Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 13 – Ghost Hunter 2018

Zi-O 13

Woz is unsure about his demon king’s actions even changing the future that’s written in his book. So he has decided to work with the Timejackers.

Zi-O 13

Over at the shop, Tsukuyomi gets Geiz and Sougo to calm down in time for Uncle Junichiro to serve them breakfast. Sougo asks Geiz how he got the Ghost and Drive Watches. Geiz doesn’t care to say, but Tsukuyomi says he stole them from Oma Zi-O.

Zi-O 13

Later that evening, Takeru and Narita come across Another Ghost attacking a man driving up the Toei ramp. Another Ghost is able to escape when Takeru and Narita are stopped by Kamen Rider Agito!

Zi-O 13

On the other side of town, Woz joins the Timejackers at the bar to let them know he wants to work with them. Woz says he wants to steer his lord back on the right path. Schwartz asks what Woz can offer them in return. Woz says he knows of a person who is the biggest obstacle to the rise of his demon king. A man who destroys worlds and changes history.

Next day, Sougo is hanging out under overpasses when Another Ghost appears again and attacks a biker who almost runs over a little boy. Another Ghost sucks the life out of the biker.

Sougo henshins and confronts Another Ghost just as Takeru and Narita show up. Sougo notices Another Ghost has ghost qualities as it fades away.

Sougo dehenshins. Takeru and Narita quickly tie him up.

Back at the bar, Another Ghost reports back to the Timejackers asking for the next target. Heure tells him about a gas leak that will happen today that kills five people. He leads Another Ghost to the location. Woz gives Ora the contact information of the destroyer of worlds.

Zi-O 13

Shibuya welcomes Takeru and Narita back to Daitenku Temple with Sougo still tied up. They interrogate him as a young woman, Mika, comes running in. She had come to the paranormal investigators to help them find her brother who had disappeared three years ago relating to the kaijin Sougo had just fought against.

Mika explains her brother, a security guard, saved her from falling steel girders. But when she came to, her brother was gone and only the kaijin, Another Ghost, in his place.

Takeru says they had almost caught the kaijin, but a mysterious Kamen Rider got in their way. He asks if Sougo is that Kamen Rider.

Tsukuyomi calls Sougo to tell him that Another Rider has appeared and Geiz is already on his way. Sougo tells Takeru and them about it and says he can help. Takeru says he trusts Sougo. But when Takeru introduces himself as the man who will be king, Narita pushes him back to the ground and says he doesn’t trust him even more.

Takeru settles on leaving Sougo at the temple with Shibuya instead while he, Narita and Mika go look for the kaijin.

Zi-O 13

On the other side of town, Ora meets with the destroyer of worlds guy who has a strange pink camera. She tells him what they need and he understands. Ora thinks he’s creepy.

Geiz arrives at the factory where Another Ghost has begun to attack people. He henshins and fights Another Ghost. Takeru, Narita and Mika arrive and they are surprised when Another Ghost says her name.

Geiz uses the Ghost Watch to finish off Another Ghost. But Mika runs over to her brother Makimura who is now dead. Takeru approaches Geiz, asking what he has done.

Zi-O 13

Heure appears and freezes time. He walks over to Makimura to reach in for the Watch to reset it. He says Makimura will die without the Watch and recalls the day in 2015 when he proposed the contract to him. Makimura had initially declined, saying he would save his sister on his own. But he still got buried under the steel girders and would’ve died. That’s when Heure froze time once again to force the Watch into him.

Heure explains to Mika that her brother died protecting her and since then has been attacking people who cause accidents in which people get hurt.

Heure inserts the Watch back into Makimura so he can become Another Ghost again and they leave. Geiz chases after them when they’re unfrozen. Takeru also follows.

Zi-O 13

But up in the garage, Kamen Rider “Agito”, who’s just passing-through, again pops up and prevents Geiz from catching Another Ghost. They battle. But the passing-through Kamen Rider is too powerful, even when Geiz uphenshins to Drive.

The Rider delivers an Agito Final Attack Ride at Geiz and he is forced to dehenshin. Takeru runs over to Geiz, but Geiz rejects his help.

“Agito” leaves.

Zi-O 13

Takeru tries to get Geiz to take it easy. Geiz asks who he is.

“Ore wa Tenkuuji Takeru!”

Takeru acknowledges that he and his friends were wrong about Sougo. They return to the temple.

Zi-O 13

Shibuya takes care of Mika in the other room as the rest of them talk about what’s happened. Sougo wonders if the mysterious Rider was really helping the TimeJackers.

Geiz remembers that the mysterious Rider was among Oma Zi-O’s statues. Kamen Rider Agito. Geiz says he and Sougo will call a truce for now so they can team up to defeat Another Ghost.

Zi-O 13

Sougo asks Tsukuyomi if she can tell him where future accidents will happen. She says it’s against the rules for her to tell him about the future, but she does anyway. A food cart will explode in the plaza, injuring many people.

Another Ghost arrives at the plaza. But before he can rampage, Heure suggests he release the souls he’s collected to get a power up. He does and then proceeds to rampage.

Zi-O 13

Sougo, Geiz, Takeru and Tsukuyomi arrive. Sougo and Geiz henshin as the other two get the people to safety.

Sougo tries to get Makimura to snap out of it. But Heure is there to counter by pointing out to Makimura that Sougo is actually a demon king who caused the death of millions of people.

Sougo and Geiz continue to take on Another Ghost. They uphenshin to Gaim and Wizard. Heure tries to interfere, but Sougo tosses Suika Watch up to drive Heure away.

