Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (16) 36 – “No pain, no gain.”

Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (16) 36 – Car Trouble

Voltipede sucks electricity from a car to gain more power. But Victor and Monty come running in between the connection and Victor gets zapped instead. Voltipede leaves to find other energy.

Victor feels supercharged now.

Later, Calvin offers to help the owner of the car Voltipede zapped. Joe from Joe’s Towing arrives and is impressed by Calvin’s car knowledge. Joe wants to offer Calvin a job.

At school, Calvin excitedly tells the others about what happened and says he’s quitting school to work for Joe’s Towing full time.

Calvin says it’s been his dream to be a “pro mechanic” and this is his chance. He says school’s tough for him anyway. Preston says just because school is tough doesn’t mean he should give up.

Calvin asks his friends to please support him with his decision. Joe calls Calvin after getting lots of calls today and he hurries off to excitedly start his mechanic-ing.

Later, Calvin joins the others who are already training in the junkyard. Calvin says it’s weird all the cars they fixed today had the same issue of having their electrical systems fried. Mick thinks that’s suspicious.

When Calvin joins Joe on a job, Voltipede shows up. Joe runs away and Calvin morphs. Calvin realizes Voltipede is the one draining car batteries. He calls the others.

Brody flies in with LionFire, but Voltipede shoots at him and it crashes. Brody ejects before it does.

Voltipede leaves to find more energy.

Mick calls the Rangers about strange activity at school. He tells them to come to the school and he will go fix the LionFire Zord. Calvin offers to do it and Mick reluctantly allows him since the LionFire’s inner-workings are much more complicated than Earth cars.

Calvin is overwhelmed, but Mick arrives and he gets to work. Calvin asks how Mick knows how to work on spaceships.

“I focused on school until I graduated. That’s how.”

While the Rangers look for Voltipede at school, Agent 00 Sven approaches Victor and Monty to offer them a top-secret mission.

Voltipede is at the power plant and sucks up all the electricity from it.

Mick and Calvin return to the command shop after fixing the LionFire. But the alarms sound and Redbot says all of Summer Cover has lost power.

The Rangers hurry downtown and they run into Voltipede. They morph. But Voltipede attacks them with an electric shock and the Ninja Fusion Star falls out of their pocket.

While Levi takes on Basher Bots, the others focus on Voltipede. Calvin asks Brody if he can borrow LionFire and he upmorphs to LionFire Yellow.

Calvin delivers a LionFire Flame Spin final attack at Voltipede and finishes off his first life.

Unbeknownst to the Rangers, General Tynamon picks up the Ninja Fusion Star.

Cosmo Royale embiggens Voltipede and the Rangers hop into Ninja Blaze Megazord to finish off Voltipede for good.

At the power plant, Agent 00 Sven asks Victor to power up the city again. And it works! But Victor’s power is all drained out so he can’t be a secret agent anymore.

Back at school, the Rangers are in the junkyard. Joe comes to pick up Calvin for work, but Calvin says while grateful for the opportunity, he will stay in school.

Joe says that’s a good decision and that Calvin is a bright young man.

Up on the ship, General Tynamon presents the Ninja Fusion Star to Madame Odius.

Episode Thoughts

“Stay in school!” That’s the main lesson of this episode. And it’s a good one.

It was an alright episode. Though we only have four episodes left, so I would’ve liked to have seen a little more excitement and urgency already here. On that end, we have General Tynamon picking up the Ninja Fusion Star which the Rangers were apparently so careless about that they don’t even know it’s missing.

So while the episode itself wasn’t exciting in the grander scheme of the season, on its own, it was a solid and well-done episode for what it was. A good lesson, executed well and a conflict swiftly resolved.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (16) 36 – “No pain, no gain.”

  1. I think this has been the best filler episode of both seasons. There was a good amount of original footage, also a nice perspective of the whole “Stay in school or follow your passion” thing. Heck, even Victor and Monty did something good, restoring electricity to the city.

    1. I enjoyed the episode last week more, but this was definitely a better episode than most of, if not all of the episodes since the hiatus. Honestly, I can’t even remember last year’s episode lol

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