Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Christmas Special – “It’s going to be a Merry Caveman Christmas!”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Christmas Special – The Poisy Show

Sledge, Poisandra and Wrench find the Warriordome and realize Madame Odius must have been killed. They hop on the ship and Sledge gifts Poisandra her own talk show using the Galaxy Warriors studio. Sledge promises the Power Rangers as her first guests, but really he wants to capture the Rangers and get their Power Stars.

Down at school, the Rangers are preparing gifts for the needy and waiting for Santa to pick them up. Preston arrives with a gift from Wes Collins. It’s a Transportal device. They watch Wes’ message and he says they can use it wisely to help other Rangers in need in other dimensions.

Just then, the Nexus Prism returns and shoots their Power Stars back at them before taking off again.

Just as suddenly, Sledge pops up with Snowfright who blows ice and turns the Rangers into snowmen. Preston, however, is able to leap out of the way and hide behind Brody’s car.

Preston takes on Sledge on his own while holding the Transportal device. A button is pushed and both of them fall into the dimensional portal.

Snowfright takes the Rangers up to The Poisy Show.

Sledge and Preston get dropped into the other dimension. Sledge picks up the Transportal device and prepares to shoot at Preston, but a pterodactyl scoops Preston up and flies away.

Meanwhile, The Poisy Show begins its first broadcast and Poisandra recaps the time the boys fell in love with Venoma. Talking about it reminds Poisandra how Sledge can be horrible. The Rangers notice Poisandra gets worked up when talking about Sledge so they decide to use that to escape.

Sarah begins telling Poisandra about the time her mom and Hayley’s dad started dating. Poisandra is reminded of times she feels Sledge doesn’t care about her.

Back to Preston, he is saved by caveman Koda. They recognize each other from the anniversary episode. Preston explains the situation and they agree to work together to take on Sledge.

Back at The Poisy Show, Poisandra notices Hayley and Calvin look like lovebirds and asks them about their relationship. They remember the time Calvin forgot their anniversary and lied about it.

Poisandra cries that Sledge lies to her all the time.

Koda and Preston find Sledge. They get help from a T-rex friend of Koda’s who is able to chase Sledge away. Sledge manages to drop the Transportal device as he runs away.

They quickly use it to get back to the main universe, not knowing Sledge has managed to jump back with them too.

Sledge finds Wrench as Poisandra is completely upset at the way she’s been treated by her Sledgums. They argue and that allows Preston and Koda to save the others.

The Rangers morph and jump through the garbage chute just as Santa flies below to catch them in his sleigh. Snowfright meets them down on Earth. Koda stays with Santa as he has a plan for Sledge.

The Ninja Steel Rangers quickly finish off Snowfright. Sledge and Wrench Gigantify Snowfright. They hop into LionFire Megazord, Ninja Steel Megazord Dragon Formation and BullRider Megazord.

The Rangers combine into the Ultrazord just as Snowfright turns them into a Snowman. But they are able to break through the Snowman and finish off Snowfright for good.

Up on the ship, Wrench finds the gift Koda has left and he thinks it’s for Poisandra. Poisandra assumes it is from Sledge. She opens it, but sees the card addressed from the Rangers.

Wrench looks inside and it’s a bomb. The ship breaks in half.

Santa leaves with the presents for the needy kids. Preston thanks Koda for helping them today. He gifts them caveman clubs and invites them to a caveman Christmas. They hop through the portal… never to be seen again.

Episode Thoughts

It was a typical Christmas episode, but a little more fun and memorable for a few things. Obviously, it’s great to see the Sudarso Bros sharing the screen for an extended period of time like they did here. Very awesome dream come true for them, you can’t help but be happy and excited for them as a fan yourself.

The Poisy Show plot was also creative and I doubt this is the last we’ll see of Sledge, Poisandra and Wrench either.

Kinda funny that the last we see of the Ninja Steel Rangers is of them jumping through a portal with no assurance that they’ll ever return to their world/universe/timeline. Lol

And so, officially official, we come to the end of the Saban Brands Era. Here’s to the next chapter of Power Rangers!

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  1. What can I say? Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel were standard series – not very cool, but not duff. In every episode was very good moral and everyone could find for self. And now we’re ready for Beast Morphers! 🙂

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