grid Battleforce frequency.

After jogging, Nate brings Steel to see the new zords. General Burke comes to meet them as well. Ben and Betty slip down the zord while cleaning it and offer to fill out all the paperwork to allow Nate to fill the new zords with Morph-X.

The others call Nate and ask if he and Steel would like to hang out. They plan to meet at the Riptide Gym and Blaze and Roxy overhear. Blaze and Roxy bring Tronics and they all battle. The Rangers hurry back to the base.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 9

The Rangers update General Burke and Commander Shaw about Blaze and Roxy wanting to take back Steel. General Burke decides they need to shut down Steel to prevent him from becoming a way for Evox to escape the Cyber Dimension.

Commander Burke laughs at the idea that Nate considers Steel as his brother. Betty is disappointed, but her father orders them all to comply.

The Rangers decide to sneak Steel out of Grid Battleforce and hurry over to where the Cybergate is located so they can destroy it.

But General Burke arrives with backup so they can take Steel back. Just then, Ben and Betty are captured by Blaze and Roxy. General Burke begs them to return his children. But Roxy says only if they hand over Steel.

General Burke hesitates. But Steel offers himself up. Nate says he can’t, but Steel says he has learned from Nate how important family is. Steel says that Rangers protect people in need and right now, there are people in need.

Steel says Evox will be strong with his body. But he is sure the Rangers can defeat him. Blaze and Roxy take Steel inside.

General Burke says he was wrong about Steel and apologizes to Nate. He tells an emotional Nate to get his brother back.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 9

The Rangers morph and take on Tronics before being able to make their way inside. Evox is already entering Steel’s body. But something is wrong. Evox says his virus is incompatible with Steel’s body because it has human DNA in it.

Steel says that is the power of family. He smashes the Cybergate’s controls, destroying it for good.

Blaze, Roxy and Scrozzle return to the Cyber Dimension and leave Antennatron and some Tronics to deal with the Rangers.

When an Antennadrone arrives, Commander Shaw sends the Racer Zord over for Devon to hop into. Devon and Cruise go into Battle Mode. Just then, Gigatronics arrive.

General Burke says to screw procedure and he orders immediate fueling of Nate and Steel’s zords. Nate and Steel take care of the Gigatronics and Devon takes care of Antennadrone. Ravi and Zoey take care of Antennatron and the small Tronics.

Back at GBHQ, General Burke apologizes to Steel and commends the Rangers on a job well done.

Episode Thoughts

I don’t know what it is with Beast Morphers but I sometimes feel like it moves very slowly. It’s a ~22 minute episode, yet it feels like an hour. And I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

Beast Morphers lacks a lot of flash I think. And it seems to be too serious for its own good. It takes a lot of care to make things “realistic,” but too much of that I think takes the fun away from the show.

Anyway, the plot of the episode was fine. Definitely would’ve been better immediately after Episode 8 and not months later. But the idea of family, especially with Nate, was good.

This episode and the story though should’ve been done with the Rangers and the Beast Bots as well. But I think Power Rangers is resigned to treating the Beast Bots as just robot helpers and not family like Steel is with Nate. (They used the fact that he has some of Nate’s DNA which perhaps differentiates him from the Beast Bots.)

Overall, it just feels like I don’t really remember much from the first eight episodes. They weren’t very memorable and that in turn made me feel disconnected while watching this episode after such a long time. Perhaps it’ll just take some getting used to.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Episode 9 – Silver Sacrifice

  1. Well, family is one of the most important things in the whole life. General Burke may be crude and demanding, but he still loves Ben and Betty. Awww❤
    And surprising moment with Steel, when Evox couldn’t possessed him. Steel is very good character for me😁

  2. Nice to see changes in opening, where Nate/Gold Ranger is included, but no Steel/Gold Ranger, which is kind of shame.

    I like the character development and brotherly relationship of Nate and Steel, even though it was kind of corny and somewhat annoying with constant reminder. Even though Steel was “born”/introduced in previous episode, I already love his character. He’s certainly has more personality and character than rest of the cast/allies/bots (minus Nate) so far.

    Didn’t expect to see General Burke so soon.
    He was more of guest character, who I was expected to see him much later around season finale.
    Then again, it is important for higher up of military organization to see new member/ranger of the team, whether or not he could be trusted.
    He was kind of menacing and threatening when he ordered to “shut down” Steel; though then again, he is the higher authority than Commander Shaw in chain of command and I can understand his motivation.
    This is just tiny nitpick, but it was kind of interesting and refreshing that Burke also had few backup/guards when he arrived at Cybergate location. It would have been nice if some of those guards assisted ranger fighting Tronics and rescuing Steel; I guess someone got to escort Ben, Betty, and General to safety.

    Nice to see morphing sequence of 4 rangers, though I’m still not too keen to mantis motif for Gold, since it’s kind of look awkward in morphing sequence (roaring beasts).
    Interesting explanation of why Evox couldn’t get into Steel’s body due to incompatibility with human DNA.
    I’m curious he he’s going to get his body now.
    I like the “Red Eyed” Steel for brief seconds, which was kind of scary looking.
    Glad that Steel wasn’t kidnapped at the end, which would have result ranger attempts to rescue Steel for several episodes, which would have sucked.

    Overall, despite corniness and silliness, of constant reminder of Nate/Steel brotherly relation and Ben/Betty schtick, it was decent episode to start after hiatus. I kind a wished it aired BEFORE the hiatus, since it felt like part 2 of 2-part episode, since it would have flowed better.

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