Zi-O 13

Geiz hands the Ghost Watch to Sougo for him to use against Another Ghost. Sougo uphenshins to Ghost Armor and takes him on with a little more match of firepower.

Sougo and Geiz prepare finishers, but Heure reminds them that if they defeat Another Ghost, Makimura will die.

Kamen Rider Agito again appears. He first forces Geiz to dehenshin before he switch henshins to Hibiki!

Zi-O 13

This mysterious destroyer Rider and Another Ghost tag team against Sougo. The Rider uses a Hibiki Final Attack Ride on Sougo which forces him to dehenshin. The Rider is unimpressed by this supposed king.

Zi-O 13

Before Another Ghost takes Sougo’s soul, Takeru uses his power to knock the soul away before it can get sucked in to the eye.

The mysterious Rider tells Heure and Another Ghost it’s time to retreat.

Tsukuyomi runs over to Sougo to check on him. Geiz also comes over and Tsukuyomi tells him Sougo is not breathing. They try to wake him up.

Zi-O 13

But Takeru finds Sougo’s soul nearby. Takeru says no one else can see him, like a ghost.

Zi-O 13

On the other side of town, Ora meets with the mysterious Rider… who is actually Kadoya Tsukasa. She asks why he didn’t finish off Zi-O. He says got the gist of him, so that’s enough for now.

Ora likes him now. She offers to help him become king.

Tsukasa says no. He’s just a passing-through Kamen Rider. The destroyer of worlds.

Zi-O 13

Recap: Episode 13.5 – Ghost Teacher

Sougo recounts that he has now become a ghost. He wonders what he can and can’t do as a ghost. Geiz and Tsukuyomi confirm that they cannot see him as a ghost.

Zi-O 13

Sougo wonders about how editing him as a ghost will affect the budget and he realizes they will just decrease his screentime.

Takeru pops up and says it’s okay because they’re using scenes already shot from the main show. There’s no extra charge. Sougo asks how Takeru knows that.

Zi-O 13

Takeru whips out a Yurusen puppet to explain that he was a ghost for a year. Sougo points out that Yurusen’s voice is different.

Geiz reminds everyone of Rule #3 from Episode 2.5: If you nitpick things, you’ll be kicked by a horse.

Takeru says they can ask him any question. Geiz says since Ghost Armor appeared in Episode 1, he didn’t expect there would be a Ghost arc. Tsukuyomi assumed Takeru would show up since the returning legends have been getting older and older.

Takeru Shun Nishime says he was busy with his theater work, so he didn’t have time to return yet.

Zi-O 13

Tsukuyomi also has a question. If that was the case, she wonders if the “nation’s boyfriend” Ryoma Takeuchi will be able to make his return in the future. Takeru does an impression of Shinnosuke instead and says Tsukuyoriko shouldn’t say things like that out loud.

Zi-O 13

Sougo has the next question. He asks how he’ll be resurrected. Takeru explains that he must collect the 15 Eyecons so they can have the Great Eye grant their wish. The others realize that sounds very much like Dragon Ball.

Takeru says that’s not true. It’s completely different.

Anyway, Takeru says the problem isn’t the money. It’s the editing that takes twice as long. Tsukuyomi says it’s better to just cut Sougo’s screentime after all.

Zi-O 13

Episode Thoughts

So! I very much enjoyed this episode. It was a very full episode. Like, they really were able to pack a lot into this one.

It was also the best and fullest use of a returning legendary Rider I think. They absolutely used Takeru as a character to the fullest here, especially compared to the mere cameos of the others in the past. Of course, I guess that might do with those actors’ schedules and availability as well.

But story-wise, they handled Takeru much better here than any other past legendary Rider so far. They were even able to include Narita and Shibuya in a great way as well.

Now, I’ve definitely been very hard on Ghost as a season. It was such an underwhelming waste of potential. Started out so great and then went all over the place. And then the Specter movie just completely made everything worse.

So I was actually hoping Takeru’s appearance and this Ghost arc somehow erased all of the bad things about Ghost and replace it with something better. lol And so far, it’s working! Haha.

As long as Takeru doesn’t die here and resurrect, then I think we’ll be good. lol

Then we have Mr. Decade himself.

I really wish I had already finished Decade by now. I never have the time to just binge through the 31 episodes. But from what I have seen of Tsukasa, “I get the gist,” as he said in this episode. Hehe

I feel like you never know what you’re going to get with him. So it makes his appearances always interesting. And especially here now as we see Woz teaming up with the Jackers, at least for now, introducing Tsukasa as a wild card definitely helps keep things interesting and mysterious.

When it comes to this episode and arc’s plot, I hope they can touch on death a little bit more. Obviously when you can go back in time, you can stop a person’s accidental death, for example. But of course there will be consequences. During Ghost, we never got the discussion on the finality of death because Takeru kept dying and undying all the time. And it was a series centered around death for goodness sakes!

So I hope we can get a good resolution to Makimura’s death here to kind of help rectify, even just a little bit, Ghost‘s shortcoming in that regard.

As for Episode 13.5, I loved it! Another hilarious week I think. And again, Takeru/Shun Nishime was put to very good use. He was great the entire time. The Yurusen voices and the hilarious Shinnosuke/Ryoma Takeuchi impersonation were awesome.

Speaking of, I know Ryoma Takeuchi is getting huge these days, which is awesome. But I also still want to see him return for the show. hehe

Also, big oops! to them overlooking this mistake in editing:
Zi-O 13
lol, Oops!

Overall, I thought this was one of the strongest episodes so far this season. I am very excited about next week.

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  1. Very cool episode. I was sooo happy to see Takeru, Shibuta and Narita again. And I wonder what Tsukasa is gonna to do? 🙂

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