Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Halloween Special – Monster Mix-Up

The Rangers are about to go trick-or-treating, but are stopped by Versix and the Gruesome Grunts, a group of intergalactic criminals. The Rangers left their Power Stars with Mick, so they can’t morph. Instead, Versix switches the Rangers’ and monsters’ bodies.

Versix chains everyone up except Brody and Sarah who run to get help. Versix goes after them.

The Mummy Guards arrive to arrest the monsters and take them to Halloween Intergalactic Court to face their crimes. There are three Pumpkin Judges who will decide their fate and a Court Witch who will try the case.

The Rangers try to prove their identities by recapping the season premiere, but the monsters watched the premiere episodes themselves on Galaxy Warriors.

The Pumpkin Judges move on. The Court Witch says that the monsters will get a strike for every crime committed. And if they are convicted of enough crimes, they will be given the death penalty.

Brody and Sarah get back to the school and convince Mick and Redbot that they are who they say they are. They come up with a plan.

The trial continues and the monsters continue making a good case against the Rangers.

After a music interlude from the Pumpkin Judges, they officially sentence the Rangers to death. But the Mummy Guards bring in Brody, Sarah and Versix.

Versix confesses everything he’s done. Court Witch switches everyone back to their real bodies. Turns out, Versix is actually Mick in disguise. The Pumpkin Judges immediately zap the Gruesome Grunts and they apologize to the Rangers.

Redbot calls the Rangers to tell them Versix has escaped the trash bin they trapped him in earlier. The Rangers morph and hurry downtown to fight off Versix.

Versix embiggens himself and the Rangers hop into the Ultrazord. Versix shakes the Ultrazord apart. So the Rangers call all their zords and they use all the power they’ve got to deliver Slash Final Attacks to finish off Versix for good.

The Rangers go trick-or-treating.

Episode Thoughts

Well, the Halloween and Christmas specials always have low expectations attached. So this was an okay episode. A little silly, maybe. I do think it’s cute that they brought back the Halloween Court with the Pumpkin Judges. Though I think I enjoyed the Dino Charge court episode a little more.

Still, it was fun seeing the cast themselves having fun in playing other characters (the monsters).

Overall, an okay, if typical Saban Brands Era Halloween episode.

Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Halloween Special – Monster Mix-Up

  1. I haven’t been watching Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel sense Preston asked Sandy to the dance instead of Sarah. So I couldn’t tell you what I think about the episode. Any Preston and Sarah moments?

      1. I figure it would be sense everyone wants them together anyway. I still prefer Preston and Sarah together more so. I have never liked Preston with Sandy nor Brody and Sarah together.

  2. Even though they used the same scenery from Dino Super Charge, it was not a recap episode as I expected. They used those unused monters and Sentai footage for the fake stories, that was clever.

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